Six Word Story #179

Cantankerous people make the worst neighbours.

Today’s Word:


1: A cantankerous person is often angry and annoyed. Cantankerous also means “difficult or irritating to deal with.”

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48 thoughts on “Six Word Story #179

      1. Yes, unfortunately too many people fall in love first with the idea of who to be married to instead of falling in love with the person. At that point, pride and desperation rule their lives through anger.

        1. True. I think they have this idea of what marriage will be like and by the time they realise it’s nothing like they imagined it’s too late.

        1. I have learnt so many new words thanks to these posts I have been making since I have to find new words to share and it’s been quite eyeopening.

  1. I have a vague memory of this word and I’ve never used it. Actually I’ve witnessed cantankerous neighbors (fortunately not mine) who can be very angry and annoying…

    1. The word was new to me but I think it’s somewhat popular. I have a lot of cantankerous neighbours unfortunately. One killed our plants.

      1. Oh, what a killer. Sigh. Loving thy neighbor is easy said than done. I heard terrible neighboring stories in the community… and one poor woman has to fight with her neighbor who constantly calls police on them.

        1. Wow, that’s awful but yeah loving thy neighbour is no easy feat. I’ve had some terrible neighbours myself and I have learnt to just keep my distance.

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