Why I Prefer WordPress Vs Social Media

WordPress Vs Social Media

I have been on WordPress for over four years now and I’ve been using social media for quite a while as well. Over the years I have found that I much rather prefer my time on WordPress and that social media can be quite toxic in some ways. I think Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and other social platforms are fun but blogging has been the only way for me to truly express myself and actually form genuine connections with people. Here are all the reasons why I prefer WordPress over social media:

It’s more personal

From what I’ve seen on social media it seems that it’s ironically a lot less social than WordPress. The connections just feel very fake. Like people only comment very basic and non-specific comments on your posts just to get you to check out their page. One thing I absolutely love about WordPress is how it feels like a community and you’re able to have real conversations and connections with people. I feel like I’ve actually made friends here and have connected with people in a way that doesn’t really happen on social media.

The follow/unfollow game

I think this is what I hate most about social media and it’s pissing me off that people have started this on WordPress too although luckily it’s not too bad on here yet. It’s basically when someone follows you for a follow back and when you do follow them back they unfollow you after a while. It’s sad and pathetic and super unethical- also there are apps that help you find unfollowers so you can unfollow them back so like what is the point of it even? Anyway I’m very glad that the majority of bloggers don’t do that on WordPress.

I can express myself better

Since I can post much longer posts on WordPress compared to social media it’s just easier for me to express myself better here. With social media you can’t really post in the same way that you would post on WordPress. I love that I can fully express myself here and that when I do I have so many people responding with genuine comments. There’s also a lot of negativity on social media when you do express yourself which is something I don’t like. It makes me feel uncomfortable and anxious. I have had hate on WordPress but much less compared to social media.

Social media is kind of creepy and superficial 

So like I mentioned Instagram and Twitter are the only social media pages I have for the blog at the moment and I’ve had some creepy encounters on there especially on Instagram. For the most part WordPress is a lot more wholesome. I also don’t like how Instagram in particular can be pretty superficial and puts too much emphasis on outer appearance. WordPress on the other hand feels like an actual community and people actually want to connect with one another. People want to actually talk about stuff, get to know one another and connect.

Your thoughts?

Are you on social media and if you are what are your thoughts on the topic? Do you prefer social media or WordPress and why? I would love to hear your opinion on this so be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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