5 Lessons My Anxiety Has Taught Me

Mental Health Awareness Month

Anxiety is something that has effected me for a long time now and since it’s Mental Health Awareness Month I thought I would share 5 lessons my anxiety has taught me because through this journey I was able to learn some valuable lessons. Although anxiety can be something that effects you your entire life it can also be something that helps you learn more about your life and about yourself. Let me know in the comments what your mental health has taught!

Be grateful

It reminded me to be grateful for the little things. I used to take what I had for granted but after getting anxiety even the little things were kind of difficult. I try to take advantage of every opportunity I can get and I remember to be thankful for every little things I am able to do. Just being able to function “normally” and live life relatively “normally” is something I try to be thankful for now because I know not everyone with mental health problems is lucky enough to have that.

True friends stick around

The people who want to remain in your life will find a way to do so no matter what. People who don’t will make excuses or leave altogether and that’s okay too. As an adult I’ve realised it’s not about having a lot of friends, it’s about having a small group of friends who are amazing people and who are not going to leave you when times get rough.

If you care about something, nothing will stop you

If anxiety has taught me one really awesome thing it’s that we can persevere. Times are going to get bad and everything isn’t going to be perfect all the time but that does not mean that you should give up on your dreams. If anything the tough times taught me to fight harder and to stand up for what I believe in. Mental illness can change your route but you should not let it change your destination.

Life is very complicated

Unfortunately, anxiety in many ways forced me to grow up and mature faster than I would otherwise have. Although this was at times challenging I also realised it was very beneficial. When most people my age were still mapping out their lives I already knew what I wanted my life to look life and had planned for my goals. It also kept me safe because let’s be honest- teenagers aren’t great at making the best decisions- but anxiety made me too paranoid to do some of the stupid things I would otherwise have definitely done.

Being different isn’t a bad thing

All my life I’ve felt like I was different. I didn’t really fit in anywhere and I kept trying to change myself to become “normal”. However, anxiety taught me that even though I was different it didn’t mean I wasn’t perfect the way I was. Right now I love who I’ve become and I love the place I’m at. Weirdly enough I don’t think I would know myself this well had I not gotten anxiety because it really forced me to look deeper into myself and what caused my irrational anxieties.

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66 thoughts on “5 Lessons My Anxiety Has Taught Me

  1. I was actually very surprised you’d struggle with anxiety; you’re adorable and seemingly upbeat. “Feeling different”.. I feel like that’s a big answer.
    I have annoying anxiety too, people are probably surprised by that also.
    Fully understand.. good post. If you feel “different” mixed with some of what you listed it may feel like it’s you. It isn’t. Anxiety is common these days.

    1. Yeah unfortunately it effects us all and we can’t always know who has it because we can be very high functioning. I think anxiety is definitely more common now and thankfully people are more open about talking about it now.

      1. True. My opinion is there’s a lot more expectations placed and a higher bar set then there used to be.
        Even something small like unintended consequences in media. I’m sure if someone counted how many times they came across an “ideal” sort of image presented to them a day it’d be in the 100’s.

    1. Yeah I definitely understand that. Luckily we have good days too and are able to grow as people through our experiences.

  2. Thank you for sharing. My anxiety makes me humble but unbeatable at the same time. It is when im anxious that i make important decision that have made me better for most of the time.

  3. Thank you for sharing your experiences with anxiety. I somehow find myself at ease every time I read your posts about it.

    1. I’m so glad to hear that! I always find it comforting when I read other posts about anxiety as well- it makes me feel like I’m not alone.

  4. Love this post, it was such an interesting read! I’ve learned a lot of these lessons over the past few years the hard way, but it’s definitely made me grow as a person!

  5. Thank you for sharing Pooja. I admire you for studying abroad while also living with anxiety. I understand anxiety and also depression because I have both.

    1. Thank you- it’s difficult sometimes but worth it. I’m sorry you go through depression and anxiety too but just know you are definitely not alone.

    1. That really is the best way to deal with them and that’s really the only thing you can do- learn from your struggles and be a better person.

  6. It is an extremely relatable post. The hardest thing holding on to those lessons. It takes time.

  7. These are such good tips you are doing to help people get through anxiety!! I’m fortunate I haven’t had it but it’s great your spreading awareness 💗

  8. These are great lessons to have picked up as well as shared here with so many people on here, Pooja. More power to you and I hope you conquer all that you’ve set your heart to.

  9. Bit late to the party here I think but loved reading this and glad I found your blog. Just restarted my blogging journey and it’s lovely to see people still blogging about mental health and being real with themselves.
    Good luck on your continuing recovery journey 🙂

  10. Anxiety & mental health struggles can reach some hard life lessons, but I fully believe that my MH journey has really taught me to be more empathetic of others.
    Also, fully agree that the people who truly care will never give up.

    1. I feel that way too- I’m a lot more empathetic and sensitive to what other people are going through now. I try to be sensitive about what I say and how I act even if the person doesn’t seem sensitive because you never know what a persons situation is.

  11. This is a great post and very helpful and informative. Having anxiety myself, I had to grow up a lot faster too. You’re right in that it does definitely help you to learn in the long run how to handle situations better.

    1. Thank you! Yes anxiety does force you to grow up and learn some difficult lessons but they can be beneficial in the long run.

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