The Cave Of Mysteries (Collaboration)

This post is in collaboration with Jude! He has a really incredible blog with lots more amazing writing which I would really recommend you take a minute to check out by clicking here. We have actually collaborated before which we both really enjoyed and we felt it turned out so great we couldn’t resist collaborating once more on this piece. To check our first collaboration click here.
The parts in bold Italics are mine and the ones in regular italics are his. Hope you enjoy our post!
They quickly ran into the cave
Time wanes, the only way is the wrong way
Off that yellow brick road they must go
For it runs too wide for too long
And the solstice waits for no one
The cave of mysteries
Shortcut or the end
What will they find
A cure lost
Or evil
They don’t know where they are headed
All they know is that they must keep running
There is no other way out
Will they succeed
Or succumb like the others before them
All rush by
As the light fades
Darkness closes in
The elixir gleams ahead
But first the road winds deeper
Nothing’s real, all’s a mental test
Each one must brave fears to see the end
The world needs them, it needs its elixir
Without the elixir we are nothing
Down the narrow path, up the winding stair, and finally the prize is in their hands
It looks more beautiful than imagined
Then the earth shudders and stalactites cascade from above. A sacrifice they owe, a life they must pay
And so their true challenge begins
You can check out Jude’s blog by clicking here and you can check out first collab post by clicking here. 
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32 thoughts on “The Cave Of Mysteries (Collaboration)

  1. it’s so cool and comfortable writing with you Pooja. We’ll have to talk about “third time’s the charm” in a few months time 😉 Thank you so much 🌼

  2. Pooja, you must write a book with a compilation of all of your amazing writings. And I love Jude’s writing too! I appreciate all of these collaborations because they introduce me to writing styles I don’t read often 🙈

    1. Thank you so much I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying the collaborations!! I would love to write a book some day that would be amazing!

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