Blogging Myths Debunked

Blogging Myths Debunked

Blogging Myths

There is a lot of really great advice out there when it comes to blogging but to be very honest there is also a lot of very horrendous blogging advice out there too. I have come across so many amazing blogs here on WordPress that don’t get the traffic and following they deserve. If you feel like you are doing everything right and have done some research and are following those rules but still seeing minimal to no growth it may be because the advice you found online was not exactly accurate.

One major issue I’ve noticed with looking for information online is that because of the SEO Gods, search engines will only push out advice posts that are SEO friendly rather than posts that are genuinely beneficial to the reader. Unfortunately, I can’t do much about this but I would recommend doing a lot of thorough research into blogging before making sudden changes to your blog because articles are not always accurate and even if they are remember that this advice was not tailor made for you. This advice is general advice and although it may have worked for them it may have worked along with other factors they may not be sharing about. So always think about your blog and whether or not the advice would make sense for your blog. Except mine of course, my advice posts are always on point. ALWAYS.

Anyway, I’ve been reading a lot of advice posts about blogging these days and have noticed that a number of them contain some information that may be potentially harmful to your blog. Some of them fail to mention certain things and I feel like they are leaving the advice halfway while others mention certain things about blogging that may not be true anymore since WordPress updates it’s algorithm quite often. Here are three blogging myths that you should not be listening to in 2021:

Myth #1: Use a large number of very specific tags

I have heard people go on and on about using specific tags instead of broader ones and every time someone says this I kind of want to smack them on the head- thankfully I’m a pacifist so I just eat my feelings instead.

Yes, using specific tags is always beneficial for SEO purposes but let’s be honest- when was the last time you searched something super specific like “that annoying lifestyle blogger that whines about stuff and is a history major.” Most people tend to search much broader things like “lifestyle blogger” or “lifestyle blog.” Therefore, if you use specific tags you will probably be on the first page of search engines if someone searches that specific thing but not a lot of people will be searching that specific thing so you are pretty much just cutting down your audience to a very small number of people that search weirdly specific stuff.

On the other hand, if you use broader tags you are more likely to get some number of views even if you don’t make it to the first page of Google. Another little secret I know about broader tags is that tags are not always just for search engines. Your WP Reader has a tags section and a search section and they generally put up posts that are recently posted rather than most SEO friendly/popular. You will see an instant increase in traffic from WP itself when using broader tags.

Therefore, my advice is this- don’t stick to using just specific tags. Use a number of both specific and general/broader tags together to get the best results.

Myth #2: Unethical methods of gaining backlinks work

I have read a number of bloggers talk about certain methods to easily get backlinks on other blogs. They don’t specifically say these methods are unethical but let’s be real- they absolutely are.

The first one is straight up just spamming people with links to your blog. By that I mean leaving comments telling people to visit your blog on other peoples posts. First of all, most bloggers generally delete those and furthermore some will go so far as to report your blog or block your blog. When it comes to spamming people’s comments section trust me when I say you’re doing a lot more harm than good.

Another method I have heard people talk about is leaving a genuine sounding comment like “wow this is really great advice thanks for sharing it” and than leaving a link to their blog below their comment. Every time someone does this I just get super irritated because I get excited about the comment and then I see the link and I’m like “oh they’re just spamming me.” This is such an incredibly shady thing to do and it’s not even worth it because most bloggers delete these comments or edit out the link. If someone wanted to visit your blog they would click the link on your name/profile so there is no excuse to leave links with your comments like that. Leaving genuine comments would probably get you way more followers and traffic than spamming people.

Another reason why you shouldn’t do this, apart from it being unethical and also super annoying, is that the more links you leave the more likely you are to be mistaken as a bot by WP. They may even shadow ban you or worse shut down your blog completely if you continuously leave spam comments.

So to sum it up- get genuine backlinks and don’t be shady about it because people aren’t stupid and they know what you’re doing.

Myth #3: Only write about trending topics

When I used to search advice on what topics were popular or what I should write about when I first started blogging I saw so many people talking about how you should cover trending topics to get more views. There’s nothing wrong with that but I saw some people insist that you should only stick to trending topics and not really write about other stuff which I found really ridiculous. I truly hope such horrible advice is no longer out there but you never know so I thought I would mention this anyway.

Yes, writing about trending topics may get you more views. However, in my opinion most blogs that succeed tend to write about things that are new or unique. A lot of blogs that are popular do tend to cover only trending topics but those are more like online websites and stuff. If you enjoy that kind of thing please absolutely go for it. However, if you want to blog about other things and feel pressured to change your niche to increase your audience take a minute to hear me out.

A lot of people succeed because they are writing about trending topics but a lot of people also succeed because they aren’t. People can find millions of sites that talk about what’s trending but there’s only one of you and you bring something unique to the table. Bring your own voice to your blog, write about what makes you happy, write about things you are passionate about and genuinely want to write about.

As most of you know my blog is a multi-niche blog which means I talk about a number of topics and from all the topics I write about I have found that my audience enjoys more than anything posts where I write about my opinion/thoughts or about topics I feel strongly about. WordPress is like a community and people want to “talk to their friends” and connect with other bloggers on a more personal level.

Conclusion And Your Thoughts

I have a lot more to say on this topic and a lot more myths to bust but I don’t want to make this post insanely long so I’ll end it here. I put in a few jokes so you guys don’t fall asleep halfway through but I have a weird sense of humour so you may just find them more annoying than funny- either way you’re awake and that’s all that matters. Let me know in the comments below if this information was helpful and if you would like me to debunk more myths in future posts. A lot of you have asked for more tips on engagement and I promise a second part of that post is coming soon too.

Have you ever fallen for any of these myths? What are some blogging myths you have come across? What type of myths have you fallen for when you started blogging? Do you think SEO is stupid and needs to change? How was your day? Let me know you thoughts in the comments below or simply stop by and say hi because I love chatting with you guys!

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How To Increase Your Engagement

How To Increase Your Engagement


I get a lot of comments, DM’s, emails etc. asking me about how one can increase their following and traffic. I admit that having a larger following and audience can be quite beneficial depending on what you want from blogging, however, I’ve noticed that most people don’t understand how important engagement is compared to your following and traffic.

Back in the day, if you were trying to make money online through sponsored posts potential sponsors tended to focus on following and traffic, however, this is generally not the case anymore. I’m not going to pretend like following doesn’t matter at all because it does and it’s great if you can grow your blog. But, at the same time having a smaller blog has a lot of benefits too.

A lot of sponsors who are currently attempting to work with bloggers/influencers are realising that it’s incredibly easy and in some cases, depending on the platform, inexpensive to buy followers and views. For this reason, potential sponsors have begun to not only look at following and traffic but also at engagement rates.

Someone who has a smaller following is much more likely to have a very high engagement rate simply due to statistics. For smaller bloggers out there (5k and less followers) it’s important to maintain high engagement rates and when conversing with potential sponsors instead of mentioning your followers or views make sure you mention your impressive engagement rate.

At the end of the day, the only thing a sponsor would want is to get traffic to their page or to sell their product or services. If your engagement rate is incredibly low there is no point of them wasting money on working with you because they will likely not get much or perhaps even any new customers. If your engagement is high even if your following is lower they are likely still going to get some customers which would obviously be beneficial for them.

When I used to search on search engines about growing your following/traffic or about making money online I didn’t see much information come up about engagement. There was mention of it but it was rarely specifically talked about. However, I think more recently people are realising just how important engagement is and I do see more people talk about it. I thought I would talk about it too and hopefully you guys find this information helpful for you and are able to benefit from it.

For those of you who may not have the engagement that you are hoping for here are four ways through which you can organically increase your engagement:

Stop Posting And Ghosting

The first 24 hours after you post something on your blog are extremely vital. This is when it will get the most traction and you need to actively engage during this time to make sure that your followers/audience feels heard. Furthermore, this tells the algorithm that your post is very active which will consequently help your post get pushed out to tags/the top of the reader by the algorithm because it will assume it’s something people are interested in.

We don’t have the best attention spans especially these days and when it comes to the internet. People generally post a comment and then forget about it after a while. If you reply instantly or as soon as possible your post will still be fresh in their mind and you can have a nice conversation with the person through comments. Also, the person will feel like you care enough to engage with them and will come back every time you post to chat with you about the post.

This is something I’m still working on so I feel like a bit of a hypocrite telling people to engage when I occasionally reply to comments after like a week. But it’s all good- don’t pressure yourself too much and do the best you can. If you can engage in 24 hrs that’s great and if not engage whenever you can.


As I ALWAYS say and I am sure you are sick of hearing me say this- WordPress is a two way street. If you want people to engage in your posts, if you want to gain new followers and if you want to increase your traffic you need to engage with other blogs. If you don’t engage with others it’s quite likely that they won’t be interested in engaging with you and your blog.

Plus, there are thousands of blogs out there that probably don’t even know you exist. Try to engage on newer blogs or blogs with a smaller following because they are much more likely to engage back. Make sure these are blogs you actually enjoy though because no wants a super vague comment on their post which just shows you didn’t bother to read the post. Even if it isn’t a super long and specific comment make sure to leave something that shows you read the post and enjoyed it.

Lastly, try to engage with blogs that have similar posts as your blog because they will be more likely to follow your blog and engage with your posts as they are already interested in those topics. You will also enjoy their blog more because you are interested in similar things and therefore you can genuinely engage and leave comments.


If you are looking to grow your blog and especially if at some point you are looking to make money online via blogging you need to do A LOT of research. You need to figure out keywords, SEO etc. so that your posts get more traffic which will lead to more engagement.

If, like me, your blog does not have a particular niche and you tend to write about a number of topics and are open to write about most things I would highly recommend looking into what is popular at the time and writing a post about it. It’s very likely that your followers have that topic in mind too and will probably have an opinion about it that they want to share. This will get you a lot more comments than posting about random things that has a very specific audience.

Using the correct keywords and making your posts more SEO friendly and will help you get more traffic from search engines. As your audience increases, so will your engagement because let’s be honest- this is the internet and literally everyone has an opinion about everything even if it’s none of their business.

Finally, you want to research your blog. I know it sounds a little odd but don’t knock it down till you try it (that’s what he said?). Google your own blog and see what posts come up first. Those are probably your most popular posts for visits from search engines. Next, try searching your blog in the search section of the Reader on WordPress and see what posts come up. The ones on top are probably your most popular ones on WordPress. Re-visit those blog posts and see what you did right, why people seem to visit them more often and try to model your future posts after them.

Remove/Delete Followers

This one sounds a little extreme and most people are unwilling to do this but trust me when I say that it’s a game changer. Unfortunately, WordPress is filled with spam account and they tend to randomly follow your blog and then ghost you. This decreases your overall engagement because it will look like you have a lot of followers but a number of them are not engaging with your posts. Or worse, it will look like you bought bot followers when in reality you have not.

Spam or bot followers are a serious issue especially for bigger blogs because we get followed by random bots like this all the time and it can be quite time consuming to go through your list of followers removing them one by one every day. However, doing this will make sure that your followers are real and that you have a high engagement rate because unlike bot followers real followers will engage with your posts.

It make feel like you are losing followers and it sounds crazy to remove followers but it will be super beneficial in the long run. Having a blog with a smaller following of organic and engaging followers is better than having a large blog with mostly bot followers. Real followers will actually engage, buy products/services if you ever start selling something or work with sponsors, support you both online and in real life and more.


I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a blogging advice post but they take a while to write so I’ve been doing them less frequently especially since I’m working on a PDF with all my advice information on it so you guys can download that and have all the information in one place instead of searching through like a thousand posts.

I noticed that when it comes to engagement on blogs people don’t talk about it much. I found that odd since engagement is a big deal. When I first started making money on this blog I had significantly less followers but people still wanted to work with me because of my engagement rate. I think engagement can be super beneficial especially for smaller bloggers which is why I wanted to share this with you guys.

I have a lot more information about engagement so if you guys are interested in a part two of this post let me know in the comments below. What other areas of blogging would you like me to write advice posts about? What advice do you think would be beneficial to read about? Did you know how important engagement is before reading this post? How do you boost engagement on your posts? Let me know in the comments below because I love hearing your thoughts or simply stop by and say hi- I promise I don’t bite!

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How To Make Money Online In 2021

How To Make Money Online In 2021

How To Make Money Online

This is a question I get almost constantly and so I thought I would write a post dedicated to this topic. I have written about this on an earlier post, however, if I remember correctly that post concentrated more on making money blogging rather than online in general because at the time I was taking some time off social media. I wanted to do a little updated version of the post because it’s been a while since that post and I thought I would rather talk about making money online rather than just blogging because some of my readers are not bloggers but do use social media and from the DM’s/emails I have gotten they would be interested in learning to make money from their social media pages too.

Here are some of my favourite tips and tricks on how to make money online, however, I have so many more tips which I plan to write a much longer PDF about. Let me know in the comments if this is something you would be interested in reading because I don’t want to make it if people won’t be interested in downloading it since it does take a while to create and I plan on being super detailed so it will be quite long. So please let me know- any thoughts you have on the PDF would be super helpful for me and it will help me figure out what you guys are looking to read about which will help me write something that you guys actually find benefical. If you have any suggestions on what you would like me to write about on the PDF, any specific topics you would like me to cover let me know about those as well.

Create Content

I know this one sounds obvious but you need to put a lot of thought into what you are providing your audience. You want to create content that people will be able to interact with. As a content creator you probably just want to put out content that you enjoy putting out which is totally okay however if you want to make money online and are planning on making online work your primary source of income you need to put more thought into the content you are providing. Is it content that is going to be beneficial for your audience? Is it content that is going to drive traffic to your blog or your social media pages or whatever you are choosing to use in order do you make your income? I know that as a content creator you may not want to think about things like these however it’s important to think about them if you want to make an income online.

You want to create content that will keep readers, followers or pretty much anyone you are targeting constantly coming back and they need to trust you enough to want to invest in you because at the end of the day when you are trying to sell something either that you created or that you are promoting for someone else you want people to buy it and if sponsors see that your engagement levels are high and they are getting a lot of traffic from your page/pages they will want to keep investigating in you and may even recommend you to others. Furthermore, if you are selling something yourself your audience needs to trust you enough to want to buy it. This is one of the best ways to make a larger income online or at least enough to be a full-time blogger/influencer. Don’t only rely on one way to make money- have multiple streams of income because online work isn’t like traditional work. You aren’t guaranteed a certain amount at the end of each month and multiple streams of income make sure that you will make enough to survive even on slower months.

The last reason why you should take your content seriously is because it’s the first thing everyone will look at. Your potential followers, your potential sponsors and probably your parents if you’re Gujarati like me. This is your chance to make a wonderful first impression especially if your follower count isn’t high. A lot of people ask me if they can still make money online if their follower count isn’t that high and it’s totally possible. If your follower count isn’t that high give your potential followers and clients something else to look at like your engagement rate and your valuable content.

Stan Yourself

Yes, I have officially become one of those annoying Gen-Z kids that say “We Stan…”- kidding of course! But seriously- you need to be your biggest fan. Make sure people can’t escape you even if they want to (not in a Buffalo Bill meets Jason Voorhees kind of way). Post content regularly, cross promote it on all your pages/sites/etc and make sure your audience engages with it as much as possible. This will tell the algorithm that you just put out something valuable and it will push your content too if it sees that your engagement rates are high because it will assume other people will be interested in it.

Once your content is everywhere you have a much better chance of growing as well as meet potential clients/sponsors. Plus, you get on the algorithm’s good pages which is for some weird reason very important- perhaps even more important than humans liking you and your content.

Join Platforms

Joining platforms that help connect influencers with brands/clients are extremely helpful and have been one of my main sources of finding clients that would like to work with me. As an influencer it’s hard to reach out to thousands of brands a day, send them all your data only to have one or two of them accept to work with you eventually. This happens a lot and not everyone has the time or patience to do this. With platforms like these you don’t need to reach out to random brands but rather to specific brands that are already looking for content creators like you. Sometimes they even reach out to you and you don’t even have to do any of the work of finding clients.

If you are interested in the specific platforms that you can join check out this Instagram reel I made with the names of all the platforms I think are great especially for smaller influencers. Click here to view it.


If you only pick up one thing from this entire post, let it be this one. Research RESEARCH RESEARCH. We are living in a time where so much information is constantly available to us so make sure you take advantage of this and do some proper research.

When I say research I mean multiple types of research. First, figure out what your brand is, what it is you want your audience to be paying for, what type of sponsors are you looking for. Once you have this figured out do some research and find out what is popular in your niche, what content gets traffic and sponsors in this niche.

You also want to research your “competition” by which I mean look at other people in the same niche doing what you hope to be doing- making some cheddar. If you are looking to make money on social media, look at what tags they are using, what their images look like, what times they post at and more. Also look at companies/brands/services/etc that have sponsored them and reach out to those companies or brands or etc. Don’t make it sound super obvious that you found the company through them and if possible don’t mention them at all. Instead, in your email mention that you noticed they were working with influencers in your niche and you wanted to reach out and ask if they would be interested in working with you. Give them your follower count, engagement rate etc so they can go through all the information and decide whether they would like to work with you or not. If they choose not to work with you be professional about it and thank them for their time- DO NOT freak out and throw a tantrum because this will get you blacklisted really fast. Also, when I say do your research I DO NOT mean plagiarise other influencers work because that is never okay. Come up with your own content, just draw inspiration from them and if you do end up using their concept or something make sure to give credit where credit is due.


Are you interested in making money online? Would you be interested in learning more about making money online or perhaps even learning how to make blogging/social media your full-time job? Are you currently making income online? If so what are some of your tips and tricks? How is your day going?

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5 Things I Hate About Blogging

5 Things I Hate About Blogging

Things I Hate About Blogging

I love blogging- it’s probably one of my favourite things to do apart from reading stuff about history because for some weird reason my brain thinks reading hundreds of pages about things that happened hundreds of years ago is fun. But I digress, I love blogging but I have to admit- like everything it has it’s advantages and disadvantages. I read this post by Shelly– an awesome blogger you should immediately check out if you haven’t already- and that’s where I got the idea from this post from. Our posts are a bit different but her post is what gave me this idea and I always want to support other bloggers plus credit should be given where it’s due so do check out her post as well- it’s very interesting and super relatable.

Here are five things I hate about blogging:

Spam Comments

You guys know this had to be at the top of my list. I am so freaking tired of getting “please check out my posts” comments EVERY SINGLE DAY!! I can guarantee you that some people will leave comments like that on this post too because people like that clearly don’t read or even care about your post. They just want to advertise their own blog and think that for some weird reason other people’s posts are the best place to do this.

I have had the pleasure of reading a lot of amazing blog posts by a lot of amazing bloggers and I think it’s just insanely disrespectful to ignore their hard work (I guarantee that every blogger puts at least a certain amount of time and effort to create their posts) and use their blog to grow your own. And to be honest it’s also a really stupid thing to do as well as a great way to destroy the chances of your blog actually growing because most bloggers block or delete such comments/commenters. If you just left a genuine comment talking about their post they would be very likely to check out your blog anyway.

I know some bloggers do this without realizing what they are doing is wrong so I would urge anyone reading this not to leave these kind of comments and instead take the time to genuinely connect with other bloggers. This is a way better way to grow and honestly kind of easier in my opinion.

Feeling Used

As you guys probably know if you’ve been following me for a while I have a lot of posts with blogging advice and I guess because of those posts combined with my following people tend to assume I’m great at blogging (I’m really not I’m just very lucky to have such fantastic followers!) and I end up getting A LOT of messages, emails and comments asking me for help. A lot of them are general questions which I really don’t mind. If I can help someone I usually try to depending on how busy I am with school work. This doesn’t bother me at all.

What does bother me is people who are really rude about asking for help. To be honest,  I’m just a blogger and I don’t have to help anyone if I don’t want to but I try to help when I can because I’ve been blogging for like six years now and I know how difficult blogging can be. However, some people sort of try to use me like tech support which is a bit annoying because that’s not my job?? To kind of explain what I mean- sometimes people ask me about really specific technical issues they are experiencing and I usually tell them to talk to the happiness engineers because they are better equipped to help them with such things. Like one time someone’s blog didn’t have a follow button and they kept asking me why and I told them I didn’t know because I honestly didn’t know what the issue was and told them to contact WP since it could be a glitch. However, for some reason they got super offended that I couldn’t help them and became really passive aggressive which kind of threw me off. That’s just one example, but yeah when that happens it annoys me because I’m not like your blogging teacher- I’m just a girl trying to blog and not go crazy writing research papers all day.

Another thing I get often is people asking me for help to grow their site and expecting some kind of magic formula that will instantly get them from 0-1000 followers. That’s not how it works- it took me years to get to where I am. I try to give them advice and tell them how I grow my blog but some people get super passive aggressive as if I’m hiding some secret about growing your blog. I also have had people ask me to go through their entire site and read every post to see if anything can be improved- I mean why would I do that? I don’t mind giving general pointers but I’m not going to redo your entire blog for you especially when I’m so busy with university that I don’t even have time to write anything except six word stories for my own blog. It’s not my job to teach you how to blog- that’s something you should learn on your own through your own research and I think it’s rude to even ask someone to do something like that for you unless they offer some kind of service to do that and you are willing to pay them for their time and effort.


I know people say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but to be honest it can be quite annoying. Sometimes I see people stealing my posts- like entire posts or using certain sentences word for word and it really annoys me. I don’t mind if one of my ideas inspires you to write something similar- I don’t even want credit for that. What annoys me is when people steal my work word for word.

From what I have seen in all the years I have been blogging I know that bloggers work really hard on their posts and it’s really difficult to come up with unique ideas all the time so it’s really upsetting when someone decides to steal your posts and not even bother changing the words. And it’s not just me who has experienced this. Most bloggers have experienced this at least once which just makes me so sad.

If you are someone who uses other peoples work without crediting them I really hope you stop because it’s just so awful.


I love blogging but to be honest WordPress can be super annoying sometimes. I just feel like they don’t take their content creators seriously because they continue to make certain changes to their platform that I personally find quite unnecessary while ignoring certain things that would actually be quite beneficial for users. It would be pretty easy to find out what we would like to see them improve- literally all they would have to do is ask. They also continuously make changes without giving a proper heads up to people so they can brace themselves for these changes which annoys me a lot. As someone with anxiety I like to know if something is changing in advance so I can prepare myself for it and I know a lot of people feel that way too. It’s quite difficult to deal with the changes when they are so sudden especially if you’re like me and are not too tech savvy.

Feeling Unsatisfied

Sometimes I just feel extremely unsatisfied with my posts because I’ll put out a post that I put so much effort into writing and that I’m very passionate about and it will get a really bad response and the next day I’ll put out a post I wrote about something random in a rush and it will do really well. I mean I’m super grateful but at the same time I kind of feel unsatisfied like I wish I had gotten a better response for some of the other posts that didn’t do as well. I don’t know if you guys have ever experienced this but it has happened to me a couple of times. Let me know in the comments if that’s ever happened to you!

Technical Stuff

The thing I love most about blogging is just being able to express myself as I want to. Blogging has always been a place for me where I can just be myself. And then I learnt about SEO and DA and Alexa scores and a million other things and honestly when I think about them they just annoy me so much. Why does a post have to be SEO friendly and all that other stuff to be successful. I don’t get why technical stuff gets so much say in what readers want to see on your posts.

For example, I’ve been using Google for like forever now like most people who are around my age and as the years pass I can tell the results are getting more inaccurate. First, you get a million ads trying to sell you stuff, then you FINALLY get to the posts but it’s all irrelevant stuff that only shows up because it has high SEO scores. You don’t actually get the information you need which is super annoying and you need to go through a bunch of articles before you get to what you were actually looking for, It annoys me so much because I see so many wonderful blogs that honestly deserve so much better. They deserve so much more traffic than they get and most of it is not because their blogs aren’t wonderful but because of stupid algorithms that are screwing their chances of growing.

I see it with Instagram too- if you can get into the algorithm and do everything right you grow and if not you’re kind of stuck even though your content is great. I think that’s ridiculous because it just means everyone on social media just ends up doing the same stuff again and again and anyone who dares to do something different is basically stuck.

Another example of why the technical stuff is stupid is that they tell you what posts people want to see on your blog but guess what? They’re probably wrong. SEO stuff says your posts need to be long- at least 1500 words but how many of you have genuinely read posts that are that long without just skimming through them and picking up on the sections you want to read? How many of you are have even made it till here on this post? People tend to just ramble on and say things that could be said in like 500 words so that their posts reach 1500-2000 words. It’s like writing research papers all over again and it makes something that was created so people could freely express themselves a lot less fun. My six word stories are literally six words and they bring in just as much traffic as my longer posts.

Sorry, this section turned into a bit of a rant but I had to reach my 1500-2000 word goal… LOL kidding… or am I just going to keep rambling till I get to 2000? Kidding again? Or am I? Okay, I’ll stop now- I am very sleep deprived and just finished a three hour class so I am going to stop typing now before I further ruin this post. But I stand by what I said about technical stuff being stupid- it is stupid.

Your Thoughts

Do you also find any of the things I mentioned about blogging annoying too? Do you find anything about blogging annoying? If so what do you find annoying about blogging? What is the worst experience you have had through blogging? How is was your day? Let me know in the comments below because I love hearing from you guys or simply stop by and say hi!

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It’s Back!!

It’s Back!! Yesterday I made a post about the changes on WP and I noticed that a lot of you have noticed the changes and some of you are not really enjoying them either. I don’t particularly have a lot of issues with the changes but the one things I really hated was that the classic editor was no longer an option for creating your posts. I had been using this editor since day one and it’s not as advanced as the block editor but it’s super easy to use and I am very used to it. I think what annoys me about the situation that A LOT of you also pointed out is that they keep fixing things that don’t need fixing. It’s particularly annoying because as someone who has been on WP for years now I can think of quite a few things that do need fixing. Anyway, I was busy complaining and being all sad about the change but one fellow blogger left a wonderful comment about how I can change some settings and continue using the classic editor and guess what?? It worked!! I am so happy and thankful to be able to continue using this editor and I wanted to share this comment with you guys because a number of people in the comments also said they were sad they could no longer use the classic editor and I though this way you guys can continue using it too if you want to. Thanks again to Barb! This is why I love the WP community- we’re always here for one another and everyone is super kind and helpful. Do go check out her wonderful blog by clicking here.
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So I’m not going crazy right? Like WP really just woke up and decided to change a bunch of stuff? Are you guys able to access your dashboard/admin page like before? I don’t have the classic editor option anymore which is what I used to use all the time. I am not a huge fan of change as it is especially when it comes to WP because I feel like every time they change something it just makes it worse. I really liked the classic editor- it was simple to use and I had been using it for like 6 years. What do you guys think of these changes?

Sorry if this post looks weird I’m using the stupid block editor.

On the plus side I made a reel for Instagram for the first time which was fun- fee; free to check it out below if you haven’t already:

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5 Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Blog

5 Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Blog

Blogging Mistakes

Blogging is such a fun way to express yourself and interact with other like-minded people. A lot of people really enjoy a lot of aspects of blogging but the one thing most people I have interacted with enjoy is the social part of blogging. The WordPress community is a truly unique place on the internet because for the most part people are super friendly, enthusiastic, supportive and helpful. 

After blogging for a while a lot of bloggers (my phone just tried to autocorrect the word bloggers to voyagers?? 🤔) realise that growing your blog is actually pretty difficult but having a larger platform is great because you get to interact with even more people. There are a lot more benefits of having a larger platform too especially if you would like to blog professionally or make money on your blog at any point. 

I have a lot of posts you can check out about how to grow your blog but today I decided to do something a little different and write about things that will instantly slow down the growth of your blog or that may destroy your blog altogether. I’m not trying to tell you what to blog about because blogging is obviously a very personal thing and you should blog about whatever you feel that you want to blog about. However, if you want to grow your blog or increase your growth I would recommend avoiding these things:

Buying Followers, Likes And Comments

There are so many issues that come along with buying followers, likes and comments but since we don’t have forever I will keep it short and highlight some of the main issues that are associated with buying bot likes, follows and comments. 

The first issue is that everyone’s going to know. It’d often extremely obvious when people buy likes, comments and followers. Bot followers usually have no profile picture, no real posts etc. The comments are often really basic or generic like “nice post” or “great post” without any real reference to the post itself. The likes are often disproportionate compared to the comments and followers which is a big tell-tale for fake likes. If you ever want to make a profit from your posts you will likely be interested in sponsored posts however the first thing sponsors do is check how many of your followers are real which is extremely easy to do. Most people have some fake followers because bots just follow sites randomly sometimes (you’ll notice some bot followers in your following too) but if the largest majority of your following is fake obviously sponsors are not going to be interested in working with you because what’s the point? You won’t direct any traffic to them since none of your traffic is real. 

Another issue is again concerning making a profit from your blog because I’m assuming that if you’re buying followers it’s because you want to make money off your site. A lot of times people will sell services or products on their blog which is a great (maybe the best) way to make money online but if all your followers are fake who are you going to sell to? If you build a genuine following it may take longer but it’s worth so much more than a fake following. 

Buying followers, likes and comments can be pretty expensive. Especially buying followers, however, from stuff I’ve read these followers don’t last very long because WP has been cracking down on bot accounts (they’re not doing a good job with it but they’re trying) so your followers are going to decrease as time goes buy and you will have to continue buying followers every few weeks to maintain your following. Instead, spend some money advertising on other blogs or through Google or Bing. You’ll gain genuine followers for a much cheaper amount. 

The last and probably the most important reason is because if you’re buying all these things you’re probably missing the point of blogging. In my opinion at least, blogging is largely about putting your work out there and interacting with other bloggers and honestly it’s the best part of blogging. WordPress is really unique because unlike most platforms on the internet people are super supportive and kind here. People genuinely want to connect with one another and I feel like the majority of people actually use their platform how it was supposed to be used- to express oneself. If you ever want to buy followers just take some time to interact with people here instead. It will help you connect with others and grow your blog. 

Spam Comments

Literally everyone I have talked to on WP hates spam comments and in my opinion these kind of comments are one of the worst parts of WP. I don’t mean spam comments like the obviously spam ones that try to sell you viagra or something (although if you’re the person who keeps leaving spam comments trying to sell me viagra please stop 😂). I mean the comments that say nothing about your post but tells you to visit their blog. Here are some examples:

Why would anyone follow your blog when you can’t take a few minutes to read theirs? Most people would automatically check out your blog if you left a genuine comment on their blog. However, when you leave comments like this people are just going to get irritated and probably block you or at least avoid your blog. 

Not Using Features Correctly

WP offers a lot of really great features but a lot of people don’t do a lot or any research on how to use them to their advantage. Features like tags, categories, featured images etc are there for a reason and can be vital in growing your blog. Using these features incorrectly can actually slow down your blogs growth.

For example, if you use more than 15 tags your posts will be taken off the tags section in the Reader and this will decrease your traffic and consequently your following. Using incorrect hashtags can also do the same. Using really specific tags is great for SEO but not so much for the WP community. I mean when was the last time you searched something on WP that was super specific like “post about how to grow your blog and use the tags feature on WP.” Most people will search something like “how to grow your blog” or even shorter like “grow WordPress.” Using specific tags is fine but don’t forget to add some broader tags too like “food” if you’re writing about food. 


Clickbait is okay to an extent if you do it once in a while and your title does relate to your post to an extent but if you constantly use clickbait-y titles that have nothing to do with your post people are probably going to get irritated and end up not following you or unfollowing you. What you want is loyal readers and followers because that’s what will help you grow long term. 

Spreading Hate

Most people have heard this at least a few times in their life- if you don’t have anything nice to say than don’t say anything at all. I think most people are fine receiving feedback because it helps you improve your writing or your posts and it helps you understand your readers better. However, if you are going to use your platform to leave hateful comments that attack the blogger you are not going to be very popular on WP because like I said we’re like a family here. If you’re going to leave feedback make sure you’re not attacking someone and leave it in a positive manner.

If you’re just going to leave a hateful comment think about the fact that there are thousands of other blogs out there. No one is forcing you to follow a blog you don’t like or read posts you don’t want to. If you hate something that much just read other blogs you agree with or connect with more. Don’t waste your energy ruining someone else’s day. You don’t personally know this person, you don’t know what they are currently going through and frankly it’s their blog and they can do whatever they want on their own blog.  


What are some blogging mistakes you wish you had known about sooner? Have you missed my blogging advice posts? Do you think I should do more blogging advice posts- I feel like I haven’t done any in forever? Did you find this post helpful? What is some blogging advice you wish someone had given you?

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5 Things bloggers wish they could say — Growing With Spawn

With over 500 million blogs on the web to date, it seems as though everyone and their dog has a blog. There are just so many sites to peruse through that very little thought is actually given to what goes… 15 more words

5 Things bloggers wish they could say — Growing With Spawn

This was so funny and relatable I had to share it with you guys!!

Ask Me Something

Ask Me Something

What Is This?

In March, I did my first “ASK ME SOMETHING” post and it was so much fun. I know a lot of you enjoy these kinds of interactive posts and when I first started again back in January, Zainab a fellow blogger suggested I should do another Q&A post to catch up with everyone and answer your questions and I thought that was an amazing idea. I had been meaning to do one of these posts since then but to be honest I just got super busy with university and knew I would not have enough time to reply to everyone’s questions so I decided to wait till I had a bit more free time.

So, How Does This Work?

In case you hadn’t participated in the last Ask Me Something post or have forgotten how it works I thought I would leave the instructions here again. So, I got the idea for this from how people have that “ask me anything” box on Instagram and thought it would be a lot of fun to do on WordPress too because I have a larger following here and people are a lot more interested in connecting with one another rather than just playing the following/unfollowing. And on that note follow me on Instagram by clicking here- I promise I won’t follow/unfollow you! 😂

I thought it would be particularly fun as some of us are stuck at home and don’t have a lot going on (I’m some of us…). I thought this would be a fun way to connect, start some fun conversations, get to know one another better and just have a nice little virtual get together in the comments section!
Okay so back to how it works. All you have to do is leave a question/questions in the comments section.

After about a week I will publish a post tagging you along with your question and will give an answer to the question on the post.

Thank you!

I want to thank everyone in advance for your comment and for being a part of this! Honestly, it’s just so great that we have this awesome platform on which we can connect with each other. I always enjoy talking to you guys and you always come up with some really interesting questions.

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