Life Update #3

Life Update

As you probably know if you have read my earlier post, I am trying to go back to blogging regularly like I used to and blogging on a number of topics not just six word stories and interviews. I had taken a break from longer posts because they take a lot more time but I feel ready and excited to get back into it. Why now you may ask? Well, my answer is stop being nosy. Kidding- I just had a fun break but now I have a lot to say that’s all.

I thought I should do a little update post because I haven’t really talked much about what’s been going on with me lately and I thought it would be nice to catch up with everyone and let you know what’s going on in my life.

If you follow me on my Instagram page you probably already know this but I have been spending a lot more time on my Instagram and I am currently trying really hard to grow it. The progress is a lot slower than with WordPress but I don’t mind. At the moment I am just really enjoying the process of creating content. I have been having a lot of fun with the reels feature which allows you to make short 15-60 second videos. I have been making short funny ones but I also want to start making makeup tutorial videos and more stuff to do with makeup because that’s something I am very into right now and I don’t want to post makeup stuff on my blog too often so I think my Instagram would be a good place to post it. Feel free to check out my reels- I would appreciate it!

This is the latest one I posted:

I’ve also been posting reels about blogging which you can check out below if that’s something you would be interested in:

I also recently hurt my chin by mistake so now my face is all bruised up. It’s kind of annoying because I wanted to take pictures and create reels for Instagram but I can’t because of the bruise. Thankfully, I still have some videos and images I had made earlier that I can use but yeah I’m hoping this heals quickly. Also don’t ask what happened- it’s kind of an embarrassing story of my stupidity so I’m going to choose to not share it with the internet for now lol.

I have been making a lot of new foods too which I am excited to share with you on my What I Eat In A Day posts as well as my recipe posts. I have honestly eaten so many interesting things in the last few weeks I have a lot of food content coming up so definitely keep an eye out for that!

I have also been watching A LOT of Grey’s Anatomy which I am so obsessed with now- if there are any other Grey’s fans out there let’s chat in the comments about it!!

I have also been meaning to get back into art recently so I will be sharing my progress with you guys when that happens.

I have been listening to a lot of new music too and I plan to make an entire post about that at some point but for now I thought I would share some tracks I have been listening to lately:

The songs below contain explicit content so if that is something you would like to avoid please do not watch them.

Oh, and the other day my concealer randomly fell down in the middle of the night from my shelf which I keep all my makeup on and disappeared. Like it just disappeared completely. I turned my bedroom upside down looking for it and I still haven’t found it. It’s been more than a month… Am I being haunted? This is definitely one of the weirdest things that have ever happened to me.

That’s pretty much it for me at the moment- I’ll edit stuff in later if I remember more stuff I want to share with you guys lol. Have a great day everyone!

Your Thoughts

What have you been up to lately? Anything exciting or interesting happening in your life? Are you a fan of Grey’s Anatomy? What music are you currently listening to? Let me know in the comments below because I always enjoy chatting with you guys or simply stop by and say hi- I swear I don’t bite anymore 馃槀

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61 responses to “Life Update #3”

  1. Ouch…looks like you got quite a scrape on your chin! Grey’s has taken on some pretty heavy social issues with racism and COVID. I think there have been some good steps in getting people thinking.

    1. Yeah it luckily doesn’t hurt too bad though.

      I agree they have tackled some pretty controversial stuff and I think that’s one thing I enjoy about it. It’s quite realistic and open in that way.

      1. Sad to see that racism is still in existence and still being a problem in this day and age.

        1. Yeah it’s kind of crazy how much of an issue race still is and some of the thoughts people have about other races are kind of shocking and somewhat terrifying but I just feel like racism is not going away any time soon. I mean there has been a lot of progress and I’m sure there will be in the future too but I think the progress is pretty slow.

          1. Sadly you are right. I see things that make me shake my head. Stuff I thought were old and tired. People still have a long way to go 馃檨

            1. Yup I always think wow we’ve come so far and then something happens and I’m like nothing has changed. It really sucks how slow progress is,

  2. Super cool that you are expanding your social outlet. Much luck to you!!

    1. Thank you so much!!

  3. Good luck expanding your social media empire Pooja. I have no doubt your resounding successes here on Word Press will follow you where ever you go. Congratulations and thank you for always supporting smaller bloggers (like me) along the way, we appreciate it.

    1. Thank you so much and I’m always happy to support other wonderful bloggers like yourself!

  4. Sorry about your chin. Hope it gets well soon. And don’t worry. We all have bumps we’re embarrassed about

    1. Thank you! Lol I am more embarrassed how I got the bruise than the bruise itself 馃槀

      1. Gotcha 馃憤

  5. Yes, I lost my favorite eyeliner and lip gloss in my bedroom. It’s so weird. I am still looking for it. I know each item should have its own place so that i can go back and find it each time, but I often take it out and not put it back afterwards. LOL. Makeup and socks and pens and bookmarks often disappear without without a cause. Wish your bruise get healed and your instagram grows as strong as WP.

    1. That’s so weird- I wonder where all this stuff goes. I have lost socks multiple time and I have a bunch of random socks with one missing. Thank you so much 馃槉

      1. Same here. LOL. I guess the two socks are tired of each other and need a little time apart to cool off.

        1. Haha yeah I’ll probably find the other one when they decide to get back together lol.

          1. May they live happily ever after. LOL.

  6. Being creative is in an art within which is a self talent and what makes it stand out is the individual鈥檚 own creative mind that will always set it apart from the rest kinda like a signed signature but always have positive awareness of others who may model the craft of your work… Great job!

    1. Thank you so much and I agree!!

  7. looks like you are all jacked up for your return, that’s great,
    I like all your reels, you look so cute in them鉂も潳馃檪馃檪

    1. Thank you so much!! 馃槉馃挅

  8. hi pooja, hope you are doing well!
    just wanted to say HI , Iam new to this blogging community

    1. Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by and welcome to the blogging community!

  9. I don鈥檛 hear no accent. 馃槨

    I accidentally walked backwards into a hanging backboard and it ripped out a chunk of hair. I鈥檇 trade you.

    1. Lol who told you I had an accent except me and my email address?? 馃槀

      Ouch- nope I’m keeping my chin bruise…

  10. I enjoyed the blogging don’ts video…

    1. Thank you- that was one of my favourites to make!

  11. I too have been considering growing some other social media channel, but they just don’t give me the same kick from creating content on WP. But I do feel it’s important, and your post has certainly inspired me to look into it more. Anyway, thanks for this post!

    1. I feel the same way about social media- it’s just not the same as WP. It’s probably because it focuses more on images, videos and shorter content whereas with WP you can make longer content. Plus, the WP community is priceless. But social pages do help grow your blog so that’s one good thing about it.
      Glad you enjoyed the post!

      1. I’ve tried Instagram a couple of times to do my Avon instead, but felt like I had more to say and wanted to have a place to express myself with words. Especially, since I started freelance writing WP has been the perfect platform for it.

        1. I feel the same way- I can’t fully express myself and even when I do I feel like people don’t care like they do on WP. People just like for a like back.

  12. I’m currently struggling to get back into blogging. I have tons of ideas and topics but just not sure how to get myself started and on a roll. Any advice?

    I haven’t seen Grey’s anatomy but I’ve heard great things about.

    Most of the new music I listen to is lofi music. Do you listen to lofi?

    1. Good luck getting back into blogging! I would recommend just going for it- I always feel stuck but once I start writing and posting again it just goes back to normal.

      Grey’s is wonderful I would definitely recommend it.

      No I don’t really listen to lofi- any recommendations?

      1. I’ll definitely try my best to just throw myself into it. I mostly write poetry but I want to post my random thoughts well. We’ll see how it goes lol.

        I might have to give it a try lol.

        Omg, never????? Reply to this and I’ll share with you my lofi playlist on Spotify. It’s guaranteed to turn you into a lofi fan. You’ll thank me later lol.

        1. I started out writing only poetry and now I write poetry like once or twice a year so you’ll do great don’t worry!

          Yes please send it to me!

          1. What motivated you to stay away from poetry and post other content?

            Here’s my Spotify lofi playlist…

            1. I think I just began to enjoy posting other content more and I always promised myself that I would only post stuff I enjoyed posting so I stuck to that.

              Thanks for sharing the playlist I’ll check it out!

              1. I’ll have to experiment and see what works for me then. Thank you so much for your insight. You’ve been a major help.

                You’re welcome. Let me know how you feel about the playlist whether you like it or not.

                1. You’re very welcome and I’ll definitely let you know!

  13. I hope your chin heals soon take care馃槶馃槶馃ズ馃挄馃挄

    1. Aww thank you- it’s already healing pretty fast so I’m happy about that 馃挅馃挅

      1. So happy to know that馃挄馃挄

  14. Don’t worry about one little bruise, you are so pretty! You always look so good on Instagram. You said your concealer disappeared, I had a flash drive disappear this week. I just bought it and put it on my desk after uploading my files. Sooo frustrating! We are moving so I think it got shuffled somewhere, I hope no one stole it. For music, I’m always listening to oldies 50’s and 60’s! 馃檪 Have a great rest of the week!

    1. Aww thank you- you always look gorgeous too and your 50’s style is so cute!

      Wowww apparently stuff disappearing like that is pretty common which is weird. Hopefully, you find it somewhere in your stuff and hope the move foes well!

      Oldies are the best- music from the 50’s and 60’s was really great. I wrote a paper on that so I literally can’t not say that 馃槀

  15. I have written a 6 word story for you;

    鈥淚 love your 鈥6 word story鈥,鈥

    1. Lol that’s my favourite one!

  16. This is excellent. You have so much energy. I too have been wanting to step back a bit from the longer more involved blog writing and simplify a bit. Video is such a great medium…hmmm… Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much! It helps to take some time off and get back to the basics.

      1. That is so true and so many of us forget to step back. Thx for sharing.

  17. Funny enough, I’m actually thinking about leaving Instagram behind. Facebook works much better for me and not being someone who cares about make-up, fashion or perfect pictures, I just feel like Instagram and I are sort of at odds. It’s been fun, but SEO and WordPress works well for me so i’m just going to keep sound what I do lol

    1. Yeah I definitely think you should stick with what works best for you because different things work for different people depending on their niche. I think IG works for me because I’m into makeup, food and fashion which is pretty big on it. WP over everything in the end though!

      1. Oh absolutely! Whereas SEO and me should probably be setting a date for our wedding by now lol. So much of my growth comes from SEO and WP that it’s only because I actually kind of like parts of Facebook that I haven’t done away with it all! Plus, I think with old age comes less of a desire for social media anyway, I know I’ve stopped checking in on Facebook with family and friends and I don’t miss it at all lol

        1. Lol I literally made a different Facebook so I don’t have to deal with family and friends when I post stuff from my blog so I definitely get that!

  18. I used to watch Grey’s Anatomy a lot. I watch it till season 9. What is like the most is the narration by Meredith Grey especially the ending lines of the episodes. I also liked the music they used in episodes. I have a whole folder having songs they have used in episodes. I searched many songs and downloaded them.

    1. Yeah they use really good music and some of their lines are really iconic. I really enjoy that about the show too.

  19. If someone asks what happened, tell them something like- “I fought off a robber who was trying to rob a friend.”

    1. Lol I’m definitely going to use that!

  20. So sorry about the bruise …hope it heals soon so that you can get back to making videos

    It’s been a chilled season for me. And am expecting something which I’ve been praying for…I hope by the end of June I would be singing a different song

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