Six Word Story #170

Turpitude people often yell the loudest.

Today’s Word:


1: Vile, shameful, or base character; depravity.
2. A vile or depraved act.

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47 thoughts on “Six Word Story #170

          1. Yeah, knew of a sad case where a man had his cancer come back…they were covering for him…this made it rough as they didn’t catch it as fast. They all liked him and thought they were helping 😦

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    1. That’s so strange. Even the older ones aren’t working? I would recommend reaching out to WP and talking to the Happiness Engineers as I had a similar issue two years ago and they were able to fix it for me. I think it’s some kind of glitch.


        1. Yeah I think it’s a WP issue. I went on your site and saw some were not loading for me as well. Let me know what happens. Hopefully it works out.


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