True Love- A Poem

Right Now I Am Yours

I will always be there for you

I will hold your hand when you’re afraid

I will be there when you’re happy and when you’re sad

I will never leave your side

I will never betray you

I will never make you cry

We are going to be together forever

You were always an excellent liar

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59 thoughts on “True Love- A Poem

  1. It’s so sad. There are those who will lie and betray and mistreat and expect that you are to remain happy with it. It is up to the person involved to take care of themselves. Sometimes self care means walking away, sometimes it means finding a different way of working on the world. Don’t let that sort make you jaded. You are very young yet.

    1. Thanks! I absolutely agree- there are always going to be people like this in the world but it’s our job to know that we deserve better and walk away from people like this. I know it was the best decision I made.

  2. I fell head over heals in love with you but you were head over heals filled with lies. If I would have known you to be so I would have never loved you. You broke my heart and my trust💔

  3. True love is a gift but can also be a curse because it means you’ll love that person even when they put you through the worst. You’ll be blind to all their mistakes, lies and deceit 😭😭 it’s so beautiful and yet so painful.

  4. Something that I realized growing up is that life is not like a fairy tale and I was so disappointed. But going on with time I realised that life is better than a fairy tale as you feel both happy and sad, loved and denied, elated and heart broken; you know what to cherish and protect, and that’s how you learn to be human and see the light through the dark.

  5. Straight and honest words, a rich experience. I enjoyed reading.

    You never know why things happen like that but you may influence the way you’re dealing with it. Use it as a chance to grow. Sending you lots of love and strength. Yours, Sovely

  6. Well, Actions do speak louder than words. Mostly, true love are the ones who ignores us, criticise all the time, block and unblock, always say “I hate you” and everything unimaginable. But, at the and of every passing day is always there beside you to comfort you and gives you that warm embrace that you always wished for. I guess all of us miss falling in love huh …..?

    Have a good one!

  7. Lies and betrayal leave wounds which are hard to heal but one must be courageous enough to let the healing happen. Heal because that’s what every wounded being deserve.

  8. That last line got me to think that the word “Forever” is always a broken promise. 🙈 That’s why less talk means less mistakes…for it is way better to just do it rather than to say it over and over again and failing to do so in the end. Ouch! #itreallyhurts 🥺💔😅

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