Why I Prefer WordPress Vs Social Media

WordPress Vs Social Media

I have been on WordPress for over four years now and I’ve been using social media for quite a while as well. Over the years I have found that I much rather prefer my time on WordPress and that social media can be quite toxic in some ways. I think Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and other social platforms are fun but blogging has been the only way for me to truly express myself and actually form genuine connections with people. Here are all the reasons why I prefer WordPress over social media:

It’s more personal

From what I’ve seen on social media it seems that it’s ironically a lot less social than WordPress. The connections just feel very fake. Like people only comment very basic and non-specific comments on your posts just to get you to check out their page. One thing I absolutely love about WordPress is how it feels like a community and you’re able to have real conversations and connections with people. I feel like I’ve actually made friends here and have connected with people in a way that doesn’t really happen on social media.

The follow/unfollow game

I think this is what I hate most about social media and it’s pissing me off that people have started this on WordPress too although luckily it’s not too bad on here yet. It’s basically when someone follows you for a follow back and when you do follow them back they unfollow you after a while. It’s sad and pathetic and super unethical- also there are apps that help you find unfollowers so you can unfollow them back so like what is the point of it even? Anyway I’m very glad that the majority of bloggers don’t do that on WordPress.

I can express myself better

Since I can post much longer posts on WordPress compared to social media it’s just easier for me to express myself better here. With social media you can’t really post in the same way that you would post on WordPress. I love that I can fully express myself here and that when I do I have so many people responding with genuine comments. There’s also a lot of negativity on social media when you do express yourself which is something I don’t like. It makes me feel uncomfortable and anxious. I have had hate on WordPress but much less compared to social media.

Social media is kind of creepy and superficial 

So like I mentioned Instagram and Twitter are the only social media pages I have for the blog at the moment and I’ve had some creepy encounters on there especially on Instagram. For the most part WordPress is a lot more wholesome. I also don’t like how Instagram in particular can be pretty superficial and puts too much emphasis on outer appearance. WordPress on the other hand feels like an actual community and people actually want to connect with one another. People want to actually talk about stuff, get to know one another and connect.

Your thoughts?

Are you on social media and if you are what are your thoughts on the topic? Do you prefer social media or WordPress and why? I would love to hear your opinion on this so be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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255 thoughts on “Why I Prefer WordPress Vs Social Media

  1. I too prefer WordPress to social media. Especially given the current state of affairs I’m not trying to scroll through social media like I used to. In a perfect world, I would speak my mind through WordPress, and my social media audience would respond. Still a work in progress.

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with social media. The older I get I think the more I start to dislike it. People only post what they want you to see like on social
    media such as Instagram. WordPress is more transparent, definitely !

    1. Yeah I feel the same way. I didn’t mind social media that much before but as I get older I realise just how fake everything/everyone on there is. WordPress is much more real and fun.

  3. yes. social media is ‘distant’ I’d say but to drive traffic to wp is difficult. I’m getting there but it’s not easy. One step at a time. I do like the personality that i can include with wp. good post. thx.

      1. I totally get it about the toxicity of social media. My issue is that my agent (I am a writer) is demanding a strong (that means numbers) platform to move forward on a non fictional book that I’ve proposed. It really is a catch 22

    1. Yeah it does take longer to grow on WordPress. But it’s genuine traffic and eventually your blog will grow over time!

        1. It’s called Followers & Unfollowers. Also a heads up- if you do use the app and see that you have a bunch of people who unfollowed you like I did don’t unfollow them all at once because Instagram will block you from following/unfollowing people if you unfollow too many. Unfollow like 10 every few hours.

  4. I experimented with this for the lockdown period..
    Wordpress is potentially better because it’s long form; others tend to be superficial as said.
    There’s a lot of problems these days with some of what you said but those blog accounts die out when they don’t work.
    (The people wanting to monetize but being disingenuous about it)
    The general format is better with the mid long form, but stuff like false likes and follows or people acting engaged so you follow back then they never like anything ever again… lol
    My conclusion is it’s better. Also.. other places make me cynical/sarcastic and I just don’t like them.

      1. It will probably be … maybe… a year before I actually do anything completely serious with WordPress but I think the point of it clicked over the last few months.
        I’ve tinkered with it for years but never had time/energy to really get that involved with it. The problems aren’t THAT bad.

        1. Yeah the problems are more annoying than anything else. It takes a while to figure out WordPress but it’s worth it when you do.

          1. My goal is to get through a bunch of stuff and then start taking it a little more serious when I really feel like it’s the right time to.
            Having the time/energy to actually do a good blog isn’t quite there yet. 😁
            The pieces are there, it’s just not quite in order. 😂

              1. I’ve had stuff go viral on Facebook with only like 100 followers. It kinda freaked me out. I’m mixed on stuff..
                Things are kinda chaotic here from the covid crap like my job downsizing suddenly and a family member having a bad stroke.. all kinds of stuff. I HAVE liked actually blogging during all of it but I still have that preference to kind of stay “hidden” while I decide what content to build up. The stuff I like doing (like what went viral) takes weeks of research to put together and it’s not always blog friendly because it’s LONG. I may switch to a hybrid blog/website.

                  1. Well.. it’s probably easy. I forgot the reason I revisited WordPress to see if I’d actually use it is because I had a YouTube suggestion that made reference to my old blog posts that went viral. (Yes, I actually deleted a blog because it started getting shared like crazy).
                    That type of stuff is super long form and takes a long time to research and write; I LIKE that part. More website though, not blog friendly.
                    The “research” part may fit in a blog though. Easy answer in plain sight.
                    I remembered only because you made me think about it and I ran into a book that which is where I ended to finding that UFO time travel professor.
                    So.. someone else was watching a documentary (probably Moore) on capitalism and a clip of a jimmy carter Oval Office address was in it. I fact checked it by looking for the actual address. I came from the next day and a Carter book on the subject (the moral collapse of the US) so I just ran with it. It somehow ended up going from that, to Amelie (I absolutely love that movie) to I don’t know what to watching Ancient Aliens to figure out if conspiracy theorists are like that (post truth world) because we don’t have a spiritual core of value. Then it went into UFO’s to Plato’s Theory of Forms, to 2 BBC documentaries on the Kogi, to another tribe in Paraguay…
                    point: where things come from are sometimes more interesting than the final project.
                    PS: if you haven’t seen Amelie you should watch it. 😁

      2. Oh.. also..
        There’s used to get a bug (it may still exist) where followers get lost.
        Example: one day you could just disappear from my follows even though I never unfollowed…
        it’s possible that’s still happening because it doesn’t make sense to follow for a return follow then unfollow..

        1. That bug is unfortunately very much still there. I saw a post by someone recently and I was like wait I was following her but WordPress had randomly just made me unfollow her blog.

          1. What makes it bad is I just learned you can boot followers. That makes it confusing…
            I got a lost follower back about an hour ago. I’m missing a few.

  5. 🙂 I also prefer WordPress over social media because I am a strong writer and an effective communicator.
    Social media can feel as though you are among a noisy crowd at times.

    1. Yeah that’s a really great description of social media- it’s like a noisy crowd. On WordPress people actually stop and listen.

  6. Great points all the way around! I too love WP as opposed to social media. For the same reasons as you mentioned. For me its a matter of finding what works on those platforms. and I don’t think I have mastered it all that well. Lol

  7. I feel the same way too but I have this love /hate relationship with social media. I hope to get out of it soon but besides that, WordPress is quite the safe haven for me on the internet, there are way more nice people around here and I express myself way better here.

    1. Yeah I think many people have mixed feelings about social media. It does have its pros but I feel that the cons outnumber them. WP is definitely great for expressing yourself.

  8. As soon as I read your title I smiled! THANK YOU! My thoughts exactly. 😇 People who are not part of the WP community don’t get it. The other day someone asked me when I will return to social media. Honestly, I don’t want to return to social media. It makes me feel like crap, kills my positive vibes, and causes me to play the compare and despair game. I have tried everything from unfollowing to unfriending to blocking and nothing works. Nothing. You cannot filter the stuff you don’t want to see… no such thing exists. And quite frankly, I really don’t want the temptation to look people up from my past, because let’s face it, humans are curious. No thank you. 🙅‍♀️

    1. Thanks! Yeah I agree social media is so toxic and you just end up comparing yourself to others or looking up people. It can be super negative a lot of the time. I used to post almost every day on Instagram but I stopped doing that last year and honestly it’s been very freeing.

      1. It’s funny how people like to justify their habits. “I need Instagram for my job. I need it for my blog. I need it to stay connected. X, Y, Z.” We can Logic our way through pretty much anything. Do you still post on IG or have you stopped entirely?
        Like any bad habit or addiction, it’s hard in the beginning but it gets easier with time. Personally, I found that the FOMO eventually goes away. It took me a year to get rid of FOMO.

        1. I post once in a while but now I do it for myself not for my followers. And sometimes to market my blog lol!
          Yeah it can be difficult to stop completely but it gets easier over time.

    1. Yeah that’s one of the main perks for me. People on social media can be very toxic but people on WordPress are much more positive and supportive.

  9. I enjoyed your insights; definitely worth considering further. Honestly, I’ve not considered the manner I would work to grow my community on WP. But I’d like to! Any tips on how you’ve done so well, I’d certainly welcome. Cheers!

  10. I don’t do much with social media for the express purpose of not having my abusive ex-husband find out about who I talk to. I am only in Facebook with my kids and one other friend. That’s it and only so I can communicate with them on messenger. On WordPress it’s more about my recipes and any stories I wish to share.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that. Social media does make it quite easy for people to find someone which can have horrible consequences for some.

  11. WordPress blogging over Social Media any day. Well… I’ll go a further step and say that there is absolute no comparison between the two. A blog is and will always remain personal, social media is of course for the instant noodles kinda people.
    Blogging takes effort and passion.. while Social Media is well… blah
    Well written post dear.

    1. Yeah I totally agree! I think with blogging it’s more about being yourself and expressing how you feel. You get to post what you want. However, with social media you just get people pretending to be perfect.

  12. I can completely understand. I barely post on Instagram due to judgement on pictures and feeling like it’s not good enough. Social media can become very stressful.

  13. Hahaha, we discussed this earlier….
    That’s why I don’t have any social media accounts..
    All I use on earth to communicate is messaging apps
    And yeah, of course WordPress. … and lately, I find rather this more interesting

    1. Social media is really useless for a lot of people so I can understand why you avoid it. WordPress is much more genuine and open.

  14. I agree word press is a great platform for expression for writers whereas as social media is more like a micro blogging area with limited expression…Our world is toxic so like so many others out there I choose to be positive no matter what…I do publish on my Social Media that’s about it…Or advertise various items that I think are helpful for others…i do not keep lists of artificial intelligent friends on social media…Social Media is artificial intelligence and the behaviors and trends on social media not limited to social media are monitored to tailor advertisements that follow such trends…At word press viewers can easily view our blogs and read them on their own time without feeling pressure a pressure unique to Social Media to add a like or comment and such…Sorry this comment is long…Thank you for sharing…

    1. Yeah exactly- social media is very limited and people can be very toxic. I feel that for writers you need a platform where you can fully express yourself and WordPress is good for that. Thanks for the comment!

  15. This is super true! I can relate to everything you said even though I’ve only been blogging for more than a month. I love how you pointed out how most put too much emphasis on outer appearance and made to look like “goals.”

    1. Thanks! Yeah I feel like there is much less pressure on WordPress to have the perfect life- you can just be yourself. On social media there’s just so much pressure to look and be perfect.

      1. I agree! On social media, you get swayed with only posting your highlights and making it look like you’re living the life and you start to evaluate yours based on what they defined as goals. Almost every area of life already has “goals.” I’m so guilty of that. Haha now, I feel free being myself with blogging plus, I’m learning from others’ blogs.

        1. Yeah there is so much pressure to be perfect on social media especially on Instagram but with blogging you can be more open and honest.

          1. Yes! Thanks for sharing this, Pooja! It always feels good when I find someone who thinks the same way I do! 💖

  16. You cannot be more right. Lately, I have realized this too, and have abstained from using social media. Creating your own niche on word press or any other blogging website is always a better alternative than just scrolling through the flock of birds on other media platforms.

  17. Hahaha All of it is absolutely true! I feel the same way too–that I can be myself more and share my thoughts more on WordPress. I can definitely follow any blog I want to follow because it doesn’t matter if I have more people I follow than my followers. Maybe because it isn’t indicated in our profiles (unlike twitter, instagram) in that way I don’t get pressured by how much is the difference and I only focus more on making my blog known to others. Social media, I agree is creepy and superficial because on WordPress people actually make something valuable. They blog and it’s an output anyone can learn from unlike the things people usually post on facebook, right? I love this post. <3

    1. Yeah I hate that Instagram has a follow limit and it shows how many people you follow. WordPress is actually about connecting with other blogs and finding stuff you enjoy. Thank you!!

  18. Well, I for one don’t do FB (FarceBlock) or Incensedagram or Snappychat or Twit… only wordpress like it is a puzzle I put some effort to complete a few scheduled blogs one day and then leave for a while. There’s other things to be getting on with, not just the keyboard, screen watching virtual life online.

  19. I agree with you. I have never had any inconveniences on wordpress. And on social media every day I get some creepy message. It’s pretty stressful.😲😲😲😲😲😲

    1. Didi, don’t forget the information gathering that some social media does too and for what? I dunno, but don’t we all need to see that a bit creepy too? Who is gathering what and for why? Still I dunno. Not that I’m a closed book, but still, it’s all out of touch with the earth, the sky, the touch of the breeze and the soil under our nails pulling up carrots (said like a true gardener).

  20. I was just saying this a few days ago. I prefer WordPress definitely. They’re so many amazing people on here that you make real friendships with. I don’t like social media. I have currently deactivated my twitter.. too much toxicity on there 😖

    1. Once I read the word “toxicity” my mind starts the tune up from System of a Down, but that my head does that with the word “gnome” too and I hear David Bowie singing about one laughing. What would we do without all the types of music? 🎶 and all the types of people? ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜

    2. Yeah social media can be so toxic but with WordPress you can actually express yourself and have conversations with people.

  21. I put out my posts on other social media but have minimum interaction. I like WordPress but it is very time-consuming.

  22. Thanks for this, I absolutely agree! Most social media platforms to me feel very fake, like you’re just viewing the outer layer of a pretty complex human being. WordPress for me feels a lot more personal. Can I also just ask you if you are on wordpress.com or wordpress.org? I am currently on .com but because I can’t exactly afford to pay for the paid programs to access plugins I was thinking of switching?

  23. I couldn’t agree more. I stopped browsing/using my personal Insta account at the beginning of March. Over those months the net result has been; I’ve finished the final draft of my manuscript and my blogging has really increased in good quality volume.
    I will fall back into the realms of social media some time soon to help promote my book when it’s ready for lift off.

    1. Yeah social media is good for promoting stuff but if you get too into the other aspects of social media it can become very toxic and time consuming.

  24. You’re totally right! Blogging is more personal, and you don’t have to have had a perfect day/photo to share something. I like how honest people are here!

  25. I’m with you here. I prefer blogging than putting my thoughts on Social Media. I tend to get stressed reading through social media feeds so I’m staying away from them as much as I can.

  26. I loved reading your post, Pooja. Since I began blogging (about two months ago), I’m active on both social media and WordPress. I personally believe that Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter does not serve the motive of a blog accurately, though Pinterest is the only great platform for the bloggers. It drives organic traffic and if one wants to earn money from the blog, it drives sales and leads too. Currently, I’m more into Pinterest (it’s basically a search engine just like Google) and I’m absolutely enjoying it 🙂

    1. I’m not that into Pinterest but I have heard that it’s great for marketing. Yeah Facebook and the others are not the same as blogging for sure. Thanks!

  27. Yes I find that WordPress is more respectful. It’s like it understands that this is your page, your opinion, and it’s an article of sorts in which they are not compelled to argue or oppose. And it’s friendly. Most are supportive and understand you need to spill, rant, be sad, be happy – and will leave helpful comments and encouraging ones and not bash, judge or destroy. That said there have been a few that had their own issues that made them not handle my posts correctly. But overall I have made some on line friends that really just read and support. Surprisingly they have been more supportive than the real friends on Facebook. Not everyone on Facebook but I get bashed, bullied, torn apart, and pushed around – regardless of what post I post. It’s like everyone has to top your knowledge, or find something that is wrong, or give their opposing view. It’s “AttackBook” right now. lol. I don’t feel “safe” there. My persona is too sensitive. However, I do take up for myself and I’ve found that you can give boundaries even on facebook. The “no comments please” often works well. “This is my post, my opinion, scroll on if you oppose” can work. I hate having to do that. But you do have to remind people to be nice. I think the biggest critical moment on facebook I had is when I post something about unity and someone told me I was being divisive. No that blew my mind. I mean what? lol

    1. Yeah people on social media often find problems with literally everything. I found it pretty exhausting and anxiety inducing so I avoid posting a lot. People here are much more supportive and if they disagree with your post they usually just move on. Not always but most of the time.

  28. I prefer wordpress to social media though i just started blogging on wordpress one month ago. I like it because am able to express myself, I have passion for writing. So I get to put different write ups on my blog. Social media is basically for fun and minor activities to showcase lifestyle.

  29. I have yet to hear a good definition of the term “social media” — and until I do, I will continue to consider the term meaningless.

  30. I get tons of follows from people who obviously just want me to follow them back… well over 3/4 of my followers have likely never read a single thing I’ve written. That’s why I don’t even pay attention to that number anymore and only get a minor twinge of anger when I get a notification that someone followed me out of the blue.
    Another great thing WordPress has over other social media is the longer format. I think we have ample evidence that the shorter the post, the angrier and more triggered the content. Facebook doesn’t technically limit post length but posting something more than a few sentences is definitely not the norm. Twitter is obviously even worse… the whole platform is a case study in the decline of western culture lol.
    Wordpress reminds me of Livejournal from when I was younger. Much more of a community; you’re likely to meet people you actually want to have discussions with even if you don’t agree on topics.

    1. Yeah I agree with WordPress you can actually write and fully express yourself. And the best part is people will actually read it. With Facebook yes you can write longer posts but how many people will even read it let alone discuss the content with you.

  31. Pooja, thank you for writing about this. I agree with so much of what you and others have said. A person I know once talked about the difference between consumption tech and creation tech. I see social media as primarily consumptive and WordPress as more creative. Although there are ways to use social media as a creative platform, the emphasis on brevity makes it very hard to really dig deeply into anything. WordPress allows me more creativity and depth of expression.

    1. Yes exactly- you get to be way more creative on WordPress whereas with social media you just scroll mindlessly most of the time.

  32. Lately, I have been same too. I would also like to prefer WordPress over social, (also those calls🙄). It’s quite calm reading and writing here😇

  33. This is unfortunately the sad truth. That’s why I adore the WP community, than the social media community.
    Also, did you know that Instagram was ranked as the worst social media platform? The reasons for such a verdict are quite obvious, that’s why.

    1. Yeah I can see why Instagram was ranked the worst- it really is the worst in a lot of ways. I’m just thankful we have WordPress!

  34. I agree with the last point you made, social media are indeed superficial as hell. I just have Twitter, in fact – but that is not their fault, they’ve been created to be this superficial after all.
    Virtue signaling at its finest, make we wanna puke

  35. Oh, I love this post. I don’t agree with all of it, but I enjoyed being made to think about internet connections on the whole!
    As to facebook, which is what I am most familiar with, I like it very much. But there is a reason my connections there are not superficial, I know the people I am friends with. We have the same beliefs and desires as each other. When they post stuff it makes me laugh and cry and helps me get to know them better. I don’t friend people I don’t know, or who don’t come with stellar references from people I do know personally. I find that I have much less in number than most, but I have all I can keep up with.
    Instagram I don’t know very well yet. But you say it is superficial, but remember a picture (can be) worth a thousand words. Even all those selfies, they tell me something about the person as well, not necessarily anything good, but they tell me a lot.
    Pinterest and twitter, don’t know so much. I have one follower on twitter so I don’t see much. And pinterest I don’t quite get.
    Lastly WordPress! I love it! I get to express myself more fully here than anywhere. And I know if someone comes here they are likely going to read even if it is long. That is why they are looking at blogs. What Facebook does on a smaller scale, WordPress does on a deeper scale.
    As to following and unfollowing, I am guilty. But when I do it there is a reason. If I start finding that what someone posts (wherever they are posting) is to me offensive, I’m going to unfollow. I don’t follow every person that follows me. I go to their sites, I read a few articles, get a feel for if this is something I am interested in and is it presented in a manner I am not offended by. If it doesn’t pass that test then I won’t follow. Or if it starts to go sideways after I have followed them I will unfollow. That’s who I am, I don’t do it to get followers, I do it to protect my conscience and my moral compass. Sorry if this is wrong in most people’s eyes, I am not trying to hurt or irritate, just my way of self-preservation.
    So that is my take. I enjoyed your take as well. Have a great day!

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I agree with what you said about Facebook- if you have a private account it’s easier to make sure it’s not a toxic place. The problem I have with Instagram is the damage it’s causing especially for younger people. It has been linked to several mental health disorders which frankly I can see why. I don’t mean follow/unfollowing in that way. I do that too if someone posts something offensive. What I meant was something that’s popular on Instagram in particular. Someone will follow you for a few minutes/hours and then as soon as you follow them they will unfollow you. It’s an unethical method to grow your page.

  36. I agree that WordPress is a much better place to feel like you are part of a community and a wonderful place to share your thoughts with others.

  37. Well. you are right. But i think that these days all social media websites are connected with each other. And we have to use all those things to increase of fan following and for promote our content. 🙂 🙂 <3
    Angel Like

  38. I definitely agree that WordPress is more personal and the comments are more genuine. I feel like it’s more of a community here than on IG. The comments on IG are very basic and superficial, like there isn’t much engagement.

    1. Yeah exactly. No one wants to have a conversation there but people here are actually interested in connecting and talking to one another.

  39. I love Twitter and WordPress for very different reasons. Twitter is like a racecar and WordPress is like a truck. Both have scared the living daylights out of me, but both have inspired me, and I’ve met great people on both that I doubt I’d have met on the other.

  40. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, PoojaG. They are all platforms where you can get fake people, WordPress is just good, you can blog and express yourself/ tell your story into many words.
    Social media is limited; I mean, you have a few seconds to capture someone’s attention, which is the world we are living in now.
    I have seen great community in social Apps helping out each other and giving difference.
    I think with social media, you can communicate with 1000s of people within a shot time. With wordPress, you have to take time and read which is a good thing because it’s a bit deep.
    Robots/fake people will always be there to like and pass on, or comment some fire emojis and hearts which is strange; I mean, if you can write an article, you can definitely have more words than fire / hearts / and likes.
    Again, this is just my opinion or maybe it is just that I am working in the technology industry and living in what people call ”a geek household”.
    Just UI and UX.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I agree with you- there are fake people on both and bots on both. I just like that there are more genuine people here and that I can properly express myself.

  41. This is so true. I have often felt this. I only have Twitter but I can so relate to this all. I’ve lately been using WordPress a lot more and it is certainly a lot more satisfying!

  42. I’ve been thinking writing something on this for a few days (along with a whole bunch of other ideas I have down!). I have two people on my Facebook who I don’t get on with, but is friends with my husband so even if she’s on limited profile, if I tag him in it, she can see it. The other is a good friend’s girlfriend and she doesn’t hold back in what she thinks! I’ve been so tempted to ditch Facebook for WordPress, I have 10x more followers than I have Facebook friends. The only reason that I haven’t is because my mum uses Facebook to contact me.

    1. I hope you do write a similar post and please let me know if you do I would love to read it! Yeah Facebook and social media can be very toxic. I feel like you are forced to be friends or follow people even though you don’t necessary like them. It just feels very fake. WordPress is a lot more genuine.

      1. Absolutely, most of my Facebook friends are family and I’ve always had to repress parts of myself because it would make family gatherings extremely awkward. On WordPress, I am part of a community.who think like I do and we.can share and learn from one another. It’s great.

        1. Yes exactly- I feel the exact same way. My Facebook is private so it’s just friends and family and I can’t fully express myself just because it would be awkward. Here I can be my true self and express myself.

  43. I’ve nearly cut down on my social media usage. These days twitter is the only one that I use. Yes, there are people who do the follow-unfollow game. WordPress is a content oriented platform. Ever since I stopped opening up Facebook and Instagram everyday, I found that I have a lot of time on my hands?

    1. I have sooo much more free time now that I don’t post regularly on Instagram and it’s great because I think it can be a real time waster. WordPress is way more genuine with the content and the people.

  44. I enjoyed your thoughts on the social media blog. I too am on twitter, instagram and FB. However, I really don’t care for twitter or instagram, it seems I only get men wanting to have conversation with me and I have a business account. It’s not personal, but I am not there for a hookup. It’s quite irritating.

    1. Urghh yes the creepy men are so annoying especially on Instagram. I don’t respond anymore if random guys send me “hi” with nothing else.

  45. You are right about everything that you mentioned here. I’ve been on Instagram over 7 years now (I mean my personal account, not miss.foodsy) and I am using WordPress since March this year, and the difference is huge. You can tell so much more and communicate and build connections so much better on WordPress. Although I really love and enjoy Instagram (and Pinterest), the follow/unfollow game is so unhealthy and I cannot understand why is the number of followers such I big deal. I use these platforms for inspiration, education, information, and I refuse to become a victim of the vanity and obsess over the follow ratio.

    1. Yeah people are very obsessed with numbers. It’s sad because you should enjoy what you do not spend your time chasing numbers. It’s especially a problem on Instagram.

      1. Today I’ve read a lot of the comments, and I’m happy to report that most people (IMHO) are much more focused on words. It’s mainly mainstream media people who push the numbers arguments. To me, numbers are relatively meaningless. If a person is not literate enough to use words, I don’t care much about whether they can click buttons.

  46. I also prefer WordPress to other Social Media. Some of them, I don’t see the point i.e. just posting pics of everything from your breakfast to pics of your new flip flops? What’s that all about? And people ‘follow’ that?
    I also don’t like the ‘unfollows’ that happen – aarrgghhh!

    1. Yeah it gets very annoying with the pictures. I mean it’s nice to post pictures of the highlights of your day/week/month but I don’t want to see every tiny detail of someone’s life. It just becomes too much.

        1. Yeah almost everyone on Instagram does that and it’s so messed up. It’s actually a bit sad that people feel so pressured to look a certain way.

          1. This is growing the world of fake people. We live in a world seeing the same person on social media in reality is almost impossible. . .There’s a whole lot of unsaid said. LOL!

  47. Great post. I totally agree with everything you said, specifically the toxic part. Instagram sometimes gives me anxiety and I cannot stand someone who follows and then unfollows (which seems like everyone on social media). I absolutely love the WordPress community!

    1. Thanks! Yeah I get anxiety if I spend too much time on social media as well whereas I feel so much calmer after expressing myself on WordPress. Literally at least three quarter of the people on Instagram just follow to unfollow. It’s so stupid. Not saying it doesn’t happen on WP but it happens wayyyy more on social media.

  48. Follow and then unfollow!!! Thats horrible…. I love wordpress since I love writing…. I never thought it would be so amazing…. I am enjoying connecting with new friends here…. I don’t have any idea about the issues here…. Lets see….

    1. Yeah following/unfollowing is the worst. WordPress is really great especially for writing. The only major problems I have experienced are spammers and bugs.

  49. I love this post because I totally agree! In the last 6 months I have actually really gotten into using WordPress more frequently & I’m loving it! I love that I get to read articles by some really talented writers that are so interesting, and I learn a lot from using WordPress. Other social media apps just don’t really fulfil me as much – its so easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others and it affecting your self-confidence. I just feel as though I don’t fall into that trap on WordPress as much as I do on other platforms hence why I enjoy it more 🙂

    1. Thanks! I agree WP is so much more fulfilling and it allows you to fully express yourself in a way that other platforms don’t.

  50. I’m not really on social media that much, besides WP, but I COMPLETELY agree with all that.
    At the top of my list would be THE COMMENTS. I have been on WP for four years, and I’ve started regularly reading others’ blog posts about 1yr ago, and considering the quarantine I’ve read more blog posts than I care to say, yet I have NEVER, EVER seen a negative comment on WordPress. They are all inquisitive, genuine like you said, and thoughtful. On the other hand, pop on any YouTube video and you’ll find people from half way across the Earth swearing at each other because one person corrected a grammar mistake in the video. (Oh that’s another thing. I’ve seen maybe two swear words in the comments, total.)

    1. Oh, and one more thing. This doesn’t necessarily make WP better, but it’s just something I’ve noticed.
      Unlike social media, I’ve noticed it’s extremely rare that if you comment on a blog post, someone else will reply besides the author of the post.

    2. Yeah for the most part the WP community is really positive, open minded and supportive. Even if we don’t agree with each other on everything people on WP rarely leave negative comments- if they don’t like the post they just move on. I have gotten a number of negative comments on WP but it’s nothing compared to YouTube where like you said the majority of comments are just trolls.

      1. Yes, exactly. I mean once one gets popular they are bound to have haters… the more fans you have the more haters you have… you know what I mean. Totally agree.

        1. I think you got me wrong. I meant that I can’t agree less with you. That is, I can’t disagree with you. Lol!

  51. I’ve long ago dumped the follower frenzy. I can’t always follow back. Internet acces after we moved out of the city about 3 weeks ago, is rather challenging. We have fast, uncapped fibre – but the catch is that the entire town is connected to the same tower that beams to the city forty miles away. I am more offline than on. Therefore, internet is for essentials. Spotify comes second and TikTok stands no chance.

      1. I can only inagine! A friend in Serakunde, the Gambia, sits on the fastest internet in Africa. In a little country with virtually no GDP.

  52. I posted a comment yesterday that had a link in it (to a comment Joe Rogan made about blogs & blogging) … in case it got lost, here’s a copy (w/o the http prefix 😉 )
    If people are interested in what Joe Rogan recently had to say about blogs + blogging, then you can find the quote here:
    Krystal Ball followed it up with a little rant about “Who are the bad guys?”, and she referred to Matt Taibbi’s “Hate, Inc.” (which I haven’t read).

  53. The only social media I use is WordPress and LinkedIn. I have shied away from everything else because I had the sense they were toxic as you described. Even LinkedIn, which is supposed to be a professional platform, has some posts that are out of line and clearly not professional. I am curious, though, why you didn’t mention Facebook. I have friends so loyal to Facebook that I have lost my connection with them because I don’t use it.

    1. Yeah LinkedIn can be toxic sometimes as well. I didn’t mention Facebook since I don’t have a Facebook page for lifesfinewhine at the moment so I don’t have much experience with it or how toxic can be. I only use Twitter and Instagram right now so that’s what I focused on for this post.

  54. Pooja,
    I will largely agree with your views. However socials addresses other things vs wordpress (blog).
    I was not sure that why you will have the line which says
    “Enjoyed this post? Then follow me on social media:
    Twitter Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn HubPages”
    Is this line not self contradictory? May be I am wrong.

    1. Thanks for reading the post and commenting! As you have mentioned in your comment social media addresses different things and for my blog it is a quite useful marketing tool. I use that line in every post and the reason I choose to have it in my posts is because although I do think social media has multiple cons it also has it’s pros which is the reason I called this post Why I PREFER WP over Social Media and not why Why I Hate Social Media or Why I Don’t Use Social Media. Not sure if you’ve read any of my posts on WP but I have written multiple posts about the problems I’ve faced on WP too and yet here I am using it daily. Every platform has it’s pros and cons and this post was simply my way of expressing some of the frustrations I have with social media, it was not me denouncing all my social media accounts in any shape or form.

  55. I have tried so many platform: youtube,facebook, twitter,to expressing myself to the world but seems all didn’t work. I just tried wordpress and i think it is the best among all the means of bringing out what is in me. I started long ago, I have few followers but I am happy as you said it makes you express yourself so much. It makes me too! I write new stuff every day because i love to put something on wordpress for people to enjoy good health. Your article is so helpful. Keep it up!

  56. I prefer WordPress too! While my blog is really personal, most of my real life friends and acquaintances doesn’t know my blog so I just use social media to connect to them.

    1. Yeah most of the people I know in real life don’t regularly read my blog so I’m able to share a lot too which is nice. Thanks for the comment!

  57. Love this post! I’ve been on and off word press for about 3 years now. One thing I haven’t really utilized is the connecting part. I’ve been using instagram more for that. I’ve seen okay results but I’m going to start connecting with people more on word-press. Because you’re right the unfollow-follow game is crazy and some of the interactions are just superficial. Anyways thanks a ton!

  58. Totally agree.. I was just thinking I needed to share this as I HATE social media and am learning what works and what doesn’t but do love this platform.
    I think I have “Real Friends” here with the right intension anyway.

    1. I totally agree- I feel like I have made actual friends here and my followers are actually interested in my posts. Thanks!

  59. Definitely agree with this. I found myself addicted to Social media but for no reason. It paints a picture of perfect life, which doesn’t exist, yet everyone strives for. I’ve got back into blogging and rather than being what I think people want me to be and write about, I’m going to do it for me, we will see where that goes but it’s certainly a lot less stressful!

    1. Yes it’s so much easier to be honest while blogging. Social media is kind of about showing everyone you have the perfect life when in reality no one has a perfect life.

  60. I completely agree that WordPress is far better than any social media. Social media has become a platform for hatred and trolling. People on WordPress are more genuine. They listen to you even if you rant about your life.

    1. Yes I agree social media is so filled with trolls that you can’t even be honest and express yourself. You can express your thoughts much better on WP.

  61. WordPress mostly caters to people who are into writing but I’ve noted over the years a lot of junk mail advertising has intruded. The administrators are fairly good at separating the junk from the more serious writing but its still annoying to have to delete dozens of advertising materials each day. The rest of social media can be quite time consuming so I don’t go there much now.

    1. Yeah that junk mail can be super annoying so I understand that for sure. I try to keep my social media very limited as well.

  62. You’re 100% correct on the difference between WordPress and the others. I really dont understand the like/unlike game. Maybe that just shows my age but is there some sort of benefit of having more followers than followings?

    1. There’s a limit to how many people you can follow but no limit to how many people can follow you. People usually follow/unfollow to make it look like their page has lots of followers/is active since they have more followers than they are following. It’s pretty much an extremely unethical way to grow your platform.

  63. I am new to WordPress and joined for many of the same reasons you write about. I’d really like to exchange ideas and opinions in a civil manner. Still learning the mechanics of WordPress. Thanks keep the good work.

  64. I like WordPress much more! I like getting to know people better on here and hearing their thoughts. Social media is much more about appearances. The unfollow game really bugs me!

    1. Yeah I absolutely agree- it’s so nice to genuinely connect with people and talk to them. Social media can be very superficial in comparison.

  65. I’m on Facebook but no other social media. I belong to one or two specific groups and tend to post things to them or to my friends – who are friends, as it happens. If I post publicly then it’s because I’m happy for it to be shared. I’m fairly new to Word Press and until now had not thought of it in terms of social media. I’ll see it in a new light now!

    1. I’m glad the post made you see WordPress in a different light! In a way it’s a lot like social media but in a way it’s very different too.

  66. AGREED. I’m really tired of social Media, especially Instagram, it’s just so… sterile? Everyone posts much the same thing. I used to blog as a teen and I’m starting again just because it’s so much more personal and the content you read is waay more interesting.
    Also, I found your blog because you liked my post yesterday, thanks for that! That was my first post and I just posted something to see how different themes would look so I was pleasantly surprised someone liked it hah. Also do you mind me asking, what theme are you using? It’s exactly what I had in mind!

    1. Yes it’s like everyone on Instagram is kind of the same person and that’s kind of terrifying. I definitely find blogging way more personal.
      You’re welcome and thanks for stopping by as well! I’m using the Olsen theme- I would definitely recommend it. It loads fast and has lots of things you can customize.

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