Six Word Story #109

Six Word Story

Life loves to deep-six my plans.

Today’s Word:

Deep-six- destroy or dispose of (something) irretrievably.

More about the word.

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73 responses to “Six Word Story #109”

  1. Hello Pooja, hope you are well and staying safe.

    1. I am thank you and I hope you are well and safe too.

  2. Luckily I wanted to stay home! 🤣

  3. That’s Murphy’s Law at work…

    1. That’s Newton’s Law Of Emotions too.

  4. Natural disasters define my crazy life.

  5. Plans change yet life still continues.

    1. That’s true

  6. I’m still trying to resurrect them!

  7. Life–the original teacher for everything.

  8. My dog likes to deep-six everything!

  9. indomitable will still deep-rooted hailing desires

    1. Love that!

  10. “Life loves to deep-six my plans.”
    Love lives to deep-six your life.

    1. Lol truth!

  11. Plans change but things do continue

    1. Indeed!

  12. Let go-life is for living.

  13. Life is a blessing – We are blessed😇

    1. We are!!

  14. Atlast, everyone lies under six feet.

  15. […] Six Word Story #109 […]

  16. Deep six went, only five returned.

    1. Okay that’s officially my favourite!

  17. the gift of the night

    1. Love that addition

  18. Life loves to make and break❣❣

  19. Deep-six my hopes, I continue on.

    1. Great addition!

      1. Thank you😊

  20. Telling me what to do, scam!

    1. Scam indeed!

  21. More than death which destroys them

    1. Great addition!

  22. Making path for your destiny

    1. Indeed!

  23. No growth without challenge and struggle.

  24. Best schemes o’ mice an’ Pooja

    (oft times gang awry–Robbie Burns)

    1. Wonderful addition!

  25. Yep. Life doesn’t give you rewards for being tough. It deep-sixes you more

    1. Yup it sure does…

  26. So love just deep-sixes my life

  27. I found my voice Avatar
    I found my voice

    I found my voice through writing.

    1. That’s wonderful!

      1. I found my voice Avatar
        I found my voice

        Thankyou so much, I’m completely in my elemenr💙🦋💙

  28. I can’t think of anything right 🤦

  29. eventually, we’re all six-feet under

  30. Plans changes, Dreams breaks, life damages

  31. Your gaze deep-sixes my control over my eyes as they are stuck on you….

  32. Irreverent is something that cant be made right again.

    1. Seeing, hearing, family, friends, etc.

  33. Love life love yourself love more

  34. Plan B is a fun place
    Laughter increases your Face value

  35. Light rules out darkness and delights…got it right this time 🤣

  36. I can relate.

    1. Glad I’m not alone.

  37. I really feel that a lot…
    When I feel to do something with peace, quiet and with full concentration and dedication, some hurdle has to come and destroy my plans

  38. as well as eradicate my will

    1. Great addition!

  39. I found my voice Avatar
    I found my voice

    My hard drive has been deep-sixed

    1. Ooh good one!

  40. I found my voice Avatar
    I found my voice

    🤣🤣🤣Thank you. I love your page💙🦋💙

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