How To Socialize When You Have Social Anxiety

How To Socialize When You Have Social Anxiety

It’s hard to socialize when you have social anxiety. It doesn’t mean you don’t want to socialize at all though. Here are some tips to help you socialize more comfortably:

Go to events

Don’t feel pressured to go clubing or to parties if you’re not comfortable in those sort of social events. Instead go to places like book clubs, poetry readings or any place that is of interest to you where you can meet people. If you’re in university going to those special lectures that are held or joining a club will help you find people with similar interests who are more relaxed/less extroverted which can be a lot less draining and quite enjoyable.

Take breaks

Don’t overdo it with the socializing. Even though it’s good to socialize make sure you’re not draining yourself by not prioritizing your mental health. Make sure to take some me time as well which will actually help you socialize better since you’ll be more refreshed. 

Take baby steps

Don’t rush into it, instead try to take baby steps to ease yourself into being more social. When you push yourself too far out of your comfort zone you may end up doing more damage then good. Instead take your time until you’re comfortable being more social and don’t get as anxious about it. Try talking to one new person or simply say hi to someone to start out with.

Be honest and genuine

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not because it can be exhausting and make your anxiety worse. Like I mentioned earlier don’t do something you won’t necessarily do in general like go to a random party. Instead try to find people you genuinely like who have similar interests. I cant speak for everyone but I’ve found that people I can have a genuine conversation with and who I can be myself around are so much less draining and anxiety inducing.

Seek help

If you feel as though you are having serious trouble with your social anxiety or any other mental health problem for that reason please seek help from a professional.

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52 thoughts on “How To Socialize When You Have Social Anxiety

  1. I am very honest about this and tell people that sometimes I just need to take a break from people and socialising; ‘need some people free time’, I work in an industry characterised by introverts (libraries), so that might be part of the reason why everyone seems to understand the need to have some down time away from people. Nice post.

  2. Such a great post, and very helpful. Going to events is a huge challenge and also a huge accomplishment once we actually go to them. Often I want to go to events, but then make up some kind of excuse as to why I can’t sign up etc.

  3. Great post. When it comes to events I am afraid to be at but I have to go, asking a lot of questions helps. Having something with you that can reduce anxiety makes it easier.

  4. Going to an event with people that has similar interests is really helpful for me. You’ve written great tips!

  5. Very helpful, I’m glad I came across this! I have social anxiety and it effects my every day life, from school to work. It prevents me from asking my instructors questions on assignments, and prevents me from contacting my boss with certain things about work, because I feel at though I am a burden on everyone around me. I don’t like being disliked. I have a fear of people hating me, or judging me, or worse, being openly hostile towards me. I’ve trained myself since middle school to sit quietly and nothing bad will happen. Now it’s ruining my adult life and enough is enough!

    1. Yeah I really relate to what you have been going through. I still have similar feeling quite often but I am trying really hard to not let them control me. All the best on your journey and I know you will win against your anxiety!

  6. This is a really great post. It is hard to be someone that really enjoys socializing but has anxiety. There are times when I go to events and do great and there are times when I can’t. It’s nice to see some tips for when I just can’t handle it! Thanks!

  7. great post. When I attended kings college I joined an anxiety support group and it helped a lot. Id recommend groups for anyone because not feeling alone with anxiety is so important. Great post. It will help many people 🙂 thanks for sharing #mentalhealth 🙂

    1. So glad you enjoyed the post and yes I totally agree having people who are going through something similar/have been through something similar is really helpful and support groups are a great place to find people you can talk to.

    1. I would suggest mentally preparing for it and trying calming techniques like deep breathing when you start feeling anxious. Hope that helps!

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