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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of connecting with a fellow university student blogger called Camille. She studies in a university in France and we began talking on a post I published about the courses I had taken last semester and she had actually taken some similar ones. We started to chat further and realised that it would be really fun and interesting to compare the similarities and differences between the two universities since they are in different countries. We expected our experiences to be quite different but we ended up having quite a few similarities as well. I decided to post the similarities on my blog which you can read below and to read the differences in our experiences be sure to go over to Camille’s blog by clicking here. She is an amazing blogger and I can guarantee that you will very much enjoy her post!

1) Teachers are very knowledgeable in their field.

We found that in both universities the professors are experts in their field. They are very knowledgeable and it is clear that they know exactly what they are talking about and have done a lot of research. We found that in many ways this enhances the experience of studying under them because it’s always a plus to learn something from someone who knows what they are talking about and are an expert in that subject.

2) Teachers have their own views and opinions.

As mentioned above the professors are definitely experts in their respective fields and it is clear that they have spent a lot of time doing their research and studying in detail different aspects of the subject. As great as this can be it also has some negatives. At the end of the day the professors are people too and have their own theories and opinions about things. We found that since they are experts in their field they have quite strong views and opinions and this may make them a bit stubborn towards someone who may have a different opinion. We saw that in both cases this stopped students from fully forming their own opinion about the subject or rather fully expressing their views when they disagreed with the views of the professor and they may receive a bad grade for their honesty.

3) Many courses to choose from at both our universities but not at all universities.

We found that both our universities offered a large variety of courses in a large variety of subjects. I have talked about this before in my other posts about my courses but basically my university offers us two half credit elective courses a year so that you can take some subjects outside of your major and kind of expand your knowledge in other fields. Camille also mentioned how she was able to take different courses and broaden her knowledge in this way. I think it’s a really good idea to take other subjects especially those that may be unrelated to your major because it will help you pick up a variety of skills that you may not get from just doing courses for your major alone.

4)Interesting/unique courses

As mentioned in the last paragraph both out universities offer a number of courses and when we talked about them in more detail we realised that they both also offer a lot of unique and interesting courses. Again I have talked about this in more detail in posts I have done about my courses but my university offers a number of unique courses such as courses on country music, hip hop, the Sixties and more. Camille and I realised we both took similar courses about American History which was quite interesting.

5) Both offer scholarships but it is easier to get and apply for them in France.

Camille mentioned how scholarships are quite common and very easy to apply for and get in France at her university. In Canada, the scholarships are harder to get and there is quite a long process that goes into applying for them. Although this is technically a difference I decided to add it as a similarity because they do both offer scholarships and although it is a little harder to get the scholarship here it is not impossible to do if you work hard and do your best.


I just wanted to remind everyone again to go over to Camille’s blog and check out the other half of this collaboration. She wrote her post about the differences between our universities and university experiences. You can check out her post by clicking here.

Your Thoughts

Let me know what you thought about the similarities between the two universities. Did you expect there to be these similarities? Did you have similar experiences at university or were your experiences different than ours? What did you think of Camille’s post that is linked above about the differences- could you relate to the differences? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!
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44 thoughts on “Similarities Between Two Universities

  1. Thanks for sharing, Pooja! I am concerned to hear about students being penalized for thinking independently. That runs counter to the principles of freedom of speech and freedom of thought. I am glad that you and Camille are corresponding about your experiences. I look forward to reading Camille’s blog as well.

    1. Thanks and hope you enjoyed hers too! Yes it is unfortunate but some teachers don’t like to hear an opinion that differs from their own. I have been lucky in that aspect so far but I have had a teacher or two that have been that way.

    2. I very much agree with this. Students should feel encouraged to explore new ideas and research to find evidence which backs up a theory, or proves it false. My history study enlightened me to the fact history is most often written by the victors of a particular time, and that only by searching might we find differing perspectives which give us a more complete picture. What I believe we should be searching for is truth.

  2. How interesting – in the US everything varies so much. Like some schools bend over backwards to give scholarships while others don’t even bat an eyelash. Also, the courses totally vary too!

    1. Yeah they definitely vary from school to school here too but not as much as the US. My friends who study in the US tell me the way subjects are taught also varies depending on the university.

  3. This is so informative! In our country it’s also hard to get a scholarship, there’s a lot of requirements you need to meet and then you will usually have to give back once you graduated.

  4. As always, I really loved reading your post! I am going to link the exact link to your post in mine (as I was sleeping, it is so early in France!)
    Once more, thanks for everything, it was a pleasure collaborating with you and such a fun first experience!

    1. Thank you and no worries I totally understand! I had an amazing time with the collaboration and I hope we can collaborate again at some point!

      1. I would like it very much, just send me an email whenever you feel like it and I will find some time to create a new collaboration with you! Take care ♡

  5. The comment on teachers’ opinions was quite relatable. How much ever they say classes are safe spaces and they want you to express yourself, going against the view trying to be established by the professor or the majority opinion is a cause of concern. This stops students from being comfortable in forming opinions and answers in exams are directed towards their thought process.

    1. Yes absolutely- the teacher expect certain answers in the exams and often they will not accept something that differs from the norm or their own opinion.

  6. That’s so cool! I don’t live in Canada or France but if I’m ever studying there this post gives a great insight into the similarities, great post!! 😁

  7. Interesting. I’m in the U.S. and I wonder if the degrees transfer here. I knew a priest who was a doctor in Columbia, but his degree didn’t transfer to the U.S. so he found another way to heal people – the priesthood!

    1. I’m not sure about Camille’s degree but mine can be transferred to the US and other countries. How interesting- he found a way to help people anyway!

  8. Interesting post! Learned a lot here. Scotland, Canada and France all seem like ideal places to live. I’ve never been to Canada but it’s on my bucket list! France is beautiful all over, and Scotland is where I used to go on family holidays so it holds a special place in my heart.

      1. It’s actually funny that you mentioned Scotland because that’s where I was planning to go for university but I decided to go to Canada later on.

    1. Thanks! I have always wanted to visit France and live in Europe in general- maybe move around and stay in a different country every few months. I don’t know if that will ever happen but if it does that would be amazing. Canada is such a lovely place to stay- you’ll love it here!

  9. It’s interesting how international institutions can be somewhat similar, I think the stubborn professor part is almost the same thing everywhere but I also met some very kind lecturers while in uni.

    1. Yes they are similar to an extent everywhere. I have also been lucky enough to have met some kind and open minded professor but I’ve met some stubborn ones too.

  10. The similarities between France and Canada is true. I was considering studying abroad at masters level especially in Canada before Covid_19 pandemic took place. So I changed mind but what I will say is to get scholarship from universities in Canada is not easy and school fees is expensive but there is job opportunities for students while studying and after graduating

    1. Yes it is definitely difficult to get scholarships and without scholarships it’s quite expensive. There are jobs though during and after studies.

  11. I really like this post because it further assures me that most of the US kind of sucks lol. With my college experience they hire any body looking for a job!! I saw someone comment about the aid and I totally agree about that too!

    1. That’s really sad but I have heard a lot of people complain about the education in the US and some of my professors that have taught or studied there were not impressed.

        1. Wow that’s so sad. My professors are tough but I can’t say they don’t care because they really do care about the subject and the students. They are very kind when you talk to them and are ready to help. It’s sad that you didn’t get the amazing learning experience you deserve especially considering how expensive college/university is in the US.

          1. I’m glad you did! It’s so important how professors teach/act in my opinion because it can really be detrimental to the students. University is so expensive omg! I’m lucky I was able to get some aid but still so expensive 😅

            1. It’s definitely so important for sure! University is just crazy expensive in the US idk how anyone has a degree lol!

  12. A very thoughtful post. I attended university in New Zealand and we only have a small number compared to Europe and North America. I found similarly that depending on which tutors were overseeing our specific tutorials shaped how we might think about certain topics. However, I never felt like my views or opinions were going to be viewed as ‘wrong’, just that I needed to put in the research to back up my hypothesis, especially if it was drastically different to common thought.
    It was interesting to read about the perceived differences in applying for scholarships between Canada and France, too. New Zealand has a number of scholarships to apply for, but my perception was always that it was very difficult to be awarded one, so I did not put much thought it effort into doing so. That old saying “you’ve got to be in to win” rings true. If we don’t put our hand up and apply, the answer is already a no, right?
    Thank you for sharing your experiences on the similarities, and the link to Camille’s part about the differences. 🙂

    1. That’s so interesting to hear what your experience in New Zealand was like. I’m glad you were able to express yourself fully! Hope you enjoy Camille’s post!

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