Life Update #3: I Did A Thing…

I thought I would do another little update and let you guys know what’s going on with me at the moment. To be fully honest not too much has changed because of everything that’s still going on. I was kind of hoping the pandemic would be over by now but obviously that is still going on. I hope everyone is trying really hard to stay safe and following the rules because you are not only putting yourself in danger but others too when you refuse to follow the rules. It may seem like everything is back to normal because everything is opening up but it’s not. A blogger I really enjoy wrote an awesome post about this that you can check out by clicking here.
One of the best things I’ve been doing is start learning German again. I’ve been using the Duolingo app and it’s going really well. The last update I did I was on a 52 day streak but unfortunately I lost that streak which seriously hurt but I am back at it again practicing every day. I finished basics and level 1 which is amazing and I am super proud of myself for sticking with it this time.

I have been cooking more and trying to make new recipes at least once a week. Almost everything has turned out well so far and I will be publishing another What I Eat In A Day post soon. Most of the new food I’ve tried is Korean and I think one or two things were Indian. I’m just super into Korean food at the moment and the flavours are kind of perfect for my taste.

As you can tell from the title I also did something new! A while ago I did a throwback post and it reminded me how much I love art. Unfortunately, all my art supplies are in Kenya and I’m in Canada at the moment so I decided to start doing some online artwork on an app called Paint.Book .
It’s been really fun and relaxing. I’ve heard a lot of people saying how beneficial art if for anxiety and I kind of understand now. I will be doing a full review on that for one of my mental health posts but in a nutshell it’s super calming and I will be doing more art for sure. The app turns it into a video for you so I thought I would share some of my favourite with you guys:

I hope you guys enjoyed that little update! What have you guys been up to lately? Is there anything new with you? Have your schools/universities/colleges reopened? Let me know in the comments below!

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