Six Word Story #160

Best blogs are always somewhat slapdash… (Embrace the chaos- it’s fun)

Today’s Word:


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29 thoughts on “Six Word Story #160

  1. Wow, don’t know this word and it sounds really like in a state of hurry. I mean slap and dash, each with a hint of quickness and hurrying to it. I tried to emulate those people who are super organized before, only to realize that my life is so much different from theirs. It makes me who I am today…

    1. Yeah that’s exactly what I thought too when I first read the word. Especially since it has “dash” in it which is always associated with hurrying. I actually enjoy having somewhat of an unorganized life these days lol. Keeps it exciting I think.

  2. When I created my blogs, I did not want them to be haphazard, or slipshod, so I took my time and created them to be inspiring. Slapdash sounds like something put together in a rushed, and hurried manner; effortless. Thanks for sharing those words with us. I am going to look more into them just to get a better understanding of the meaning behind them. Have a wonderful day. Stay safe.

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