Answering Your Questions Pt 1

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I’m back with another podcast episode! Last week, I asked you guys to leave some questions in the comments section that I could answer on my upcoming podcast episode and y’all really did not disappoint. I got so many questions I was only able to answer some in this episode and will be answering the rest in the next episode because I didn’t want it too be too long. Thanks so much for leaving so many questions- they really made me think!

I hope you guys enjoy these answers because I had so much fun answering them. I feel like I’m able to elaborate and properly answer your questions in the podcast since I’m speaking compared to answering them in a post because I kind of have to shorten my answers sometimes because I don’t want my post to be too long. Anyway, I really enjoyed this and I look forward to answering more questions in the next episode. Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed the answers and if you want me to do more of these types of episodes in the future!

You can check out the episode below on any of the six platforms it’s available on. I don’t know why but the sound is a bit low so you may have to turn up the volume a bit- I apologise for any inconvenience caused by that.

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21 thoughts on “Answering Your Questions Pt 1

  1. Neat. Interesting that you have the podcast embedded. Gives me an idea for mine 🙂 Thanks. That is the good thing about blog posts and podcasts. They are transportable!

      1. I’m not sure, but might have to have paid account to be able to put podcasts in. Let me know if this is wrong. I just put a link in. It works 🙂

        1. From what I know you don’t need a paid account but I’m not too sure. I’m very new to this unfortunately so I don’t know a lot yet!

              1. Thanks. Think I found my error. I tried adding after the fact and it wouldn’t. Added before publishing and this time it seems to show up. So, I did get my podcast playable on my blog! Thanks!

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