5 Ways To Deal With Depression Naturally

Depression and Dealing With It Naturally

Since it’s still Mental Health Awareness Month (May), I thought I would share another mental health related post. I really want to share as many mental health posts this month as possible and help spread awareness. I generally try to post about mental health at least once a month but in May I generally try to post at least once a week about mental health or things related to mental health.

Depression is such a difficult thing to deal with because a lot of times your symptoms are not even visible to those around you. As someone who was diagnosed with depression I definitely know how difficult it can be to overcome. I was personally able to do so naturally and thought I would share some things that have really helped me over the years.

I tried medication for my mental health problems but they did not work for me at all. I tried so many different types but some had horrible side effects, some just made me feel numb which I hated most and some really did nothing. After being frustrated with medications I decided to give some natural things a try and I am happy to report that they have really helped me. Depression is not something that goes away for a lot of people and is often your companion for life. What you really need to target are the symptoms because that’s what you want to be able to deal with or get rid of.

Another reason I like to share content on how to deal with mental health issues naturally is because not everyone can afford to get help from a professional or pay for medication for the rest of their lives. If we lived in a perfect world, there would be a lot more free resources and medications for people suffering from mental health issues but we don’t live in a perfect world. A lot of people, including myself, live in countries where it is quite expensive to get help and pay for medication regularly. A lot of people in Kenya can not even afford medical bills for physical illnesses let alone mental ones. Instead of simply ignoring mental illnesses, I think you would rather try natural remedies than nothing at all. However, if you are able to afford getting help please do speak to a professional at least once and try to speak to multiple if the first one or two don’t work for you because it takes time to find the right person. At least, get the diagnosis from a professional if possible. If this is something you simply can’t afford, please don’t give up or feel like you have no other options. Keep trying natural remedies until you get to a point where you can speak to a professional.

Disclaimer: This post is not to encourage anyone to stop taking medication for depression or anything like that. It’s simply for people who would prefer a natural route and all the things listed below can absolutely be done alongside medication as well if you are someone who is currently on medication for depression. If medication is working for you please stick with it. The following are just things I found helpful that I wanted to share as they may help some of you too. 

Meditation And Yoga

I have talked about these numerous times on my blog but meditation and yoga can do wonders for your mental health. They may not work instantly but they are incredible longterm. And the best part is that you can do both from the comfort of your home for free if that is what you would prefer!

Meditation has always been popular amongst certain communities such as Asian communities. However, it has also become more and more popular in global North countries since a lot more people are now understanding the benefits of meditation. You can easily find YouTube videos that will help teach you the basics of meditation and most areas tend to have meditation classes where you can meditate with a teacher guiding you. In case, these are not available in your area, I do offer virtual meditation classes. If that’s something you would be interested in doing please click here to learn more.

Yoga is amazing for mental health too. Again, it has been popular for a long time in South Asian communities but is also popular in other societies and communities now too due to its many benefits. Not only does it improve your physical health, it can be great for your mental health too. I am not going to pretend to be a yoga expert because I still only know the basics and do it less often than meditation but it has helped me a lot both with certain physical issues and mental ones. I always feel so much more positive and uplifted when I do yoga and it’s just like a wonderful breath of fresh air.

Healthy Lifestyle

Having a healthy and regular lifestyle can really do wonders for your mental health. I have noticed that since going vegan my mental health has really improved. I feel less groggy, my concentration is better and I just have so much more energy. You don’t necessarily have to take the route I did and go vegan, but I would definitely recommend adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet.

I have also noticed that when I don’t get enough sleep or when my sleeping hours randomly change, my mental health tends to deteriorate too. Sleeping enough and having a regular sleeping schedule is really beneficial especially when you get older. when you’re in your teens and early twenties you’ll be fine but once you hit 25 everything changes pretty fast.

I would also really recommend getting some fresh air and exercise. You don’t have to work out all the time, unless you want to, you can simple just take a walk or go for a jog or just sit on a bench and take in some fresh air. It doesn’t sound like much but it can seriously help improve your mental health more than you think.


I recently talked about the importance of hobbies for your mental health in this post so I won’t get into too much detail but hobbies can really be a mood booster for a lot of people. It keeps you busy and happy which is a really great combination for people who are dealing with depression. I know sometimes you may not want to do anything, even things you enjoyed before. That’s a common symptom of depression but as I mentioned earlier, you need to beat the symptoms or at least not let them beat you. Keep doing things you used to love and you may find that you start to enjoy them again.


CBD oil has been one of the biggest things that have helped me. I have shared my journey with CBD oil before and if you are interested in reading about it please click here.

If you haven’t tried CBD oil I would highly recommend it. It can really help to improve your mood, give you more energy, help with concentration and much more. I have found that it has significantly reduced my symptoms for both depression and anxiety. Another thing I liked about CBD oil was that over time, instead of my body getting used to it and having to use more, my health improved to a point where I could use significantly less.

CBD oil isn’t free and it can be quite pricey depending on where you choose to get it. However, it can also be cheaper than medication since a small amount goes a long way. If you live in certain countries, it may also be covered by your health insurance.

If you are interested in using CBD oil I would recommend please do research into it first and also do consult with a medical practitioner first since they can help you choose the right type for you as well as help you with the dosage etc. If you are taking any other medications make sure to mention it to them to make sure it is compatible.


This one is my favourite one so I saved it for last! Pets are great for your health and can really help improve your mental health. Studies have shown that pets especially cats and dogs can help improve your mental health, make you feel more positive, less lonely and can help reduce stress. If you have a pet spend some time with them and if not this may be a sign to get one or two! (I’m looking at you mum and dad)


I really hope you find these helpful and if you feel like natural methods are not working for you please do consult a professional. They can help you a lot more since they are trained to do so.

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76 responses to “5 Ways To Deal With Depression Naturally”

  1. I’m happy with my medication even though I think they make me feel numb to things and they ruin my personality. But My bipolar disorder is severe without them so I have to take something.

    I really like this post. Natural remedies. I am going to try everything that you have listed.

    I like your content and you’re posts are an easy read for me (I’m dyslexic) I look forward to your next post.

    1. Yes definitely stick with the medication if it’s servere. But definitely try doing these alongside too I’m sure they’ll make you feel better.

      Glad to hear that. I try to keep my content simple and to the point because I find very long or complicated posts difficult to read myself and I don’t want my readers to feel that way.

  2. I had always disagreed with the thought that meditation can actually solve anything. But when I tried it and kept a daily meditation schedule, I benefited more from it than I expected. I used to and sometimes still have an awful temper, but meditation has actually helped me become more calm and level-headed.

    1. Wow glad to hear it’s helped you with your temper. Yeah meditation is something that usually works longterm which I think makes people doubt it’s benefits until they try it themselves.

  3. I consider myself a high-functioning depressed person. I don’t find joy in the things that most people find joy in, and my threshold of happiness is quite high so it’s very difficult for me to feel happy. My mood is usually “meh” and I have a lot of sad days. Very rarely do I have happy days.

    That being said, I don’t take ANY medications. Ironically, my job includes giving medications to patients. In the past I have tried very low dose antidepressants and they didn’t make me feel good. I go by how my body feels and I knew meds weren’t for me. That’s why I resonate a lot with your tips, because these tips are good alternatives for high-functioning depressed ppl like myself. Anyone who is not high functioning really should seek additional help though.

    1. I’m the same way and found it difficult to be happy too. I think when I started taking CBD oil was the first time I actually laughed genuinely for the first time in years. It was sort of a crazy experience.

      Antidepressants aren’t for everyone and that’s why I like sharing these kind of remedies. I hated being on meds and I know a lot of other people have similar experiences.

      1. Yeah, I hated it too. I’ll try every natural remedy out there first before resorting to meds. It’s usually big traumatic events that make me resort to medication as a way to cope. I have yet to try CBD oil since my husband is still not on board with it, but I’ve researched a few places around here that sell it. It’s still something that I’m considering trying!

        1. Yeah I feel the same way. When something big happens my mental health sometimes collapses and meds are necessary. CBD oil is great so hopefully you can try it at some point. It’s worked better for me than any medication doctors have ever given me.

          1. This is exactly what happened to me in Spring 2019. A traumatic event caused me to turn to meds because I couldn’t handle it on my own anymore. I told myself it was a temporary fix and never planned to rely the meds. Then I got a cat lol and I was able to get off the meds. I was only taking half of the recommended dose and the meds made me feel so sick. I got off of them because I gained 10lbs in 3 weeks and was always dizzy or nauseous.

            1. Wow that’s awful and yeah I definitely get how horrible meds can make you feel. I felt really ill with one that I tried and that’s what made me get off meds completely. Cats helped too of course lol 😂

  4. Wow! These tips are great and I will add my attestation that they really work!

    In my case I added gentle positive affirmations to teach myself to like myself! I had to practice suspending judgment on myself because I was very adept at speaking harshly and unkindly to myself. Once I started I on myself Id slide down a rabbit hole of negativity and id get so depressed I had a hard time moving.

    I use both CBD oil as well as capsules. I like the capsules because I can give myself precise doses. I’ve been trying it out on various physical ailments and issues and am pleased to find that CBD helps with physical pain ( I rarely need ibuprofen now, even for teeth pain while I wait for a root canal!) it helps with anxiety, is a great sleep aid, the oil or a salve can be applied topically for cuts and bruises, even for aching or pulled muscles after a workout! My granddaughter used it to clear mucous from her lungs because she forgot her allergy medicine and I used it for my lungs when I had COVID-19, it cleared up the mucus beautifully! I buy my CBD online because it’s less expensive!

    I hope this helps someone! Blessings!!

    1. Thanks so much.

      Oh wow I didn’t know much about CBD capsules so it’s great to learn more about their benefits. CBD in general has so many different benefits when used in a certain way. I’m glad it’s helping you and your family too. I buy it online as well since it’s most affordable.

      1. 😊😊 I’m discovering it has more and more uses! I’m using the tincture directly in my mouth for tooth pain and the capsules seem so good for so many things! 😉 the CBD with delta8 is nice too in the evenings to relax or to help with insomnia! 😉

        1. I use the tincture for my teeth too since they are very sensitive and hurt sometimes. CBD is wonderful! 😄

          1. Right?! You’d think I was selling the stuff the way I keep promoting it with people! I just love how it works for so many things, sometimes better than Pharma medication!

            1. Lol I always have to specify that I’m not sponsored on posts about CBD oil because I’m way too hyped about it!

  5. I have many family members including my mother and my daughter who have depression. Please keep posting about it with your helpful information. So many people can benefit from your knowledge.

    1. Sorry to hear about that but depression is quite common and most of us know someone who has it or have it ourselves. I’m always happy to share my experiences because I know the more information we get out there about mental health the more people we can help.

      1. I agree more information can help with those with depression and with the stigma as well.

        1. Yes absolutely.

  6. I like this, great info. I agree with all of these remedies, especially with yoga and meditation. I’ve seen more benefits from that physically and mentally in such a short span of time I was upset I didn’t try it years ago.

    I’m really happy you found some natural remedies to help with depression, Pooja. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! Yup meditation and yoga are so wonderful for our health. I have seen so many benefits of both over the years.

  7. Great ways to lift one’s spirit. I was trying to say “reading a book”. However I am right now reading “The Woodlanders”, which really depresses me. LOL. I guess reading a book may not work after all.

    1. Lol yeah some books can be so depressing but some can also be uplifting so I guess those could work.

  8. My hobbies and my dog did a good job alleviating my depression. I take medication, it works for me but I can imagine not all people will benefit from it. It’s sure is expensive but a lot is covered by the healthcare system over here.

    1. Glad all those have been working for you. Yes, it can be quite expensive and you’re lucky to have a good healthcare system that covers most of it.

  9. These are all very basic and good ways to deal with depression. Thanks for caring and raising the awareness.💚

    1. As someone who suffers from depression I know how important raising awareness and getting rid of the stigma can be so happy to do so. 😊

  10. I fully agree that trying all non-medicinal approaches first is the best thing to do. Alberta Health Services just started telling doctors to prescribe park passes for people for mental health problems as a first step. I also just saw a bumper sticker that said, “Nature is the best therapy”. I agree, it’s just I know what it’s also like to need medication. I do hope the park passes help people a lot

    1. Yeah I think alternatives medicines can help a lot of people and lifestyle changes can too but certain things also definitely need medication. The park passes are a great idea since fresh air and nature can do wonders for mental health.

  11. Thank you for sharing with us the things that help you to manage depression.
    I’m glad that you found an approach that works for you. As you described, this is not always easy.

    Personally, I find all of the things you listed extremely beneficial for my overall health which includes my mental health, of course. Except that I do Qi Gong and Tai Chi instead of Yoga, CBD is not for me (but I’ve heard many people do find it beneficial) and I don’t have pets for several reasons, albeit I love animals and can absolutely see your point.

    Interestingly, both my concentration and general energy level have also improved greatly once I went vegan.

    1. Thanks and happy to share the information.

      Tai Chi is something I’ve always wanted to try but haven’t found the time to but fingers crossed I’ll be able to try it soon. I’m glad it’s helped you out. That kind of exercise really does help a lot.

      That’s great. Diet makes a big difference and I think eating vegan made me eat cleaner too and it feels nice to not have brain fog and be able to think properly.

    2. Oh by the way I tried the roasted cauliflower recipe and loved it!! I ate it with some kimchi I needed to finish and it was a delicious although random combination.

      1. Awesome! I’m glad you found it delicious, too.
        The combination with kimchi sounds great. We make our own cucumber kimchi and often have it on the side with various foods.

        What you describe about generally eating cleaner since going vegan is something I have experienced, as well.

        Fingers crossed that you’ll get the chance to try out Tai Chi, sometime soon!

        1. Mine was cucumber kimchi that I had made too. It’s so refreshing and delicious. I usually like to eat it fresh in a few weeks after it’s made.

          I’m glad you had a similar experience. I sometimes feel people who find veganism doesn’t work for them are not eating well. or trying new dishes.

          I really hope so!

          1. How cool is that – we seem to like similar stuff!

            You might be onto something with that feeling of yours. I have encountered prejudices towards veganism of people with a different diet that speak to this, too.


            1. Yeah that’s so great! It’s always fun to find people who like similar things 😄

              That’s true sometimes I think people can be quite judgemental towards vegans because it’s a pretty different diet than what would be considered the norm.

              1. Maybe they feel judged, themselves.
                There is a lot of judgement around veganism from both sides and I get the feeling this does not help anyone. 🙂

                But I digress.

                1. Yes I agree there is definitely judgement from both sides and it makes things more difficult for everyone.

  12. Great post. For me, Yoga and Meditation is somethings I do.

    1. Both are wonderful. Thanks.

  13. Such a great post and I love your honesty Pooja! Yoga and meditation are incredible Tai Chi and Qigong are also awesome for those that can’t sit still. Wonderful benefits shared! 2💖

    1. Thanks! I’ve never tried Tai Chi or Qigong but I’ve always wanted to! 💕

      1. indeed. look up Terry Dunn online. He has videos and classes … i love his form! 💖

        1. Oh thanks for the tip I’ll check him out!

          1. I think you’ll like him. he’s a master! 💖

  14. Love your summary. I’ve never suffered from depression but it certainly is prevalent these days, alarmingly so among young people. This seems like a much healthier alternative than using pharmaceuticals. I’m passing your post to my kids to read and share with their friends.

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, more people seem to be suffering from mental health problems like depression especially in the younger generations. I think pharmaceuticals aren’t always necessary and alternatives are definitely worth a try. Thank you for sharing the post and I hope this is an informative read for them.

  15. Reblogged this on Druid Reborn.

    1. Thank you.

  16. Soo relatable. And I found all the tips helpful. I resonate more with finding hobbies. I don’t know where most of is would be if we were not blogging. Just finding something you love and you invest your time and effort on it helps so much. It is indeed theraupetic

    1. Thanks. So true blogging has been an incredible hobby for us. It really helps to have hobbies we love.

  17. Educative and helpful post, natural medication for mental health is a nice try..Meditation helps a lot

    1. Yes meditation can be really wonderful and natural remedies are definitely worth a try.

  18. I enjoyed this. Simple, yet informative! Love how you craft the benefits and even stress that it takes time. You’re right, depression is a lifelong partner, but so are some of these commitments you offered able to be lifelong too, in a positive light. Love it!

    1. Thanks so much and yes these remedies can be done all your life too so luckily there are ways to manage your symptoms!

  19. Thank you for these helpful tips on treating depression, Pooja!

    It really is a daily task to come at it from all angles, by eating well, have fulfilling hobbies, meditation, natural remedies, and getting sleep.

    Like you say, keep trying different things. Some such as medicine might or might not work for you. You won’t know without trying. Hope you feel okay today! ☺️

    1. Happy to share them!

      Yes it’s absolutely an everyday thing. We always need to stay on top of our mental health. Trying different things help a lot too since mental health is different for everyone and different things helps different people. It’s not really a one size fits all kind of illness lol. I feel good since I have the day off and hope you feel okay too!

  20. I want to write on this topic, as it’s my niche! But, I am afraid to try it. This topic is very diverse and I have no clue from where I should try. I love this blog a lot. It has guided me a lot. I agree with the points. One addition to this is list is: Family

    1. Yes it is a difficult topic to write on but I think if you do enough research you will be able to. Thanks so much and yes spending time with family is wonderful too for your mental health!

    2. Just go for it Devang. There are loads of people who have this on their heart, but the world is a massive place. You will have things to say and ways of saying them that Pooja and I haven’t thought of. Just take that step and be yourself.

      1. I couldn’t agree more. Your perspective may be different then ours and you may write about important things we missed.

  21. That’s interesting. I didn’t know pets could help us get out of depression. Also, it is surprising to know that a healthy food style is a natural way to deal with depression.

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, pets can be great mood boosters and a healthy diet can also be very helpful.

      1. That’s interesting 🙂 Will defined share those points with my friends and family 🌼😌

        1. Thanks for sharing them and hope they help.

  22. I work in mental health and have had depression myself on and off for years. Your recommendations are spot on! Walking in nature is my go to. Thanks for posting 🙏🌹

    1. Thanks so much and I’m glad you thought so. Yes, nature is wonderful for mental health!

  23. Some good ideas here. I’m currently taking medication but also trying mindfulness which is really helping me. I’ve heard great things about CBD oil although sadly it didn’t seem to help me much!

    1. Oh good. I always find a mix of things help more than just one. Sorry CBD oil didn’t work for you but I guess different people react differently to it.

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