Ask My Sister And I Something

I realised I haven’t done a podcast episode in quite a while and since my sister has a bit of free time this week we thought we would do a Q&A post! So, it’s simple. Leave a question for my sister and I below and we will answer them on the next podcast episode. Please leave as many questions as you like- multiple questions encouraged! 🥰

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27 thoughts on “Ask My Sister And I Something

  1. Sorry, I’m afraid that my mind is in 5 different places, so I can’t think of a question at the moment. Hope it goes well!

  2. My questions:

    Is there a healthy way to take revenge?

    How to sweat? I know 😉 really!

    Did you ever have a guitar and if yes and somebody gave it to me by mistake how can I give it back to you?

    Are you and your sister twins?

    Do you know an old friend of you really cares about you and she hopes you type less and do more podcasts?

    I have no idea how to leave you voice messages? Do you suggest anything so I can type less too?!

    Much love from me to your family


  3. What book have you read recently that you would recommend and why?

    What were the three biggest turning points in your life?

    What’s the best date you’ve ever been on?

  4. 1. Does pineapple belong on pizza?

    2. Is the cost of living cheaper in India compared to the western countries? How much does a mango cost?

    3. Do you have any fruit trees in your yard?

  5. Okay here I go…. ‘ When you are alone, you ever feel you are becoming crazy & required medication and support soon? please share me link of your video.

  6. My question is about writing and life. When is it okay to be vulnerable in writing, or blogging, and when it’s not?

    Like, should I go to the exten of mentioning my childhood traumas tho it could affect my family’s image and all?

  7. I would love to listen in to the podcast. Added to that, I also want to learn about how to do the podcasting to start myself sometimes. So, can you also provide some tips on podcasting? Thanks

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