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I really love doing what I Eat In A Day posts so I was excited when I got a couple of requests for them! I have done a couple of these posts last year because I thought they would be a fun new addition to the blog and since I do talk about food and recipes a lot I thought it would be fun for you guys to see what I eat in a day. I also thought it would be fun for people trying out veganism or going plant based this year since apparently a lot of people are trying that. All the food below is vegan/plant based and the recipes for two of them are hopefully coming soon depending on how busy I am next week and the week after. Even if you may just want to add a few vegan/plantbased options to your diet some of these may be fun for you to try out.

I also wanted to add that this is not how I generally eat but to be honest my meals these days have been a bit boring because I’m trying to eat healthier so I try to make everything from scratch except I don’t have a lot of time because of university so I usually end up eating the same pretty simple meal for lunch and dinner. I feel like you guys don’t want a What I Eat In A Day post where it’s just me eating rice and veggies (as much as I love eating that) for most of my meals. I do have cheat days sometimes where I eat stuff I want which may not be super healthy for me because it’s okay to eat like that once in a while and I had one of those a while back and I was like perfect I can finally do a What I Eat In A Day post now! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post!


As you may know if you’ve read my previous What I Eat In A Day posts you know that I generally don’t eat breakfast but I have been waking up super early these days because I have early morning classes so I have started eating breakfast because otherwise I get too hungry during my class. I usually eat like fruits and yogurt but today I was like I’m going to eat a what I feel like. So, I ended up making some waffles- they are frozen and from a brand called Nature’s Path. If you haven’t tried these you absolutely have to they’re so delicious! They’re nice and crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. I love them.

I also had some tofu that I needed to use up so I decided to make some tofu scramble. I made two types and they both turned out delicious. I’m a huge fan of tofu scramble and I make it all the time but for some reason I wanted to switch things up so I decided to make it differently and I’m glad I did because I found a new favourite way to make tofu scramble. Also my phone keeps autocorrecting scramble to scrabble for some reason so if you read tofu scrabble instead of scramble at some point just ignore it…

I really wanted hashbrowns too but unfortunately I didn’t have any but I did have some frozen fries so I made those instead. That’s basically the same thing right lol?



I was extremely excited for lunch because this was something I had been wanting to make for a while now! I was going to make the Gardein sweet and sour porkless bites. I’ve made these before so I know they’re delicious but last time I didn’t have bell peppers or pineapple so I couldn’t make them the way they are supposed to be made. This time I had all the ingredients so I was finally able to make them properly and I honestly can not even describe how good they tasted. Like seriously they were amazing. If you haven’t tried these I would highly recommend them even if you aren’t vegan because the flavour is in the sauce that comes with it.

I generally try to avoid alternatives like Gardein because they can be quite expensive and I don’t think they are very healthy but they are super convenient and they taste amazing so they can be great as a treat once in a while. I ate the porkless bites with some rice that I had made because I love rice and it’s just so delicious with everything and so easy to make.



I had some leftover rice from lunch and some leftover tofu from breakfast so I decided to make some Korean style tofu for dinner. I like using my leftover as soon as possible because our fridge is not very big so I usually just end up using leftovers the same day or at least in a day or two.

As I mentioned I love rice and I really love Korean food so this tofu has been my go-to these days. It’s so simple to make, it’s super filling since it’s tofu and it just tastes so good. I never used to be a huge fan of tofu because I always thought it was kind of blend and gross but I think I just was not cooking it correctly. Now that I know how I like my tofu I make it all the time and it turns out amazing. The recipe for this tofu side dish is coming very soon so be on the lookout for that. I ate this with some Mother In Laws vegan kimchi I had in the fridge because you can’t have Korean food without kimchi. It just makes it so much better.

So that was what I ate all day. I know I usually add some snacks or something but I didn’t have any snacks on this day so it was pretty much just this. I also didn’t have anything special to drink because these days all I drink is water or Bubly. 

Your Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. What did you eat today? Do you have cheat meals or cheat days? Do you usually make things from scratch? Have you been trying to incorporate more vegan meals in your diet? What are some of your favourite dishes? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear your thoughts or simply stop by and say hi!

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58 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Day #4

  1. Your food choices are very different from mine, Pooja, it’s the darn salt, high BP thing for me but your food looks much tastier! 😊

  2. Am so surprised to see a sweet and sour recipe there. That’s a Chinese meal here in Malaysia, and I have that almost every night for dinner. Looks exactly the same too. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It’s a pretty popular dish in most places I think- it’s available at most Chinese restaurants here too but I decided to make my own that day since I had all the ingredients. It’s so delicious I would eat it for dinner all the time too if I could haha!

  3. weekends are usually for cheat days. We got subs from our favorite take away place today. But for the most part we try to eat at home. It saves money. Loved this post! It gives me ideas of what to make 😊

    1. Yeah weekends are usually my cheat days too. Ooh subs sound delicious! It definitely is more affordable to eat at home. I try to eat at home majority of the time. You have to try the tofu it’s soooo good!!

  4. I had tofu for my first time two weeks ago made by an Indian lady in Parkland and I’m sold🙌 Please, if you are reading this and you’ve never tried tofu, go look for it asap.

  5. Your food looks soooo delicious! My fav meal is Pasta and something called Poolough which is a Pakastani rice dish! Great post!! <3

  6. Nice looking meals! Just a concern….Breakfast should not be given a miss. Because breakfast isn’t always the easiest with my medical stuff…I have found a work around. It can be made vegan by leaving out couple of tbsp yogurt or substituting something vegan or left out entirely if you don’t like it. 1 Banana (thickens it a little), frozen fruit or fresh fruit (1-2 tablespoon or so), honey, flax seed, nut butter (unless you have an allergy it can be skipped). (I have low iron as an issue so add actual cocoa not the stuff you put in hot chocolate, but actual cocoa not alkyd (it’s 400% iron), nut milk (or other substitute as works for you). Mix until it is liquid. Drink instead of eat. Filling and healthy (except they complain about not enough fibre in it…though really better than nothing if breakfast is problematic). It can be started the night before and put in fridge to blend in the morning to save time. Likely you can find hundreds of recipes for them….breakfast smoothies. You can even drink it on the go 🙂 Hope this helps.

  7. Your meals look amazing!!!! I don’t eat plant based meals so I’ll spare you what was on my menu. What I’ve been doing a lot of lately is making smoothies with lots of berries, lemon, cucumber, baby spinach, beetroot and carrots. It’s soooooo yummy!

  8. My favourite post✨

    Finally met someone who loves rice as much as I do🙌🏽I can’t believe you make them from scratch—it’s a lot of work. Love your breakfast🥰 xx

  9. I find it interesting that pineapples and bell peppers can be thrown into the same food. Would like a recipe for that.

    I did have beans, pan-toasted bread slices and chicken for breakfast tho.

  10. The lunch looks so delicious! And yes, you can never go wrong with rice. It’s the second food I love so much aside from pasta. The good thing is that there are so many ways it can be made.

    1. Aww thank you! It’s actually a really funny story- I used to use this organic rice before the pandemic which tasted very…organic lol but when the pandemic started we couldn’t get some stuff at the store and I picked up this random bag of Basmati rice and it ended up being amazing so now I use that! It’s called Quality Heritage Basmati Rice.

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