4 Ways The Pandemic Has Changed Our Lives

The Pandemic And It’s Effect On Our Lives

In the last few months, we have seen an unprecedented number of changes in our lives due to the coronavirus pandemic. From the way we work to the way we travel, everything has been affected by COVID-19. It’s not been easy on us and even though the numbers are decreasing and things are getting closer to normal, our lives still feel different in certain ways.

Today, I thought I would discuss some of the ways that I feel the pandemic has changed our lives since I haven’t really talked about that much on this blog other than a couple of posts. I also thought this would be a good way to check in on everyone. Here are the four main ones that first came to mind:

Mental Health

Coronavirus has been affecting people’s mental health since its outbreak. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), coronavirus is more likely to cause psychological distress than other diseases. They also claim that more than half of the world’s population experienced some form of mental distress due to the coronavirus pandemic. This includes anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The lack of social interaction for prolonged periods of time combined with the stress and fear especially at the start of the pandemic was quite difficult for a lot of people. And even though things are looking up now, some people have continued to have symptoms of these mental illnesses.

In general, I think the pandemic really caused damage to the mental health of many people around the world and it’s going to take a long time, to heal from the trauma that was left by the pandemic, lockdowns and everything that came with them.

I’ve talked about my mental health and the pandemic before when I talked about how doing things I enjoyed when I was younger like drawing, playing online games, painting has helped a lot. I’m still doing all these to be honest. I recently got two canvases to paint, I usually play online games like Apple and Onion Cat Rescue as well as Uncle Grandpa vs Aunt Grandma daily -they are weirdly wonderful and if you know me you know I am instantly drawn to things like that. I’ll definitely be sharing the paintings I come up with as well (unless they look awful in which case I will be burning the canvases.)

If you or someone you care about is suffering from mental health issues please do contact a professional. I personally suffer from anxiety and depression and I think its best to deal with the symptoms of mental health issues before they get worse.

Norms Have Changed

I believe that because of the pandemic a lot of things we often thought of as the norm have changed. Working full-time and in person was once the norm but after the pandemic started and caused people to work from home, working from home has become more accepted. It’s even become preferable for some people. Although most people are working in person again, some people have discovered they prefer working from home and have pursued work in fields where this is possible. Yes, I am some people…

Another norm I have noticed changing is that people are more open to speaking about mental health. Of course, there is still a lot of stigma, however, I have also noticed more people opening up about mental health especially online which I love.

Inflation And Finances

We’re still learning more about the impact of COVID-19 on the economy. However, one thing is clear: the coronavirus has had an immediate effect on the financial markets. The coronavirus has caused businesses across the world to close down and employees to lose their jobs. While this is bad news for those who lost their job, it also means that more people will need financial assistance.

Not only have peoples incomes been affected, most countries (including Kenya) are experiencing an increase in prices which is consequently increasing the cost of living. Before the pandemic started, many people felt comfortable enough to have saved up for things such as buying a house or a car. However, people are now preferring to continue renting a home or leasing a car/taking public transport. When it comes to things like cars, we also have to consider our gas budget with the increasing prices of gas at the moment.

To sum it up, there are just so many costs we have to start thinking of now with incomes decreasing and prices rapidly increasing. Things have changed a lot when it comes to finances and I think it’s going to be a while before things look up. Of course, there’s always hope so let’s try to stay positive but let’s also not ignore the issues we have to face.

Highlighted What Our Priorities Are

I don’t know if this one is just me but I truly feel like the pandemic really helped me understand what my priorities were- money. Just kidding! But I have really been able to sort of reevaluate my life and think about what is important to me and what sort of future I want to have.

The pandemic made me really realise how important my friends and family are to me. It also helped me see that I want to travel a lot more than I have been able to before which is why I have been working online since it gives me more freedom to do that in the future. For me, making memories and spending time with those I love has become my biggest priority.


I had written a couple of posts about the pandemic when it first started, however, recently I was talking to my sister and realised a lot of things are still different and would probably stay that way for a while. And I think we’re all learning to live with that. I just thought I would share a sort of update post on life and the pandemic.

Has the pandemic had any longterm effects on your life? If so, what has changed for you? How have you been adjusting to these changes? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear your thoughts.

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70 thoughts on “4 Ways The Pandemic Has Changed Our Lives

  1. I have also noticed many of the things you have mentioned Pooja. I read a lot more these last two years, I feel as if I’m more socially awkward if that’s possible, and I am deeply grateful for all the people who stayed in my bubble and kept me sane. Hugs, c

    1. I feel similarly. Even as someone who was already not very social I’m somehow worse now. Absolutely- the people who stuck around are the best. Thanks!

      1. I guess my point was that the pandemic didn’t change things all that much (for me). I’m just clarifying, so if that applies to a lot of illnesses, that would makes sense.

        1. To be honest certain things that changed for others didn’t change for me as well due to my mental illnesses so I definitely get what you mean.

  2. Interesting. I think you mean years not months.

    Throughout history there have been illnesses like the plague and traumatic events like Wars that have changed and traumatised people. We have learned some lessons and repeated some patterns.

    Each time something is lost or changed.

    Tired so just rambling. But this is not the world’s first time at the rodeo. Hopefully this time we find a way to move forward more positively and change the direction we are heading. .

    1. Yeah I’ll edit that, thanks for letting me know.

      There have definitely been major events like these before but sometimes it seems like we haven’t learnt too much from them. I hope we do this time.

  3. I must really be a rare person, because even though I moved and changed jobs a couple times during the pandemic. My lifestyle hasn’t really changed.

  4. You mentioned all valuable points Pooja. Yes prices are increasing a lot like even cooking oil prices became more. Pandemic made me realize how unpredictable life can be and also it made me feel nothing is permanent. I read a lot compared to earlier and am connected with my loved ones a lot than before. I even learnt a lot about handling finances. Pandemic changed a lot and definitely it affected more or less in many of us. All we have to do is to keep our mental strength strong and prepare for anything.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the prices here are going up as well for most things. It’s quite difficult for people making a minimum wage.
      Yes, we just need to stay strong.

      1. You are welcome Pooja 🙂
        Pandemic brought definitely a lot of changes to everyone in this world and I think we have to take one day at a time as life become so unpredictable. Who knows what’s there in future. We definitely should be strong both physically and mentally. Never to take granted when it comes to health.

  5. My mom suffered from COVID and I remember me being so worried about her, it also affected my mental health. It was during that time I decided to blog as an outlet and I told my mom on video call, she was so happy about it.

  6. The pandemic has definitely had an impact in our lives. Honestly speaking, even though I am a people person, I enjoyed lock down. There was something refreshing about it for me. It was definitely not easy but it was a blessing in its own ways. It was that time period that people learned about their gifts and developed new skills in a way that they didn’t expect.

    Pandemic also opened up many people eyes in a sense that it gave us a fresh perspective of how important life is and how the people in our lives matter. For many people, not reaching out to their friends and loved ones is a bad habit that they have but pandemic gave certain people a glimpse that life here on Earth is limited. Make the most out of each day and take time to reach out to your loved ones.

    In regards to mental health, pandemic definitely opened up an avenue for people to really talk about their state of mind. Before then, most people were silent and girl in regards to inflation, forget it. Prices have sky rocketed but the pay in jobs aren’t even increasing which is quite interesting. Through it all, we are still alive and standing. Today is gift that God has allowed us to see. We can only just take each day one step at a time 🥁🙏🏿. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I didn’t mind the isolation during lockdown either but then again I’ve never been a people person.

      Yes, it’s absolutely just a blessing we are here and healthy. The rest we can deal with.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting ☺️

  7. Great post! One positive change, where I live at least, has been the proliferation of grocery delivery services. I never particularly enjoyed going and staring at produce. Now I don’t have to.

    1. Yeah, I’ve noticed that too and I’m glad there are more of those services now. I’m not a fan of grocery shopping either.

  8. The pandemic was a real blow, especially food prices. Here in Nigeria, the prices have doubled coupled with the ongoing fuel scarcity. Great post🥰

  9. Great post. You’re so right, a lot has changed. For me, priorities in life have changed for sure and I will be making some huge life changes in the next couple of months.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I think a lot of people have changed their priorities. Good luck with the changes. I hope everything goes well.

  10. All very true points, but so glad that we are now more open to talking about mental health and making striving for your own well-being more important as well as making it more of a norm to work from home!

  11. These 2 years were worse.
    Buisness wise, health wise and lots of other things.
    I missed gym and workout at home was not that good.
    For little things, we had to think 100 times for going out. People had to live in fear and anxiety.
    So, 2 years has changed a lot.
    A great share Pooja. Keep shining

  12. Thank you for writing this!

    I actually feel the same way in terms of changing my priorities. I haven’t really thought about my future so I didn’t really had a clear way on how I would continue in life. The pandemic has surely waken us up and led us into different kinds of realizations and reflections.

    I personally saw and sensibly felt the value of the people around me. I realized that making time for them, to let them know that someone is there to listen, just feels so different. Maybe some people were just so occupied with what they want to have that they have forgotten what they already have..

    The pandemic surely has its ups and downs, building the society and the people in it to become stronger.

    1. Thanks so much!

      I definitely agree. A lot of people have realised new priorities after the pandemic started and a lot of people have made life changes because of it. And yes, we sometimes take what we have for granted but the pandemic really helped us realise how quickly things can change so we should he grateful for what we have.

  13. Informative post, the pandemic is an era that cannot be forgotten because of it side effects on humans. I pray we won’t experience such pandemic again.

  14. So true. pandemic has changed our lives, probably forever. And I wonder if the price increase will ever come down when all these troubles are over. Probably not. That’s my guess. And I wish the world will be changed for better. I really wish, but somehow I am afraid that it’s not going to be as good as we want it to be…

    1. Yes, it has. I don’t think the prices are coming down any time soon if ever. If anything they seem to be increasing. I wish that too but it’s hard to change things for the better when people that want to make these changes have no power and the people with power want to destroy everything.

  15. I’ve spent the last year studying astrology and discovered none of this is bothering me because I’m in my best life period. It’s also why I’m rarely on WP.

    I’ve definitely noticed the damage to mental health with some people, I deal with a few people (especially family) that have flown off the deep end with the algorithm. That part stresses me out, but my daily life is great.
    Like it or not, working from home can actually cause anxiety to grow lacking direct human contact. Actually going to work makes a difference. I only catch up on news on the weekend and barely use social media. Reading or just studying something is my hobby.

    1. I’m really glad you’re doing well and have not been effected negatively by everything going on. Those are great hobbies and it’s never too late to learn something new.

      1. Well, there’s stuff and annoyances, but it’s on a steady upswing. I’m very introverted so much of the pandemic stuff wouldn’t bother me much.
        Not learning anything new, but a lot is being pieced together in a functional way.

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