How To Make Your Home Office More Comfortable

We’ve all been dabbling with home working since the start of the pandemic, and there are some of us who have decided to make it permanent. It can be a challenge as I’ve mentioned in one of my older posts, but it’s also an attractive place to work when you don’t want to work in person anymore. 

As I mentioned earlier, I really wanted to do a series of posts about working from home and today I decided to talk about how to make your home office more comfortable because working in a comfortable environment is important. It can really help you be more productive. I also had so much fun decorating and getting everything together I wanted to share some tips with you guys on how you can do the same because I read in the comments that some of you guys are also working from home.

Anyway, here are five ways to make your home office more comfortable:

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  1. Make sure that you take breaks. It’s harder to take breaks at home than you think it is. You need to be a productive worker and the best way to do that is to put breaks into your schedule. If you know you have some breaks on your timetable for the day, you’re going to be able to concentrate better on what you have to do to get through your working day. Regular breaks will also reduce your need to go and see what’s in the refrigerator every half an hour.
  2. Lean into ergonomic furniture. From an ergonomic chair to an ergonomic desk, you should make a point of having everything in the office as ergonomic as possible. It’s actually a mistake to skip out on this one as you can end up with achy parts of the body and because you’re at home, you are in control.
  3. Keep it temperature controlled. No one is near you to fight you over the heating or the air conditioning, which means that you are in total control. One of the biggest ways to make your home office more comfortable is to ensure that you keep the temperature under control. You shouldn’t ever sit in any workplace feeling like you can’t get comfortable! Having the room slightly colder is apparently helpful if you’re trying to be more productive. 
  4. Stock it up. A comfortable office is well stocked with all kinds of supplies. Consider how you can improve your working day when you know that you have everything from a stocked stationery cabinet to a stocked refrigerator. I’m also just big on stationery- it’s just so much fun to use even as an adult lol!
  5. Decorate the space. If you know that you are in charge of your home office, make it feel comfortable! Integrate personal photos and decor and add cushions, curtains and colors that allow you to feel relaxed and focused. Change things up every now and then, too, so that you can avoid making the office a boring place to be. 

Your office at home is yours to control which means that you can make it as comfortable as possible. You can take control of the space and you can think about what you want your office to look like. This gives you a lot of freedom and you can spend time making it look wonderful.

I hope this post was helpful. Do you work from home? Do you have a work office? How do you make it more comfortable? Let me know in the comments below- I would love to hear your thoughts!

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27 thoughts on “How To Make Your Home Office More Comfortable

  1. Interesting. Not everyone can have a separate or a large office. Money may be a consideration. In which case, one will need to decide on what is a priority. In one workplace, I literally worked out of a storage closet. Don’t underestimate what you can do with small places and just necessary supplies.

    1. Yeah you’re so right. If you can’t afford a bigger office yet a small place with just the necessities works too. I worked from my bed for ages till I set something up for myself.

  2. This was helpful! I’ve recently begun a work-from-home job. I don’t do a single one of these lol. My back hurts all day but I figured I’d just suffer through it. Thank you for this post and the great ideas. Time to decorate! 🤗

  3. Great tips! If I had knwn that I would still be teleworking after all this time I would have invested in ergonomic furniture for sure, but we constantly had messages like “we’re soon going to be back to the office” so I always thought ti wasn’t worth it… my back does not thank me!

    1. Urghh that’s so annoying but I think a lot of people have been working from home longer than they expected. Ergonomic furniture is such a great investment!

  4. Agreed! Having a comfy chair and designing your space really helps. I’m the same with stationary too. I have a collection of Sharpies I like to look at more than I use. Haha. Great tips!

  5. I love all of those! My Mum and I got these great chairs from a physiotherapist’s office that was closing and we are never letting them go! With taking breaks, I work in 20-30 minute sprints with a 5 minute break and then think about what I need to do for the next sprint. I learned about this in Thursday is the New Friday by Sanok and I’ve never looked back

    1. Oh wow that’s so great! I like to take breaks every hour and do the same where I plan the next hour. It’s a really helpful strategy!

  6. Having my Home Office Is definitely something I will have once we move into a bigger home. Working in the living Room or Bedroom can become TOO comfortable at times especially if Sky Sports is playing in the background lol😂

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