5 Ways To Get Loyal Followers

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Getting followers is great but having loyal followers is more important. It’s a sign that you have active followers and that your blog is authentic and has an organic following. It’s especially important if at some point you want to start making an income from your blog because a lot of sponsors look more at how active your followers are rather than how many followers you have because they want to make sure your followers aren’t bots. Here are some ways to get loyal followers:

Always respond- when someone leaves comments on your blog make sure to respond to the comment. And try to make the response meaningful because a lot of people on WordPress do tend enjoy connecting with one another. If your readers feel like they can connect with you they are much more likely to keep coming back to your blog. For more on the comments section click here.

It’s a two way street- As I always say WordPress is very much a two way street. If you notice someone liking and commenting on your blog make sure to pay their blog a visit as well. If you ignore their blog they may not come back to yours and instead connect with someone who does visit their blog instead. However, if they see that you are also supporting their blog they will be much more enthusiastic about supporting your blog.

Socialize- For a lot of bloggers, myself included, socialising and getting to know other bloggers is one of the best parts about blogging. So make sure to connect and socialise with your readers and try to make a genuine connection with them. The comments section is a great way to connect with them. Another great way to connect that I’ve been recently enjoying is doing “Ask Me Anything” posts or “Assumptions” posts which are both fun ways to get your readers involved. This will get you loyal readers instead of readers who don’t come back after one or two reads.

Listen to your readers- Try to get their feedback and take a seriously. If you notice that they are particularly enjoying certain posts be sure to continue making posts about that topic so that they keep coming back. If you aren’t sure what topics they are enjoying and what they want to read more of then you can always have them take a poll. This way you’ll know what your audience enjoys and your readers will feel heard.

Be genuine and real- One really simple way to keep readers coming back is to just be yourself. The reason someone followed/read your blog is because they like you and your writing. So keep doing you and they’ll keep coming back!

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183 thoughts on “5 Ways To Get Loyal Followers

  1. Great points and very true … I love having a mass of different types of followers and those whom I follow! Variety is the spice of life and all that! Lovely post … Katie x

  2. Great post. You are a blogger that I look to and take advice from and as mentioned above I agree the best part of blogging is connecting to people and the social aspect.

  3. Good read! As a newbie, I find it enjoyable when bloggers comment and advise each other about their blogs. I hope to communicate with my mutuals too so that I could learn from them. <3

  4. More or less. I’m not accustomed to WordPress and I find myself neglecting it a lot. I have to remember to do more. Thanks for the advice.

  5. I totally agree with your tips, especially the second one. The Golden Rule of blogging is to do to other bloggers what you want them to do to you.
    If you want genuine comments on your blog, then leave genuine comments on other people’s blogs. And if you want to increase your blog’s engagement, selflessly engage other people’s blog. WordPress users are a supportive bunch, and when they recognize your efforts to support their blog, they usually return the favour.

    1. I loved this post – and I loved this comment! Very encouraging for someone who is new to blogging like myself. It takes a lot more energy to assume people are just liking and commenting to get more followers, but I feel a lot better being genuine and encouraging others 🙂

      1. It’s a mutual feeling, Ashley. ☺️
        I also haven’t been blogging for too long, but in the time that I’ve been blogging actively, I’ve realized that the most successful bloggers are the ones who are true to themselves and to fellow bloggers.
        You said you’re new to blogging — what do you blog about?
        You know what? Don’t tell me. I’d rather find out myself! 🤗

  6. Great list!
    Yeah, a problem I do have is getting caught up too much in my stuff and I don’t find “socializing” natural. :S

  7. You absolutely rock. I’d rather have 10 loyal & engaged admirers than 2 people engaging and then 100 followers that dont read or speak. This post really gives awesome points on staying authentic to who you are and inviting people to socialize and get to know you intimately lol

  8. I am totally agree with your each and every points you have mentioned above .Being a good blogger it is necessary for everyone.interesting . Thanks for your helpful blog.

  9. I’ve been realizing this all more and more lately! It’s taken me a while to get here, but I ALMOST have 30 followers now! I never thought I’d have 5, so this is amazing to me! I’ve had a blast visiting other blogs, commenting and reading other thoughts as well! It’s such an amazing community! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I love this post and for sure took a lot of great advice from it. I am slow at reading a lot of blogs, but thank you for following mine as well! I owe you more reads!

  11. I don’t always comment on blogs that I follow, nor do I expect all of my followers to comment on my blog, but I check “My Reader” at least twice a day and try to read all of the blogs on the list. So even if I don’t always comment here, you can be sure that I read and like your writings.
    Take care, and keep on blogging.

  12. Thank you Pooja.. I used your tips and started updating my tags properly and started seeing a difference 🙂 Will implement your tips on followership and try it out..! Also, it is interesting about visiting others blogs and commenting… how do you know which ones to visit or which ones are there?

    1. I’m glad that helped! I usually comment and visit blogs that I see commenting on my blog regularly. You can find new blogs by checking out the tags section on your reader too.

  13. Very good points here. And thank you for visiting my blog!! I’ve been on for a while, but sporadically, and still feel new. How to keep people coming back is my big one.

  14. I love your blog, Pooja. And it is so good to see a blogger practice what she preaches! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and appreciating my poetry. I am still in the early stages of building up my presence as a poet, and your tips here are most helpful. Please do come back for more – I post only poetry on my blog and do so frequently. Thanks again!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by as well and all the best with your blog- I will definitely be stopping by again!

  15. I am doing all of this. I won’t blame anyone, but many times people don’t understand that same energy. Likewise, I keep specific days to interact with new sites and I drop genuine comments on their sites. Those people either respond by liking my comment or just do a favour of liking my posts. Indirectly, I am asking them to read my blogs, but they don’t understand it.
    More people need to read this.
    Also, I will try to provide smoother and interactive experience to the readers.
    Thanks for writting this.

    1. Yes, a lot of people don’t understand how reciprocation on social sites works but I hope they will in the future. That’s why I wanted to mention that.

      Glad the post was helpful.

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