Quotes About Mental Health #2

I have shared quotes about mental health before and from the responses I got I noticed a lot of my readers seem to quite enjoy them. And to be perfectly honest with you guys, I very much enjoy them too. They are both inspiring and very motivating. A mix of my two favourite things. So since many of you seem to enjoy quotes about mental health I thought I would share some more with you today. Especially because I feel like I could use some inspiration today. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these quotes:

mental health inspiring quotes

mental health quotes

mental health quotes

mental health quotes

mental health quotes

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Did you enjoy these quotes? Are you a fan of quotes about mental health? Should I share more similar posts? Which was your favourite quote this week? Which one did you relate to most our of all these quotes? What are your plans for the week? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below or simply just stop by and say hi because I always love chatting with you guys in the comments!

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45 thoughts on “Quotes About Mental Health #2

  1. I love all of them.
    But my favorites are the one that said don’t work yourself to a mental breakdown in the name of doing your best. And the third quote which said that our health is more important than every other thing we put ahead of it.
    These are mutually related to a comment I wrote on a post about an hour ago.

  2. All of these quotes are great. It’s hard to remember sometimes you don’t have to be everything and be perfect! Great post!

  3. Ah, a fellow quote addict. I absolutely love quotes about every subject and there is no more important subject than mental health. Love them! Keep up the good work!

  4. I love these, especially the first one! This is definitely something we all need to be a bit more mindful of I think. I also love the “sun will rise and try again” one 😊

  5. One of the biggest lessons life has taught me so far is that it’s perfectly okay to not be okay. We go through life trying to hide our pain, happiness, anger, bitterness or whichever feeling because society dictates that it’s forward to show feelings. Heck! Life is too short, feel whatever you’re feeling and live your best life.

    Love your post Pooja 🙂

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