How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Blog In 2022

Social Media And Growing Your Blog In 2022

Last week I had written a post about the importance of social media for bloggers that are currently trying to grow their site. Although social media can be difficult to get used to and it does come with its cons, social media can also be extremely beneficial especially for bloggers looking to bring in traffic from places other than WordPress.

I got a number of comments asking about how to actually use social media to grow your blog because there is a right and a wrong way. Using social media correctly can result in gaining traffic and followers while using it incorrectly can be a frustrating process that leads to nowhere.

This week, I thought I would right a more detailed post about social media and how to use it to grow your blog. Here are some tips that I think you will find helpful:

Be Your Biggest Fan

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The first thing you want to do is be your biggest fan. I know this is the hard part and this is the awkward, uncomfortable part that people don’t love but it has to be done.

If you plan on getting views on your blog or website from social media you need to remind people to go view your posts especially when you put out something new. Social media is not like blogging, people have very short attention spans on there and things are forgotten in a few seconds. That’s why you need to constantly be posting something and kind of shoving your blog in everyones face (maybe even literally if you know them in real life…). At first, you may lose a couple of followers but over time your page will grow which will lead to more traffic and followers on your site.

You also want to connect your site to your social pages. WordPress allows you to connect to multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and more. Once you connect your site with your social media platforms, you will have the option to publish your posts on these platforms automatically. That way you don’t need to be on social media all day but your followers will know when you have put out something new.

Join Multiple Platforms

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The more platforms you are on the more you are getting your blog out there. If you want to get more traffic and fast, the best way to do so is join multiple social media platforms and put your work out there on all those platforms.

Another reason why joining multiple platforms is a good idea is because you will get different types and amounts of traffic from different platforms. For example, if your blog is about books, book reviews and things related to books, you’ll probably get better traffic from Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. However, if your blog is about mental health and wellness you will probably get better traffic from Facebook. If you have a multi-niche blog, you would do best if you joined all these aforementioned platforms because you will get different traffic for different posts on different platforms.

Different platforms attract different traffic and it’s a good idea to join multiple to see what works best for you. If something doesn’t seem to work for you, you can always shut down that page. But, from my experience you will get at least a few views from each platform and this will add up to a good number if you’re on multiple platforms as opposed to just a handful of views from one platform.

Get Help

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To be honest, one thing I have learnt is that social media is not for everyone. I think blogging offers something for everyone no matter what your interests are or what your content is. Social media is much more rigid about what is popular and what gets you traction. There are some people who do really well on social media and there are some that just don’t and often these people end up giving up on social media but the truth is they just were not using it in the right way to get traffic to their site.

If you are someone that feels like social media isn’t working for you, try looking at what people that are successful on social media do. Learn from what they are doing right. Read posts like this one on how to use social media to get traffic to your site and follow the steps.

It doesn’t just end at posting something on your page. There is a lot more that goes into it like using the right hashtags, following the right people, engaging with the right pages and more.

If you are still confused and not seeing results, I would recommend talking to a professional social media consultant or social media manager. It will help you save a lot of time and effort to speak to someone who does this professionally. If you are interested in a consultation or hiring a social media manager, I do offer social media management services that you can view by clicking here. 

Separate Personal And Professional

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This is not for everyone but for those that feel like they are uncomfortable sharing information on their blog because people they know in real life follow them on their social pages. If you share more private information on your blog and would prefer it if it was something you kept to yourself start new pages for your site that don’t have people you know in real life on them.

This way, you’ll feel much more comfortable sharing more private posts on these pages as well. I know it can be awkward to share certain things with people you also know in real life so this is a great way to make sure your site or blog stays your secret.

If you don’t mind sharing your site on your regular social pages, I would recommend doing so because friends and family can actually be quite supportive.


I hope these tips were helpful for anyone looking to bring in more traffic from social media. I know social media can be complicated and is not everyones cup of tea but it is a great source of traffic for blogs. It’s also a great way to get your name out there and meet potential sponsors and collaborators.

Do you use social media? If so, are you getting any traffic from there? How do you get traffic from social media to your blog? Do you prefer blogging or social media more? Let me know in the comments below because I love hearing from all of you!

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54 responses to “How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Blog In 2022”

  1. Interesting. Not sure I totally get why one would be sharing stuff they are embarrassed about whether or not someone knows them? Generally wouldn’t it be safer to share some stuff with family/friends/people you know than with strangers. Though, I guess there are different viewpoints on that. Just thinking out loud.

    1. Though, I guess at my age, I get less concerned about what people think of me. It happens. You’ll get there 😉

      1. Haha I’m already on my way there, I share my content with everyone lol 😂

    2. Thanks. I think if you share more personal stuff on your blog it can be uncomfortable. For example, if you share about mental health issues or perhaps marital issues on your blog but you have your boss or coworkers or distant relatives on your social pages that could be uncomfortable since they may be people you are not close to. I think a lot of people don’t want to show every small part of themselves to everyone they know.

      1. Perhaps in important topics, one needs to put it out there so that people are saved from dying unnecessarily. Some topics are totally important and lots of people have no idea what they do…like even some invisible disorders. But, most things, I’d avoid sharing stuff I’m not comfortable with sharing unless it has life saving purposes. Might be a helpful boundary.

  2. Such a great post as always Pooja. Love the gifs!! 💖

    1. Thank you so much!! 💕☺️

  3. This is really helpful, Pooja, thank you! And I agree with Cindy, the gifs are great. 🤭

    1. Glad you found it helpful and enjoyed the gifs! They’re always fun to add 😜

      1. They’re certainly entertaining. 🙃

  4. I never got traffic from Twitter. I get more views through web searches thee days than Facebook.

    1. Have you tried Instagram and LinkedIn?

      1. I tried Instagram, but did not get much from that either. I am not going to bother with another site. I might try to get into Instagram this summer again.

        1. It depends country wise. I read about that somewhere. See, what people in your country use mostly.
          Also, it depends according to the content, as mentioned by the author of this blog. Different type of content/niche works differently on different on social media.

    2. Are you active on those platforms? Because generally to get a good number of views you have to be quite active.

      1. I tried for a while on Instagram. I gave up. Twitter was a third wheel that my posts automatically go to , but I had a hard time being active on it with other media.

        1. Oh I see.

  5. Various people have talked about it to do this or that. But, I find this blog of yours very very informative. You have shared some good valuable points. I will work on that.
    You have mentioned that for wellness, fb is good. So, should I focus my energy on FB?
    Does it depends with country wise?

    1. I’m so glad you found it informative. I would definitely recommend sharing your content on FB and being active there but don’t neglect other platforms either.
      It does depend on your country to an extent since different countries have different trends.

  6. Awesome post


    1. Thank you so much.

  7. It was very informative. I get traffic with facebook but Instagram doesn’t seem to work for me. Maybe I am posting the wrong content. It’s mostly art. Maybe they want something more personal. Also I don’t get the hang of Instagram Stories.

    1. Thank you. Yes, Instagram can be a bit more complicated so I am not surprised. More than your content, it generally depends on how active you are. And features like reels can be more useful since they bring in more traffic than regular posts.

  8. I maintain two separate accounts for both personal and professional like you said Pooja. It’s been a long time since I have been doing this but I don’t expect much traffic from Instagram. There are some reasons behind that which I have written in one of my blog posts. However I get majority traffic from the Facebook page which I created back in 2017 when my blog started. I always created content to share with the World and my loved ones too. According to me if you are okay with sharing content with others social media is the best. Like always informative post Pooja 😊👍

    1. That makes sense since some people prefer to keep personal and professional things separate. Glad you are getting good traffic from Facebook.
      Thanks so much ☺️🤗

      1. Yeah I love to promote my blog in professional way so I kept two accounts and it also makes me easy to manage both the accounts. It also helps me to manage my screen time. From day one Facebook has been a lot of supportive to me. I think people from Facebook love to read my work. You are welcome Pooja 🙂

        1. Yeah I definitely get that. Facebook is definitely wonderful for gaining extra traffic.

          1. Ya totally 🙂

  9. I created a Facebook page for sharing my blog posts, but stupid algorithms of Facebook blocked me thinking as a spammer. I also used to share blogs on Twitter but some of my friends follow me there so I have stopped sharing posts there because I am not comfortable sharing my life.

    1. Yes, the algorithm is a bit wonky even on Instagram. I get blocked once every year or so for no real reason. That makes sense, if your posts are personal it’s uncomfortable to share them with people you know in real life.

  10. Quite an informative post with regard to social media. I shall take a few tips under review. Original I connected to FB and constant requests to purchase ads for my page caused me to deactivate it. As for Twitter, posts still go there; however, the traffic is almost next to none. I had more interaction when I concentrated on my sewing (before any blogging). A question: how many pages is a blogger allowed on here?

    1. Thanks so much. For Twitter, I think it depends on how active you are- like you need to be active as well as post regularly.
      From what I know there does not seem to be a maximum amount of pages a blogger is allowed to have on WordPress.

      1. You’re most welcome. 😊 Thanks bunches for answering my question with regard to WP pages. I agree with your comment about Twitter and regular activity. Before I became a blogger, I used to interact with women who quilted – even had a scheduled ‘fabric chat’ each Friday.

        1. You’re very welcome and that’s interesting- yeah it’s great when you’re active and can interact.

  11. Always posting your links, pushing it out there so people can see it has been helpful to me! I’m still a young blogger and so I needed to read this!! Great post

    1. I so appreciate that- thank you!

  12. This is outstanding Pooja. I’ll have to read it several times to get the full benefit! I use all sorts of social media, facebook and Word Press are my best sources. Twitter and Instagram are less effective. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge, it’s extremely helpful. Hugs, C

    1. Thanks! I really hope this helps to draw in even more traffic 😄

  13. Thank you for this, I needed it as I tried with Instagram but it didn’t work out. Then I took a long break, felt uninspired and I wasn’t connected to myself to put something out like I would have wanted to…so being off to killed my audience 🥺. I’m trying to give it another go, the writing cause that’s where my heart is and I’ll consider your tips. You’re appreciated

    1. I’m glad to hear your giving writing another go and yes IG can be complicated to restart since it’s a lot about being constantly active. But writing is definitely great to get into again 😄

      1. Absolutely, glad to be back😊

        1. ☺️🤗

  14. Interesting post, social media helps bloggers in many ways. 😇😇

    1. Thanks so much, glad it was helpful.

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  16. Actually you have pointed out something I have been thinking all along. I’ve always wanted to separate my post on language from my post of flash fiction, but so far I haven’t figured out a way to do it. I wonder loud. Well, I am just procrastinating.

    1. I hope you’re able to separate them. Unfortunately, procrastination is our biggest enemy as a writer lol.

  17. Great post! I’ve just started out my blog too and I did do some of the things you mentioned although it aint very successful yet.. maybe it will get better over time I guess..

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  19. Amazing post keep up the good work 👍

    1. Thank you so much 😄

  20. Wonderful Post

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