5 Blog Post Ideas For When You Have Nothing To Blog About

Days When You Have Nothing To Blog About

If you’ve been blogging for a while you have most likely had one of those days where you really want to post something but have absolutely no ideas for a post. That’s pretty normal to experience especially if you’ve been blogging for a while.

I think people often tend to think blogging is easier than it actually is. It’s a lot of work coming up with new and interesting topics to post about, creating the post, editing and finally posting. And sometimes your brain may run out of ideas for a little while and that’s okay.

I’ve had a number of these moments and over the years I have found some tricks that can help you combat the writers block. Here are some things I do when I run out of ideas for new content:

Lifestyle Posts

Lifestyle posts are always a great idea when you have nothing else to write about. If you have something going on in your life you can always write a post about that and talk about it. It may be a nice change for your audience and I feel like it’s a nice way to connect with readers in a more personal way.

Even if you don’t have anything specific going on at the moment you can still create lifestyle posts. Try doing a What I Eat In A Day post or A Day In My Life blog. You will obviously most likely eat that day so all you have to is take some pictures and post them with some information about what you ate. And the Day In My Life post would just be you writing down what you did throughout the day which isn’t too difficult. These are just some ideas, there are a lot more lifestyle type posts you can create. You just have to think about what’s going on with you at the moment and share something about that. Even if you are just sitting on your bed binge watching something on Netflix you could make a post about that!


Reblog are a fantastic way of both putting content out there and supporting a blog/blogger you enjoy. If you come across a post that you really enjoy try to bookmark or save it. When you feel like you don’t have anything to write, come back to the post and share it.

Most people really appreciate it when someone shares their post (I know I really do) and it can be a great way to help them get new readers. Plus, you’re able to share something on your blog too which is great for your SEO, algorithm etc. Reblogs are such a win-win for everyone.

Get Inspired

If the writers block is really coming in hard and you absolutely don’t have anything to write just simply don’t. Sit back and take some time off blogging. A lot of times, writers block happens because you’re overwhelmed or pushing yourself to write. I generally do my best writing when I’m in the right mood and I’m sure other writers and bloggers will relate to this. When you’re creative you can only be creative when the mood strikes. So, take some time off and wait till that happens and you may just come up with some fantastic content.

One tip I would like to share about taking breaks is that meditation does wonders. When you’re having a creative block, meditating can really help calm your mind and help your ideas flow more freely. Whenever I experience a creative block or writers block I like to sit down or lie down and meditate and just let my thoughts flow and usually after a while the ideas just come to me. I would 10/10 recommend trying meditation when experiencing a creative or writers block.

Something Silly

What I like to do when I don’t have anything else to blog about is share something fun or amusing with my readers. I like to share memes or a funny YouTube video or something like that. It’s a great option because you don’t exactly have to come up with an entire post and at the same time your readers will enjoy something funny or amusing. It’s a nice break from more serious posts too.

Talk To Your Readers

If nothing else works, you can always just talk to your readers. How? Well, all you have to do is write an Ask Me Something or Share Your Assumptions About Me post (or something along those lines). They’re really fun to do because you get to interact with your audience and a lot of the questions/assumptions etc are super fun and some are so random which makes it even better. I absolutely love doing these types of posts. Plus, you’ll be able to write one more post with the answers so technically you’ll get two posts where you don’t have to come up with specific content.


I hope these tips were helpful for anyone going through writers block right now. Have you ever experienced writers block? How do you deal with writers block? What are some tips you would give to someone going through writers block? What do you blog about when you have nothing else to blog about? Let me know in the comments section because I would love to hear from you!

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71 responses to “5 Blog Post Ideas For When You Have Nothing To Blog About”

  1. Some days are harder than others to get blog posts or podcasts ideas. I think I have one this week anyway. Have a good night!

    1. Yes I absolutely agree. Have a good day!

  2. Some great tips Pooja! I like them all but I think I am going to try “talking to my readers”. It sounds like a lot of fun plus a great way to get to know each other. 😁

    1. Talking to readers definitely sounds interesting. It could also give us ideas on what readers wants to read from us and what we can do to improve our content.

      1. This is great, thank you💓

    2. Yeah it can be such a fun way to get to know your readers better! 😀

  3. Really love these ideas! Thank you!

    1. Thank you!

  4. Good ideas, Pooja! I’ve never been a fan of reblogging though, I consider it to be content theft…

    1. Thanks! Yeah I definitely understand not everyone would want their content reblogged 😀

  5. I soooo agree with these great ideas Pooja ”
    especially this one.. 💖
    One tip I would like to share about taking breaks is that meditation does wonders. When you’re having a creative block, meditating can really help calm your mind and help your ideas flow more freely.

    1. Thanks and I knew you would relate to that one! 🥰

      1. I sooo did!!! and do! 💖👏

  6. I have actually experienced writers block several times.
    Sometimes I blog a lot, like 7-8 blogs a month, but sometimes only 4 a month. I usually read other’s work and get inspired with it. I also get ideas from IG or my surroundings. Asking questions is a great idea, I will do it. I wanted to ask if reposting my old blogs will be appropriate? As I’ve written 56 blogs only.

    1. That’s a great way to get inspired for sure. Yeah I think it’s fine to reblog older posts I do that sometimes too.

  7. Nice post


  8. interesting … Writers block/ Bloggers Block. I like silly blogging. Creating beautiful sentence without any correlation. That is silly blogging to me. Regards.

    1. Thanks so much. Silly blogging is definitely a lot of fun.

  9. Very helpful post. Thanks for sharing these tips.

    1. Thanks so much, glad it was helpful.

  10. Interestingly I am still dealing with that zero-point issue, so your tips come to me at perfect timing. Thank you!

    Also, I particularly like how you point out that taking a break sometimes can be an actual solution. With all the push for performance around us, this is sometimes easy to forget and it can be hard to give ourselves permission for a pause.

    Two things that I have successfully put into action in the past, also, are:
    1) to just sit down and write for 10 Minutes whatever is coming up. If nothing else, it will help to get everything out, that is blocking me and often I stumble upon interesting topics along the way that have been hiding in some corner of my brain.
    2) to write about the blockage. Surely, we are not the only ones it happens to and people will be able to relate. Also, this often helps me to get beyond the block.

    1. Thanks so much. Yeah we live in a fast world where we’re expected to be constantly productive but realistically that’s not possible. Sometimes we need to slow down and take a break.

      Those are both great suggestions thanks for mentioning them! I have tried both before at some point and it does help to just write whatever comes to mind to write about the block itself.

  11. I like this. Thanks for sharing. Definitely going to try to talk to the small number of readers I have.

    1. Thanks and yeah you should it’s quite fun.

  12. Random Access Repository Avatar
    Random Access Repository

    Thanks for the valuble advice. Very impressed with your blog and services you provide, great work! Also, thank you for taking time to indulge one’s own humble efforts.

    1. Thanks so much!

  13. I like these ideas! 🙂 Good info on the reblogs too, I was curious how those worked. And I agree on the writing breaks, they’re like a whole mind and body reset button for me.

    1. Thanks so much! Yeah I feel the same way. Taking breaks really helps reset everything and you feel so refreshed after.

  14. I am struggling for a post myself at the moment, this was really an enjoyable read and very helpful, hope you don’t mind but I think I’ll reblog this post, thank you 😊🙏💕

    1. Thanks so much and I would very much appreciate the reblog 🙏😊💖

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    1. Thanks for the reblog!

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  17. Nice ideas, getting inspired, lifestyle post and doing something silly helps when one experience writer’s block.

    1. Thanks so much ☺

  18. When I have writers block, I create other pages on my sites, and that usually helps me get over writer’s block. Sometimes I brainstorm when I am having a hard time writing. Sometimes I read other posts I have written, such as poetry. That normally cures it for me, but sometimes I will take a break just to think about new things to write about. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

    1. That’s a really great way to beat writers block. Have a great day too.

  19. Reblogging is so great!
    I usually try to write more when I’m in a writing mood and save them as drafts to use during the blocks.
    I also try to take inspiration and write posts as a continuation of other blogger’s posts.

    1. Yeah I do that too and try to fit in all my writing when I’m in a writing mood. Taking inspiration from other posts is great too!

  20. Haha, I am glad I come across your post right now since I don’t have anything to write about today. Thank you for the inspiration. I think I can write about some family dynamic…

    1. Glad it came at the right time. Yes, you can definitely write about that. It would be an interesting post.

  21. I prefer to wait than force myself to write.

    1. Yes, often times you just need a break.

  22. Thanks for sharing ☺️

    1. My pleasure 😊

      1. 💖 visit my site too

  23. Great tips. I would like to start reblogging! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much!

  24. I have found finding the right time to use any of these is a great thing! When it works, it works

    1. Yes absolutely- I feel that way too!

  25. Great ideas. I’m looking for something to write about now. Thanks girlie

    1. Thanks and hope this helped!

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  27. Great advice! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks and my pleasure!

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  29. I try to blog about a lot of different things, but I’m stuck on things that
    are going on in the news for the people that don’t get the news in
    their area, but rather they are getting the message or not I don’t know.

    I think that is what is really important right now as bad as it is today
    & getting worse every day but I do blog about all kinds of things &
    I get the likes but I’d rather have the comments in stead to be honest.

    1. Yeah comments are generally better than likes since you get to hear the readers thoughts however they are harder to get on WP.

      1. yea, that’s why I couldn’t see paying
        for something we can do for free till
        that (change’s) like everything else.

        That’s also why I keep 3 other blogs
        going on other sites that’s also free
        if your interested hit me up.

        I love writing, I may not be a A-student but
        I try to Keep a open mind to both sides of
        things that has happened or will or could
        happen, & if you think about things hard
        enough & let things go out in space there’s
        NO TELLING WHO will see it & jump in.

        1. Yeah that makes sense. Keep writing and doing your thing.

          1. When your on a fixed income you
            you have to think wise with it that’s
            why I closed out the paid subscription
            & started a free 1 & I have a 100+
            readers so it’s coming along.

            1. Yeah I definitely think you made the right choice. When your blog grows more you can always go back to a paid plan if you choose to.

  30. I think I’ll keep what I have being it’s going pretty good so far
    I have like 3 other blog sites I write on so I have plenty.

  31. Nice post 😄

    1. Thank you so much! ☺

  32. Super helpful ideas! Thanks for the post

    1. My pleasure!

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