Simple Ways To Decompress In The Workplace

By Gabrielle Walters

When you enter the workplace you may find that your job becomes most of your life. You spend the majority of your time there and it consumes a large portion of your thoughts and concerns. Dealing with coworkers, commuting, and meeting deadlines are some of the many factors that make working stressful. Throughout the work day you may find that you feel extremely anxious while silently praying for the time you walk out the door for the day. I have had situations at work where I felt anxious and stuck. I felt super stressed and alone and I couldn’t wait to get home so I could de-stress. While having a wind down routine is an extremely helpful routine to implement into your daily life, you don’t have to wait until you get home to start feeling better. There are many simple and effective ways to destress while you are still in the moment at work. Here are some simple ways to make a conscious shift in your thinking and transform your mood.


When you are feeling overwhelmed, sometimes the best thing to do is to step away from a situation and reevaluate after you have gotten some space. Taking a walk, even for a couple minutes, will get your body moving and get your mind away from whatever is frustrating you. Try taking the walk without your phone so that you can find true relief, as opposed to an easy, fleeting escape.


Aromatherapy has many health benefits, including stress relief. The scent lavender has calming, stress-relieving properties and is very healing to the body. Keeping a lavender mist or an essential oil roller close at work will provide you with some relief when you smell it. This simple gesture centers the mind and will aid in clear thinking, which is key to problem solving.

Practice mindfulness

When everything seems to be going wrong it is important to stay grounded and present. Many of the things we stress about are about things that have not even happened. Most people have a tendency to stress out about what they believe may happen in the future. Practicing mindfulness and remembering to stay in the moment, will shrink your fears and anxieties and allow you to reassess the situation with a clear mind instead of jumping to conclusions.

Make a gratitude list

Even when a situation is not going as planned, it does not mean that everything in your life is wrong. Sometimes we have a habit of bringing unnecessary dread into our energy because we are upset or shocked by an outcome. Keep a rational view of your life by jotting down a quick gratitude list that includes what you are grateful for. It could be family, health, your friends, your environment, etc. Recognizing your blessings will allow you to attract more as well keep you feeling optimistic. After writing your gratitude list, take time to remember times in your life where you have felt stressed out only to find that later things turned out better than you could have imagined. You may find that the situation was not as bad as you originally thought.

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40 thoughts on “Simple Ways To Decompress In The Workplace

  1. Wonderful post and practical tips that really work! Thanks Pooja and VitaminC-GreenTea. Aromatherapy, stepping back from a situation briefly, brisk walk, gratitude list, and the realization that the fear is about a future event which has not happened and may not are important ways to de-stress and keep one’s balance in difficult situations

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      1. Stretching is a great tip! It helps so much with both the body and the mind. It definitely should be in a de-stress routine

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  2. Hey Pooja. I so agree with this post. One thing I’d add is stretching. Getting deep into those glutes or the back. Stretching feels soooooooo good and I don’t know why we don’t do more of it. xo Happy day my friend.

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    1. Walking is so therapeutic! It has become one of my favorite parts of each day, especially after a long day at work. Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

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  3. Pacing/walking really does help calm nerves, not just for work but when I’m revising for school too. And a gratitude list is something I definitely need to do more often!

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    1. Yes school can be so stressful as well! I had a lot of stressful moments in college where I felt I was having a mental breakdown. Taking time to relieve stress at school is necessary

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  4. Thank you so much for reading. Going out mid day when working from home is so importAnt. It helped me a lot throughout the pandemic

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  5. “you have felt stressed out only to find that later things turned out better than you could have imagined.” This is very true. Being stressed out doesn’t help at all. I’ve experienced that. When I am stressed, I tend to become negative and sarcastic, which makes the situation worse.

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  6. Thank you for this. One thing I have found though is in a toxic workplace, the people at fault can gaslight you into thinking you should be grateful to be there, so I approach gratitude with a certain amount of caution

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