How To Keep A Positive Mindset

This is a collaboration post between Onome and I. I did a post for her blog a while back and she kindly wrote this amazing post for mine. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did and don’t forget to go over and check out her amazing blog in which she writes about mental health, books, lifestyle and much more. The link to it can be found below.

By Onome Erikewe
Maintaining a positive mindset can be difficult to achieve even when all efforts are made. It can seem like an endless battle to hold on to positive thoughts. You might have even experienced feelings of nausea because you feel it is impossible to stay in a place of complete peace
If you are in that situation, then be ready to get your mind right with these tips.

  1. Allow space and time to work the magic – Give yourself the opportunity to stay calm. Don’t try to force the feeling of positivity. It will work naturally. Once your mind is in a place of stability, you will find it easy to focus on the right things.
  2. Listen to your gut- You always have a voice inside of you that tells you exactly how you are feeling. It can either be negative or positive. However, look for those areas that are positive and dwell on them.
  3. Develop a habit of positive self-talk – While it is easy to get stuck with negative thoughts, you should train your mind to think positively. How do you do that? It is a simple trick of becoming self-aware. Your mind works with your brain, so if you can make your brain believe positive things, that will also reflect on how your mind retains information. So quick exercise, try to think of something about yourself that makes you incredibly happy. Then, imagine that you are having that same experience now. How do you feel? Great I guess. Now, train your mind to say that thing out. That is how you master the art of positive self-talk. It comes with consistent practice. So keep practicing until you get better at it.
  4. Fix your mind on the present- It can be a hassle to stay focused on the present. However, fixing your mind on the ‘now’ rather than the ‘next’ could really save you the stress of thinking about the future especially in difficult times. Being anxious does not solve anything, it only amplifies the problem. You can check my page on ways to deal with anxiety where Pooja graciously gave tips on how to overcome anxiety in difficult times.
  5. Have a circle of positive people- This is a vital part of developing a positive mindset. Your network and the people you surround yourself with have a lot to do with your mindset. Make a deliberate effort to be in the circle of people who will encourage you and uplift you.

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Cheering for you.

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54 thoughts on “How To Keep A Positive Mindset

  1. That last point is so important just now. There are so many negative voices we can choose to surround ourselves with. Finding the positive voices is a very important task.

  2. You know this reminds me latest video of Sandip Maheshwari… He shared example of Virat Kohli. When he was asked by audience which is more important among Healthy Mind, Physique or Proper diet so in reply he told Healthy mind… Because if your mind isn’t healthy you weren’t healthy anymore. What goes in comes out, if bad goes into your brain then how can you expect good will comes out… Watch the video, it’s really beautiful like this post…😄😄

  3. A brilliant post. The last point, about surrounding yourself with positive people, is crucial! My small circle of friends are always talking to each other about what’s on our mind, usually the heavy burdens of stress and feeling anxious, but that doesn’t make it a less positive space to be in. Talking to each other feelings is essential to improving our mindset!

  4. Listening to your gut and surrounding yourself with people who love and appreciate you, that’s solid advice! Thanks for your words of wisdom, I enjoyed this piece. C

  5. Wow, it was an amazing experience creating this post. I am glad Pooja gave me the opportunity to write for her blog.
    I have also looked at the comments, and I am so glad that the post reasonates with you.
    Please check out my blog for more tips on personal development and mental health.
    Hoping to do more collaborations with you Pooja.
    Thank you!

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