Free Self-Care Practices You Should Try

The Importance Of Self-Care

With the incredibly fast life we are living it is incredibly important for us to set aside some me time where we can enjoy our hobbies or simply do nothing for a little while. I know first hand how difficult life can get and I absolutely know that carving out some me time is much easier said then done. However, it is still incredibly vital that we take some time out of our busy schedules to relax and unwind.

Last year was my fourth year as a university student and those two semesters were extremely tough- especially the last one where I ended up taking three very demanding courses. I got through it but by the end I felt incredibly exhausted and I really just did not want to do anything at all for a little while. I ended up taking a semi-break from blogging and a full break from everything else and during this time I did things that I enjoyed without having to put a crazy amount of effort into. It really helped me feel better and regain my enthusiasm for the things I had kind begun to lose interest in.

One of the most important things I did was listen to my physical and mental health and do a bunch of self-care things that made me feel really pampered and amazing. Of course, as a full-time student my budget was pretty much non-existent and so I ended up finding a bunch of things I could do for free instead that would still be considered self-care but that wouldn’t cost me my next semesters fees lol!

Since these really helped me I decided to share them with you guys in case any of you were looking for ways to pamper yourself a little this summer!

Reconnect With Nature

I don’t know why but nature always makes me feel better even when I’m not feeling my best. I think nature is one of those things that’s just out there for free but we often forget to appreciate just how much it does for us as well as how beautiful it is.

Going for a stroll or just sitting outside next to the trees and plants makes me feel so alive again and really helps clear my mind. The other day I was taking a walk with my sister and was lucky enough to capture the video I have added above. The bee was absolutely adorable and the flowers were so beautiful.

Nature is completely free and all around us so the first self-care tip I want to share is take a walk and connect with nature. It will make you feel so much better no matter how stressed out you are.

Reconnect With Your Inner Child

One thing I have really enjoyed doing is taking a break from adulting and trying some things that I really enjoyed doing as a child or things I always wanted to do as a child. I have shared a lot about doing art again and it’s been incredibly fun. I feel like art was one of those things that I truly enjoyed doing as a child but kind of forgot about as an adult. It feels great reconnecting with my artsy side and even though my drawings aren’t the greatest things ever they have been a lot of fun to do. I started drawing on an app called IbisPaint- I tried a lot of apps but this was the easiest to use on my phone.

Another things I liked to do as a child that I stopped doing as an adult was playing games on the computer. If you’re a 90’s/2000’s kid you know exactly what I’m talking about. We had the best computer games- they were super simple compared to the stuff we have now but they were just so much fun. Recently, I found a site that offers similar games for free and I have to admit I have been playing them almost every day since I found a site that offers a really large number of online games for free. I used to love Pinball which is one of the games I play on that site as well as. Another one is Tetris- I used to play that all the time! And my favourite is of course Open Restaurant which is super similar to a game my sister and I played together. Playing these games makes me so nostalgic and I was telling my sister about it some time ago and she ended up getting super into it too lol! If you want to try playing any of these games and more for yourself feel free to check out the site here.Β 

I was also super obsessed with makeup as a child but wasn’t allowed to use it until I got older. I sort of lost interest in it for a while but recently I’ve been experimenting a lot more with makeup and trying new looks. If you follow me on Instagram you will probably know what I’m talking about. It’s been a lot of fun and a great stress reliever.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is tap into your inner child and do the things you enjoyed when growing up. It will bring back all these amazing memories and remind you of a time when you were more carefree. A lot of these things like art, playing online games, maybe learning an instrument etc. is totally free and a lot of fun.

Do Nothing

I feel like we have become so used to always doing something that we forget that sometimes we need to enjoy doing absolutely nothing. I think we are so conditioned to believe that if we are not being productive we are wasting our time but that’s absolutely not true. Yes, we absolutely should try to be as productive as we can be but that should not be at the cost of our mental health.

Sometimes, self-care doesn’t have to be anything big or fancy. In fact, it doesn’t have to be anything at all. It could just be sleeping in, ordering takeout and having a good time watching a movie or binge watching your favourite TV show *cough Grey’s Anatomy cough.*

As an adult we need to be careful to always push ourselves but not to the point where it effects our physical and mental health. Very often we push ourselves too hard and the best form of self-care in these situations is learning when your body needs to take a break and do absolutely nothing for a while. And you know what the best part of doing nothing is? It’s doing nothing lol! It’s free, takes zero effort and can be done anywhere!

Your Thoughts

Do you practice self-care? What are some of your self-care tips? What are some ways through which you pamper yourself? Do you enjoy nature? What computer games did you enjoy playing as a child? What are some childhood activities you loved? Let me know in the comments below or simply stop by and say hi because I love chatting with you in the comments!

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69 thoughts on “Free Self-Care Practices You Should Try

  1. Oh, I dearly love your post. Very beautifully written.
    Yes, we should adopt self-care practices, and you know what doing absolutely nothing is very tempting and in my case, a bit revengeful. I like binge-watching Netflix series even if I have no time for pursuing that entertainment.
    I have no idea how you like playing pinball. Because I never fully understand the logic behind this game but oh sure, yeah, Tetris is addicting. As for me, I don’t know why I like to play online tennis games when feeling dull and bored.

    These days I am also in full β€œself-care” mode and trying to reorganize things and shelves of my kid’s rooms. The only issue is that the more I clear the room, the messier it becomes a while later. Toys, of course! It’s a very tiresome activity but I am also in full swing these days.
    Let’s hope for the best.

    1. Thank you so much!

      Doing nothing but binge watching stuff on Netflix can be quite additive haha. I used to hate Pinball when I first played it but once I got the hang of it I really started to enjoy it. Ooh online tennis is fun- I occassionally play online golf as well.

      I guess messes are inevitable especially with kids in the house,

  2. A guilty pleasure of mine, but I love playing with water. I love the way it drips and pours and can be absolutely anything that I want it to be! When I was a kid, I used to lose myself playing with a deodrant cap and about an inch of water in a sink but my Mum would set a time on how long I could play, and then she’d try to get me to do something else. I loved water play so much, she even had me looked at for autism because I didn’t want to play House. I just wanted to play with the water! Today, I still enjoy playing with water and creating my own imaginary scenarios. It usually relates to things that are on my mind, like as of late, vaccines. It all sounds weird, but I can snap myself out of it and I can react to the environment around me, so to me, it’s just my own harmless, uncontrolled, creative playtime. Maybe one day I will snap out of it and grow up, who knows? Maybe it subconsciously helps soothe my anxiety, too? I don’t know. I can be very imaginative nd creative sometimes, but I don’t think it’s necessrilyy always a problem!

    1. I used to play games like that when I was a child too and it was a lot of fun. I think for creative people especially writers it helps us to use our imagination. It’s weird but a lot of fun. It drove my mum crazy though lol!

      1. Oh heavens, yes. I borrowed the black ink syringe from the ink refill set that my Mum used to keep under the computer desk. I’m just saying, the pale cream bathroom blinds developed an interesting pattern. In my defence, I was testing out trajectories for my mini water cannon πŸ˜‰

  3. Yes, doing a little bit of art will be fun. I wish I have some art skills, but LOL I don’t. However I always admire people who can draw and arrange an empty space or canvas into a picture of beauty. Wish you a great time with IbisPaint. Yes, connect with our inner child and let that positive energy rule your day. My best leisure activity will be to find a good audible book that I enjoy reading, but recently I haven’t. Sigh.

    1. I’m not great at art but I am decent enough that if I see something I like I can usually recreate it if it’s not too difficult so these days that’s what I’ve been doing. Listening to audio books is also fun- I usually listen to a book while cooking or cleaning. There’s really not enough time in the day to do everything we enjoy unfortunately.

      1. Yes, listening to audio book is the great way to keep my reading going. Actually for many months, the only books I read are through listening while doing chores. LOL.

  4. The gorgeousness of nature always does it for me and as for doing nothing it’s one of my favorite pastimes. This doing nothing is more of a state of being as opposed to doing and very nourishing to the soul. I highly recommend it to all especially the younger generation as they are in a constant vortex of hectic stuff..
    Nice post Pooja. Hope the ‘me time’ has helped you unwind..

    1. Nature is such a wonderful gift! Doing nothing really does bring peace to ones soul.

      Glad you enjoyed the post and yes the me time has been quite helpful thanks!

  5. Wow, I just watched your instagram video and it is wonderful. Love your voice. I am not musical myself but I admire people who have talent like that.

  6. Joan Baez! Lovely voice! Good match with the cute bee!

    Self care isn’t just a nice thing to do for ourselves, it’s vital for our survival! All aspects of it are important, not just one or two facets if we wish to live abundantly within ourselves! Physical care, emotional care, mental care, spiritual care, environmental care… that encompasses so much right?


    1. Yes she’s absolutely wonderful!!

      Absolutely- self-care is vital and without it every aspect of our life will begin falling apart.

  7. Those are some great self-care practices. I used to love pinball too. Nature is a great cure especially if you mind is preoccupied. Let me go see if I can find you on instagram.

            1. Oh I see! My account is @herbivoreonajourney feel free to follow me on there with your new account and I’ll follow you back!

  8. You cannot take care of those you love without first learning to take care of yourself. Nature, meditation, down time, sleep…! All good stuff. I love the idea of connecting with our inner child. Something I use to do as a child all the time that I don’t do now? Drawing. Time to get out the sketch book. Thanks Pooja πŸ™

  9. Truly, nature is a healer. To sit among trees and plants is a soothing experience. My favorite game was Road Rash. I used to play it a lot.

  10. This whole write-up feels very cozy and endearing… I love the light-hearted tone of it. Self-pampering is the best thing you can do to yourself. Thanks for writing about this. Many many people need it now.

  11. Self care is just soo important for one’s mental being. Our wellness depends on self. And I second you over the” doing nothing “. We are soo busy with our thoughts that it’s exhausting to let go of many things. In that situation leaving things for a while is important. I hope many people understand that caring for oneself is equally important as focusing on worldly affairs.

    1. I agree self-care is really vital. We live such fast lives that we rarely do nothing which can be super damaging which is why it’s definitely important that we take some time to relax and do nothing.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Yes everyone tends to associate doing nothing with being lazy but the truth is sometimes doing nothing is just as important and getting stuff done.

  12. It was really a refreshing post.
    Well, one of my self care tips is to listen the music you love.

    And connecting with the nature, as you said, is the best way to find your inner peace. It makes you feel refreshed and energetic….

    I loved your post.

  13. I am a simple girl, I saw “Do Nothing ” as advice, I clicked the like button hastily πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    But really these are some simple yet effective tips which works a lot for me

  14. 90s games were amazing! I definitely love reconnecting with my inner child and nature! I love how close nature is where I live, even though it’s the city

    1. Those games were to fun- they just hit different then the games kids play these days which is why I was super excited to play them again lol!
      I’m glad you’re close to nature even in the city- I think being close to nature just makes you feel so much better than if you’re stuck surrounded by concrete.

      1. Oh definitely! Some games are timeless. It’s not just concrete either. It’s skyscrapers and metal and other stuff that takes nature away

      1. It essentially taps into your alpha-theta brainwaves through sensory deprivation. You can say you travel inside your mind and get to know yourself a little better. It is great to get rid of creative blocks as well. Would you like to try it?

  15. Loved this….amazing self care tips…speaking to yourself kindly always, one I really want to do is walk barefoot on the grass, going in with your nature theme, apparently it really grounds you. πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

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