Six Word Story #108

Your love soon became my bugbear.

Today’s Word:

Bugbear- a cause of obsessive fear, irritation, or loathing.

More about the word.

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104 thoughts on “Six Word Story #108

  1. Fifty ways to leave your lover.

    Find the song online (Paul Simon). Though it might be 50 ways to leave your lover for finding it. Sorry, had it pop into my head when I read the 6 word story 😀

        1. It would have to be the chorus because the first time I heard the song was when I heard the chorus on another song that I was very into at the time that had sampled the chorus. I ended up searching the original song and really enjoying it!

          1. Cool. I think it is a wonderful microcosm of all the bad advice that people give when one is trying to leave a relationship. In the end, at least from how I see it, the option is to ‘set yourself free’ with the hope that one learns from mistakes and moves on in hope and love rather than bitterness and anger. Just hope on the bus gus, no need to discuss much…’…and just set yourself free. I have a weird take on things 🙂

            1. Yeah I can definitely see that- it does sound like unsolicited advice when in reality he just needs to get away from the toxic relatioship.

              1. Sort of. I think it’s that people always have ideas for you….solicited and otherwise, but generally, the only person that can set someone free of any sort of relationship is the person in it. No one else can live your life for you sort of thing.

  2. Stability’s finally stopped being your bugbear?

    Damn. That’s really hard to do in six words. I also don’t know why I took it to sarcasm. I wanted to be more positive and say as I move further away from chaos, stability no longer seems to be my bugbear…but in six words.

  3. This world is not my home, I am just a passing through…… just doesn’t feel right to be here on earth, it feels empty somewhere somehow.

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