The Widow At The Window

As it rained outside the window

There stood a crying widow

With each drop that rained down

Along fell a tear on her black gown

Even with so much sadness in her eyes

And her face stained from silent cries

She was a breathtaking sight to see

Surely no one could deny her beauty

With a quivering hand she wiped her face

And around the room she began to pace

She couldn't believe she had lost the game

The lawyer had told her "what a shame

He left you nothing, not even a dime"

She had nothing to show for all this wasted time

And to think she had almost felt bad

As she had held that pillow over his head

I recently reread The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe and that’s what inspired this poem. I am fully aware that this (or probably anything I ever write) will never compare to anything written by Poe but I still wanted to mention where my inspiration came from.

The idea for this poem had been in my mind for a while but I just couldn’t find the right words until last night. I was about to fall asleep when it came to me and I ended up writing a bunch of poems for half the night but I slept in today so it wasn’t too bad.

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54 thoughts on “The Widow At The Window

    1. Omg you’re the only person who’s said that and I’m glad you did! Originally the poem was longer and talked about how he was awful to her his whole life and she couldn’t take it anymore.

  1. An excellent read! To be fair though, Edgar Allan Poe did take opium or some other drugs, and I am sure he wrote a lot of his work while stoned, so don’t feel bad

    1. To be fair that’s exactly how I write most of my work too… Lol kidding! I thought he did that too but apparently his biographer hated him and lied about Poe taking a bunch of drugs 😲

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