Female Rappers I Love

Female Rappers That I Am Currently Obsessed With

As you may know I love rap music and it’s probably one of my favourite genres of music. I have had a couple of requests to write a post about female rappers/rappers in general/music that I like and so I finally decided to get to it and write about that. I know it took me forever but better late than never right? I have been listening to hip hop for years now- probably more than a decade- and I am so happy to see so many amazing female rappers coming up. I know that there have always been amazing female rappers but I still feel like it’s always been more male dominated. However, I love seeing how that changing and how all these amazing, talented and beautiful women are doing so well. Anyway, here are the female rappers I am listening to at the moment:
Disclaimer: The videos linked below may contain explicit language. 

Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion obviously had to be on this list considering she is one of the best female artists out there right now. I absolutely lover her energy and there is no denying that she is extremely talented at what she does. Recently she released the Savage Remix featuring Beyoncè which reached the Billboard No.1 and was her highest charting song so far. That song is easily one of my favourite songs.

Princess Nokia

Princess Nokia may not be as well known as some of the other rappers on this list but she is definitely a fantastic rapper and she is getting a lot more recognition recently. What I love about her music is that every song hits different and ever album she makes sounds so different and unique. I also love that she’s such an inspiring person online because these days so many people are just so toxic and problematic. It’s nice to see someone who isn’t obsessed with Photoshop and is ready to put her flaws out there. And she is so active when it comes to activism and stuff like that so I just find it really inspiring to see someone use their platform for good.


She is honestly so amazing and you’ve probably heard some of her music even if you haven’t heard all her stuff. I don’t even know what to say except if you don’t listen to her like you need to start. Like immediately. And it’s not just the famous songs that are good but her lesser known music is so incredible too.

Kash Doll

Admittedly, I’ve only started listening to Kash Doll recently but I am loving her music so far. The song that’s linked above is my favourite so far. I know she’s only featured on it but she definitely killed it and I am just seriously obsessed with that song. I look forward to listening to more of her music and perhaps updating this in a few weeks.

City Girls

I was like really obsessed with City Girls a while ago and of course I had to mention them on this list. I used to listen to them like everyday, all the time- it drove my sister crazy lol! I listen to them less often now but they are still definitely in my top 5!


Do you like rap/hip hop? Do you like all the rappers I mentioned above? Did I mention any of your favourites? Who is your favourite female rapper at the moment? Who is your favourite rapper right now in general? Let me know in the comments below I would love to hear your thoughts!

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65 thoughts on “Female Rappers I Love

  1. Didn’t know you were a fan of rap too! <3 I only know a few female rappers during these new times (and honestly know more male rappers than female) like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, but I grew up dancing to Missy Elliot music, Queen Latifah, Remy Ma, Eve– the OG ones. haha! And yes I admire rappers who get political too considering that the birth of hip hop culture is political itself. Sometimes the topic gets very sensitive for me because a lot of people nowadays forget what this culture is all about. This is why I get picky when it comes to idolizing new rappers today. Thank you for sharing this, Pooja! 😀

    1. Yup I love rap! I love the OG’s for sure but I love how much new talent is coming up too. Yes Hip Hop started out as a way to speak out against the system and for rappers to express themselves. It was definitely very political but unfortunately over the last two decades or so it has become less so. Glad you enjoyed the post!

      1. Girl, I see you’ve got tasteee😍 I love me some Megan and Saweetie too. Icy grl is one of my fav songs from her for sure. Act Up was anthem for me for the longest. It was alwayssss on repeat. I’m not really familiar with Princess Nokia but I like this song and I’ll definitely been listening to more from her.
        Looking forward to seeing more of these.❤️

        1. Thank you! Yes Megan is so amazing and Saweetie always kills it for sure. Princess Nokia is a lot lesser known but she is such a brilliant rapper and just such an awesome person that I knew I needed to add her to this list.

  2. Thanks for that Pooj. This is not an area I’m familiar with. I shall give it all a good listen when I get a minute.

  3. Raja Kumari is my favourite Rapper, she is an Indian- American Rapper, song writer and singer from Claremont, California

  4. I am obsessed with Megan and Saweetie. I love the energy the bring in their song. I sometimes just attempt to rap to their songs as they play and that really lifts my spirits.

  5. One thing I told myself when I was 17 is that I’d never get out of touch with music like all of the “lame old people” around me had. I have absolutely no clue who any of the people in this post are (and I am a fan of hip hop) so that tells me I have failed. Haha.

    1. Lol it’s not that you’ve failed I think it’s just that they’re not that mainstream. Maybe I’m the person who’s out of touch with current music lol!

  6. Nicki Minaj is my favorite female rapper. Eminem is my favorite living male rapper but my all-time favorites are Tupac and Biggie.
    Hip-hop is my favorite genre of music. It stimulates my brain like no other form of music does.

    1. I like Nicki but she’s probably not my favourite and I really like Eminem too- he’s definitely brilliant. Hip hop really is amazing!

  7. Good blog post, I myself love hip hop too!! I got to say, I’m not fans of none you mentioned. I’m familiar with their music. far as female rappers I’m into, they are Rapsody, Medinah Starr, Nitty Scott MC, Bahamadia, Snow Da Product, Remy..

    1. Thanks! I like Remy Ma too but I haven’t heard the others you mentioned. I’ll be sure to check them out though.

  8. i absolutely love princess nokia! her song dragons was my fav back in high school?? or was it college? idk but i hope to see her live one day!
    i like megan too. i haven’t heard much from the other artists you mentioned but im about to listen lol
    i really love n recommend rico nasty and cupcakke!

    1. Yes I would love to see her live- she’s amazing!! I love Rico Nasty too she’s brilliant and hope you enjoy the other women I mentioned!

    1. Thank you and yes Megan is amazing so of course she’s at the top!! I think you’ll like Princess Nokia she’s amazing!

    1. Omg that’s so cool! I would love to see them live- I think one of them was in prison for a bit so the other one was performing alone. Yes lol waiting for those Savage videos!

      1. Yes! Unfortunately it wasn’t that good of a performance in my opinion because she wasn’t there ): It was basically just background music and her walking around! If I had the chance to see them BOTH I definitely would!

        1. Aww that’s sad but maybe after all this is over you can see them both live- that would definitely be way better than just watching one of them!

    1. Thank you! I definitely appreciate the OG’s but I am so into these new emerging female artists I needed to share them!

  9. Hey here!! Hmm I only knew two of the rappers lol, so this is could information for me. I’m more of an r’n b type of person, but I do like savage by Megan The stallion. Why do you love rap music?

    1. I like R n’ B too for sure but I’m just way more into hip hop. I like it because I like the history behind it that I studied at university plus I listened to it as a teenager and it was kind of a lifesaver for me.

  10. It is so exciting seeing more female rappers getting recognition now. Not going to lie – Cardi B is a major guilty pleasure of mine. I actually saw her speak at a beauty conference a few years ago, too!! And I love the Saweetie x Kehlani Icy Girl remix!

    1. Ooh mine too- I think she has a really fun personality and is actually a really good rapper! Not my top 5 favourites but definitely on my top 10. Ooh that song is sooo good!

  11. nice read! i wrote about Meg last year and i’d love your opinion. check it out here: quincyabrams.wordpress.com/2019/07/25/black-feminism-megan-thee-stallion/

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