How To Get Traffic Outside WordPress

Why Traffic Outside Of WordPress Is Important

A large number of WordPress bloggers are interested in increasing their traffic and I have multiple posts on how to get more traffic from fellow bloggers. However, I did a poll recently asking what posts you guys want to see on lifesfinewhine and someone asked how to increase your traffic to a more broader audience and get readers from outside WP as well. I thought this was a really good idea for a post because a lot of people, including myself, have struggled with this. Here are the ways I have found helpful for broadening my audience and getting more traffic apart from other bloggers:


If you are looking to drive traffic to your blog that’s from outside WP, SEO has to be your best friend. However, understanding SEO can be quite difficult for a lot of people, myself included, and that’s why I would highly recommend getting an expert to help you out if you are able to do so. It just saves a lot of time and energy. So just do your research and try as hard as possible to make your blog SEO friendly to help get you traffic from Search Engines. 

Social Media

As you guys know social media is not my favourite thing in the world but admittedly it is quite useful for marketing your blog. It is particularly important if you are trying to grow a wider audience from outside WordPress. Use your social media pages to advertise your blog and market it to your followers since a number of your followers on social media are not from WordPress.

You can do this by linking your posts on your pages and sharing new posts and updates about your blog. If people start reading your blog through social media and enjoy it they are likely to keep coming back to it and maybe even subscribe using their email.

However, just a friendly reminder to not spam your readers with too many posts about your blog unless your page is set up just for your blog because this will have the opposite effect and some followers may end up getting irritated and leave your page.

A great way to keep the balance is to add stuff about your post on your stories instead of on your feed. And if you are using a platform like Twitter which doesn’t have a story option try to post about your blog with appropriate hashtags such as #wordpress or #blog so that you target the audience that is actually looking to view blog posts and don’t spam random audiences by using random tags like #music for example (unless your post is about music but you get what I mean!)

Use Your Tags/Keywords/Categories Wisely

Tags, categories and keywords are extremely helpful when you are trying to broaden your audience because these three things are what helps search engines find your posts when someone searches for a related topic. These words are picked up by search engines and depending on how you are using them you will get more traffic or actually lose traffic.

Make sure to use your keywords throughout your post especially in your introduction but don’t use it too often as Search Engines will then categorize it as spam. Also make sure to use tags that are a mix of broader topics and more specific ones. Don’t over use categories and stick to categories that are appropriate for your post- don’t use random categories that have nothing to do with the topic you are writing about. For more on how to use tags click here.


Some topics/themes are just more popular than others and you are more likely to attract readers when you write about certain topics. For example, if you write about something that’s trending at the moment you are much more likely to get more traffic from people outside WP as a large number of people will be searching for this topic. However, if you write about something that has a smaller audience or that less people are interested in you are statistically less likely to get a lot of views both from WP and outside of WP. 

Your layout/structure

As mentioned earlier keywords, tags and categories are an important part of both your post structure/layout and growing your traffic. However, other aspects of your layout are important as well. Make sure you are using a theme that is easy to load and navigate through so that both readers and search engines can find your posts more easily.

I have noticed that some themes are very slow to load and some do not have the most recent posts clearly on the front page. If your website has such issues I would highly recommend switching to a different theme. If your site is slow or not well organised most search engines will not put your site very high up in the results and your site will lost traffic due to this.

Make sure your blog clearly states what it is about, shows your recent posts and loads fast. This will make a big difference in your traffic. 

Your Thoughts

I would love to hear what you guys do to increase your traffic and the methods you use to get traffic from outside WP. Do you find it difficult to get traffic from a broader audience? Let me know in the comments below because I am always interested in what you guys have to say and quite often I learn something new from you guys!

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