Quote Of The Day #16

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74 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day #16

  1. That is so important and don’t get yourself involved in a situation where you are being putting down all the time. This is especially true for those who grew up in a non-supportive environment, who think it is just normal she is surrounded by non-supportive people. It takes a long time for people to walk out of this kind of shadow.

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    1. Yeah I definitely agree. When I was younger I had certain “friends” who would always put me down and were very toxic in general and I didn’t realise how horrible they were till I got older. It’s important to realise your self worth.

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      1. Yes, if one transfers school or look new, one is easy to get into the situation of not able to find friends easily. I had this experience when I was young–transferring twice. I settled for friends who are no good for me but I was so desperate–anybody will do. And that’s a big mistake. Those people are not suitable. LOL.


  2. Somewhere I read, if the people around you aren’t supporting, helping, being kind, inspiring then what exactly are they doing standing next to you? So, yes One must surround oneself with the right people. There is no harm in letting toxicity go out of the window.

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  3. Its true I had rather still have people who try to put me down in life but I don’t give a F*** about them, after all they have a boring life so they are interested in mine which is exciting.😎😎

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  4. Fantastic quote, and completely agree, I stopped facebook, started an instagram account with nobody I know personally, but everybody is uplifting and aligned to me and I have the most amazing community of people. Not all friends acquaintances, are forever, some are seasonal, depending on where you are in your life, and that’s ok.💙

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    1. I totally know how you feel! I shut down my old Instagram and started a new one a few years back and have only followed people I genuinely like and I’ve honestly been having so much fun there.

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