Have A Happy Star Wars Day!

You guys know I love Star Wars and it’s my favourite movie (technically movies I guess?) so happy Star Wars Day and May The Fourth Be With You!

A little background on Star Wars Day.

Oh and let me know what your favourite Star Wars movie is in the comments below- if you have one!

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51 thoughts on “Have A Happy Star Wars Day!

  1. I have friends who are crazy about Star War and Star Trek. He tried very hard to convert me to the same fandom, but I don’t have the gene for science fictions. LOL.

  2. Stars wars day was yesterday in the uae but may the fourth be with you! I like all the movies especially the new one they came out a couple of years ago like in 2019. How aww you x 💗

  3. May the fourth be with you, Pooja! I grew up with all if the Star Wars franchise and I remember them well. My father was a bit of a nerd in that regard 😉

  4. This was such a game changer movie. Like we all thought it was uphill from there- WRONG! also some one’s baby daddy is going traumatize their grown up son. I still remember being a kid and my jaw dropping. Anyway I’m a little late but May the Forth be with you. 🙂

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