Six Word Story #58

“I will take care of it.”
So this is a special six word story because it was created by my dad! He pictures it as kind of a mafia movie line but my mum thinks it’s more of a sweet promise than a threat. Which do you guys think it sounds more like?
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66 thoughts on “Six Word Story #58

  1. It’s so funny. Before I even read what you said about your parents, I had the same train of thought. I read it in a sweet voice then my subconscious read it in a thug voice hehe.

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  2. I saw it as both simultaneously 😆. I still couldn’t tell you which is stronger. Perhaps I’m a born diplomat 😄.

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    1. I definitely have a habit of holding multiple perspectives simultaneously, though. Like enumerating all of the possibilities for existence.

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      1. That’s actually a good way to look at things. I can be the opposite way and I’m trying to look at things more your way.


  3. The image makes me feel more what your dad is saying – like an empty promise. However, without the moody photo I could definitely be an optimist about it and see the reassurance.

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  4. Again I’m intrigued by your six word story. Actually when I read it at first I leaned towards your dad’s side of interpreting the story, thus before I even read furthur down to see both him and your mom had contrasting ideas. But it also reminds me of my mom. Most times when I speak to her on phone very worried about certain things all she says is “I will take care of it”😂❤

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