Six Word Story #91

With the darkness she found light.

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170 responses to “Six Word Story #91”

  1. She gave her life to God

  2. Through the turmoil, she’s herself again.

  3. She found solstice in his arms

    1. She found *comfort in his arms. Freaking autocorrect 😂

      1. Lol yeah that’s what I assumed- don’t worry we’re all victims of autocorrect 😅

    2. Great addition!

  4. The light shone her way forward.

      1. <3 Thanks, Pooja!

  5. At the end of it all

    1. Wonderful addition!

  6. Hope once lost, was found again 🙏

    1. Ooh love the positive addition as always!

  7. Overcoming her depression, she found happiness.

    1. Wow I love the positive addition!

  8. Light that serves as her hope.

    1. Wow love that addition!

  9. Life is drawn toward the light.

    1. Wonderful addition!

      1. AhThanjs Pooja. 😊

  10. The darkness took over, she lost

    Laughter can move mountains

    1. Wow sad addition 😢

      1. Somehow I couldn’t think of anything else

        1. That’s okay it was a really good addition just very sad.

  11. And with the light she lived

    1. Great addition!

  12. ‘We grow accustomed to the Dark’ — Emily Dickinson
    Light is too bright to bear.

    1. Perfect quote for this post.

  13. But her faith still stood still

    1. Great addition!

  14. Within her darkness, hope tirelessly flames…

    1. Great addition!

  15. She tripped over the floor lamp.

    1. Haha good one!

  16. She learnt to sparkle in the dark.✨💫

    1. Love that addition!

  17. And lit up my world again

    1. Love that addition!

  18. For there isn’t light without darkness

    1. Yes exactly!

  19. light to enlighten her miserable agonies

    1. Ooh great addition!

  20. She realised she is the light ❤️

    1. Oh wow I love that- so uplifting!

  21. But the light also brought shadows.

    1. Haunting addition- loved it!

  22. Because everywhere it’s Yin and Yang

    1. Ooh good one!

  23. Now is her time to fight.

    1. Yes awesome addition!

  24. because she knows she is enough 😉

    1. Yes love that!!

  25. With the light, she was blinded 😎

    1. Love that addition!

  26. The end was the new beggining.

    1. Ooh yes that’s such a perfect addition!

  27. Sad but calm, winning from herself.

    1. Great addition!

  28. For Food Sake! Avatar
    For Food Sake!

    In the light, she regained focus.

    1. Wonderful addition!

      1. For Food Sake! Avatar
        For Food Sake!

        Thank you 😊

  29. Will she survive? Oh, she might!

    1. Yes she will!!

  30. The light streamed in without restraint.
    I haven’t tried this before. How did I do?

    1. That’s really great- I honestly can’t believe this is your first time doing a six word story. Good job!

  31. And then the light consumed her.

    1. Oh wow love that twist!

  32. Seeing beyond the veils of illusion.

    1. Ooh love that addition!

  33. those reverse flashlights are a miracle…

    1. Haha they sure are!

  34. She used the light to destroy.

    1. Ooh love that addition!

  35. Once darkness faded, hope shined anew.

    1. Oh wow that’s such a great addition!

  36. and there was hope after all

    1. There always is!

  37. Loving is easy, proving is hard…

    1. Yes absolutely!

  38. She start to love herself again.

    1. Yes she did!

  39. She opened eyes when she stumbled.

    1. Love the addition!

  40. Led the way by her foresight

    1. Great addition as always!

      1. Thank you 🙏 I look forward to these 6 word story blogs each day 👌

        1. So glad to hear that! I have a lot of fun reading your additions.

  41. & She found her way to rise.

    1. Great addition!

  42. And with light, she found herself.

    1. Ooh wonderful addition!

  43. Jesus came to save the world.

    1. Good one!

  44. We are the earth children namaste

  45. And her car keys, late again.

    1. Haha good one!

  46. With God everything will always prevail.

    1. Absolutely!

  47. light led her back to darkness

    1. Great addition!

  48. Shadow born, she owns the night.

    1. Ooh wow good one!

      1. Thank you. ☺

  49. Her fear drew faith in the end

    1. Great addition!

  50. Confronting the abyss, she stood fearless

    1. Wow love that addition!

  51. Like a Phoenix

  52. And till now, he’s writing still

  53. Metamorphosis beyond duality to find samahdi. 🙏

    1. Woah love that!!

  54. Though it was cold, it burned.

  55. But she gave up the fight

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  57. I’m going to definitely try this! 🔥

    1. Let me know when you do I would love to check it out!

  58. He instantly arose to defend her

    1. Great addition!

  59. bajero bsan tatker menike

  60. And learned to love herself again

    1. Great addition- so uplifting!

  61. With brightness around, she feared nothing!

    1. Aww love that!

      1. Loving your 6 word story idea! 🥰

        1. Thanks- they’re definitely a lot of fun!

  62. He is back life is brighter

    1. Aww that’s a nice addition!

  63. Despite reality, her dreams shine bright🌞

    1. Yes absolutely!

  64. With that light, brought her fight.

    1. Yesss love that addition!

  65. Darkness & Light are twins

    1. For sure!

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  67. With the darkness she is she and without it she is she! hahaha…lol Unexpected and nonsense comment!

    1. That was actually pretty good and kind of philosophical!

  68. Breathe and then try again tomorrow.

    1. Oh wow that’s a really great addition!

  69. And the light showed her things

    1. Great addition!

  70. We love a good happy ending ☺️

    1. Haha yes we do!

  71. She stopped waiting and saved herself

    1. Yes love that!!

  72. And light brings life to her.

    1. Wonderful addition!

  73. Her life changes from bad to good


    1. Great addition!

  74. And with openness, we got healed! 😉❤️👌

    1. *I mean, she 🙈

      1. No worries and great addition!!

        1. Thanks for understanding. 😅💕☺️

          1. Of course we’ve all been there!

            1. That I cannot argue with 😂👍

  75. And the light revealed her wisdom

    1. Wonderful addition!

  76. She will flow like a river, fiercely and smoothly, she will take a long route to overcome her fears and gonna help so many with her kindness.

    1. Yes I absolutely love that!

      1. Thank you so much

  77. Only in herself she found freedom

    1. Love that addition!

  78. Liberated by a seductive nihilistic truth

    1. Love the addition!

  79. For what is light but me

  80. I’m thrilled to be alive again

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