The Perfect Duet

Jude and I are back with another collaboration! If you aren’t aware we have collaborated twice before and have really enjoyed working together so we decided to collaborate once more. We came up with this duet in relatively next to no time. That’s how natural it ebbed and flowed!
I hope you all enjoy reading our collaboration as much as we enjoyed coming up with them;
I wrote in (normal italics).
Jude did the (bold italics)
Watch out for those six word stories at the end!

He takes me out to my favourite restaurant
I say no to dessert but he orders some anyway
And then we go for a romantic movie
And hold each other close
The perfect ending to a perfect day
She comes whenever I need her
She favours wine but brings whiskey for two
And when we go to watch my favourite team
She spouts banter on my behalf
The perfect beginning to a perfect evening
He wants to spend the night at home
Just having pizza and watching some movies
He brings me flowers when I’m down
And laughs with me when I’m happy
He’s just there for me because he’s all I need
She wants to spend our free days in the park
Breathing the air and stealing kisses in public
She carries a snack when I’m not in the mood
Unhealthy and sweet, a special treat
She makes me believe that she’s everything I need
Is she too good for me
I know he can do better
Sometimes I wonder why she stays
Forever grateful he settled for me

In this collaboration we attempted to show how even though two people may be different they work perfectly together because they appreciate each other for who they are.
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78 thoughts on “The Perfect Duet

  1. It is remarkable how much two people who love each other often don’t communicate outright. We often never express our feelings of unworthiness. Sometimes we are even afraid to tell the other person how much they mean to us– or vice versa. Sometimes we think our actions say it all. I found this piece strangely touching and beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much! I absolutely agree- when it comes to relationships a lot of what we say isn’t through words and sometimes we express our feelings through our actions.

  2. Thank you for sharing this story. I also thought it provided a good example of how self talk can be different to reality. Questioning the way things are with no evidence to support our theory apart from our own imagination.
    I know I do this all too often instead of communicating out loud with those I care about.

    1. Thank you! Yes I agree a lot of times we tend to get paranoid even when there is no reason to be. It’s easier to just communicate and sort the situation out instead.

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