Level 24 Eatery Review And Experience

Level 24 Eatery

I had been meaning to go to Level 24 Eatery for a while now. Actually for a couple of months. Level 24 Eatery is a local restaurant in Nairobi located at Le’Mac and is located at the 24th floor. The reason I found this restaurant is because I had been looking for some new vegan places to try out and this place offers some really great vegan options so I thought we could try it.

Another reason I wanted to go, apart from the food, was because it is located on the 24th floor which means the view is absolutely gorgeous. You can see so much of Nairobi from there. But more on that later.

Anyway, a few weeks ago we finally got the chance to go for dinner and we decided to go for an early dinner so that we could see the sunset from up there and take some golden hour pictures.

Look For The Day


For the look, I decided to do a little more makeup than usual and just be all glammed up. I hadn’t been out in a while and was excited and wanted to look fancy even if it meant my sister and I were a little lot overdressed. I had recently purchased a very cute black dress online and wanted to wear that. And I always feel like a red lip always looks best with a black dress.

I no longer wear foundation because I don’t really own one so I opted to wear the It Cosmetics CC cream instead. I wore the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r concealer and the red lipstick is part of the Sephora collection lip stains. I used the Elf Cosmetics blush stick for blush, the Elf Cosmetics liquid highlighter for highlight and for contour I used the Fenty Beauty concealer in a darker shade. I used the Milk Makeup Kush mascara for my eyes and the Essence eyeliner pen. All products are cruelty free, of course.

I didn’t really have the energy to do a full face with eyeshadow and stuff because I have a life and can’t spend hours on my makeup lol. I also have some discolouration around my eyes anyway that look like eyeshadow so that makes eyeshadow kind of unnecessary. I wish I had a picture of the whole dress but I don’t have one where I look cute so I’m just going to post a picture of the dress and you guys can use your imagination.


The Ambience

The ambience was amazing. It was pretty fancy especially once the sun had gone down and everything looked so classy. The view, as expected was absolutely breathtaking.

Level 24 Eatery Nairobi Kenya Review

Level 24 Eatery Nairobi Kenya Review

Level 24 Eatery Nairobi Kenya Review

Level 24 Eatery Nairobi Kenya Review

The balcony had a glass floor which was kind of scary but we did end up going out there for a few minutes till my sister tripped, almost gave us both a heart attack and decided it was time to go back in.

Of course, we also took a million pictures of ourselves while we wanted for the food to arrive. Here are some favourite ones of mine.

Level 24 Eatery Nairobi Kenya Review

Level 24 Eatery Nairobi Kenya Review

Level 24 Eatery Nairobi Kenya Review

Level 24 Eatery Nairobi Kenya Review

Level 24 Eatery Nairobi Kenya Review

Level 24 Eatery Nairobi Kenya Review

Level 24 Eatery Nairobi Kenya Review

Level 24 Eatery Nairobi Kenya Review

Level 24 Eatery Nairobi Kenya Review

Level 24 Eatery Nairobi Kenya Review

Level 24 Eatery Nairobi Kenya Review

This is my “don’t mess with me I’m a baddie face”:

Level 24 Eatery Nairobi Kenya Review

The Food

What can I say about the food? It was absolutely FANTASTIC! Some of the best vegan food I have eaten in Nairobi if not the best vegan food. I would definitely recommend this to everyone not just vegans.

We started with the Xian Crispy Veg and stir fried vegetables in black bean sauce:

They were both delicious but I preferred the Xian Crispy Veg mostly because the vegetables were fried and fried food just tastes amazing, not going to lie. Awful for you, but delicious. It also comes with some sauces that go with the vegetables amazingly. The black bean sauce one was great too but I prefer my own black bean sauce to be honest. And I like Korean black bean sauce more than Chinese black bean sauce. So, why did I order the Chinese one you may ask. Because I’m stupid. Obviously.

We loved both dishes so we decided to order some more food. This time we decided to get the eggplant and tofu stir bowl. It comes with a tofu eggplant Chinese style stir fry and some rice. It was absolutely delicious. I loved it. I am very particular about tofu and I rarely order it in restaurants because not everyone can cook it correctly or at least to my liking but this one was cooked perfectly. Again, I would definitely recommend this.

After that, my sister still wanted to have some fries so we ordered some regular plain fries. They were quite good but not really anything out of the ordinary. I would recommend them if you really want to eat fries but there are so many amazing things on the menu I would recommend eating those instead lol.

Xian Crispy Veg: 10/10

Black bean vegetables: 7/10

Eggplant and Tofu Bowl: 9/10

Plain Fries: 8/10

The Drinks

We ordered some “Death by Chocolate” which was delicious. They do have alternative milks for those of you who are dairy free as well. They also offer a lot of other great drinks including alcoholic drinks. I would definitely recommend trying any of them because they all sound delicious.

Level 24 Eatery Nairobi Kenya Review


We enjoyed the food very much and I honestly can’t complain about a single thing. It was all fantastic. The ambience was amazing because it was so classy and relaxing. The view was absolutely incredible and I would recommend going at sunset to anyone thinking of visiting the restaurant. The sunset was just so beautiful. And the lighting is so amazing if you’re a fan of taking millions of pictures like I am lol!

Overall, my sister and I had a wonderful time at Level 24 Eatery and we loved it so much we even ended up going back but that’s a post for another day. Well, next week probably to be accurate…

What did you guys think of the place? Let me know in the comments below!

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89 thoughts on “Level 24 Eatery Review And Experience

  1. Wow, Pooja! You guys took so many beautiful photos from way up there. The view and the food look delicious too. You look so beautiful, the dress, your hair, and your lipstick are gorgeous! I love these kinds of posts. Be well! ❤️

  2. Wow, it sounds as if you had all the pieces to a great dining experience. I’ve never tried tofu, but I have heard that the texture can vary depending on how you prepare it. Great pictures – it looks like you enjoyed yourselves!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, you have to be so careful with tofu because it’s easy to ruin it. I used to dislike it simply because I hadn’t learnt to cook it properly.

  3. Your lip stain looks amazing and I use e.l.f. a lot too. I’ve actually been buying a lot of vegan food from my local store. Just trying to expand my pallet.

  4. Wow, wish I can be there too. Those vegan food entries sound delicious. You are right about tofu since it has a distinctive taste and texture–most cannot cook it right. I just made some tofu pancake and it is a disaster. LOL. But given the inflation and food price right now, I know I can’t bear to throw it away.

    1. I wish you could have tried it, you would have loved it. I rarely find non-vegan restaurants that make vegan food well but this one did a great job. Yeah tofu is too expensive to throw away these days. Hopefully you can eat it with some sauces and it won’t taste too bad.

  5. I actually love this blog a lot.
    I’m happy for you. You finally got opportunity to visit it. Sounds like, you really needed this break. 🙂
    You look adorable. The dress is actually great. If I was a girl(which I sometimes wish, so that I could wear such beautiful dresses) I would love to wear it. Seriously though, girls have so many options with clothing. I would like to see a full pic. I wonder if there are pics by you on IG. I have to check. You look pretty, I think I’ve said that already 🤔.
    The food is definitely new to me. Actually I haven’t tried vegan food and I don’t know when was the last time I ate Chinese food. The location is great too. I like the idea of 24 floors. Such view makes evening perfect. With your description and these amazing pics, I feel like I was there. Keep smiling, like you did in the pic. Yea, baddie face is 👌🏻🙌🏻

    1. Thank you so much and yes I absolutely needed the break.

      I’m very happy that I’m a girl since I can dress up a lot. One of the perks haha. Thank you 😊

      I would definitely recommend trying vegan food if you are ever able to and Chinese food is always delicious. I like food from most Asian countries actually. The view just made everything better ☺️

      1. Totally, girl’s clothing options are amazing. Boys have tshirt, shit, pants, shorts and jeans. Interesting women have all these options and more 🤣
        I once tried to cook tofu at home. I didn’t like it much.
        Tofu is uncommon here.
        People like paneer ( cottage cheese) here. It’s more easily available. Although, yes it’s not vegan sorry.
        Do you like any indian dish??

        1. I always think of the clothing as a present for all the crap women go through lol. 😂

          Yeah tofu is something you need to get used to before you like it because everyone likes it in a different way. I loved paneer but since I no longer have it my mum makes everything with tofu instead of paneer. We made matar tofu the other day and it was fantastic. I love ALL Indian food to be honest. I just don’t have the patience to make it 😂 My favourite is probably South Indian like Idli and dosa.

          1. Matar tofu sounds interesting! 🤔
            Will try it. Maybe, the quality of the tofu wasn’t apposite or I don’t know what. But, it tasted a bit different. If you use tofu instead of paneer, then I’m sure you have tried palaak tofu(spinach), tofu chilly, tofu pullaav(rice). I will see if any restaurant serves it. Although, I don’t eat outside. Also, do you visit indian restaurant as well. Resturants, that serves indian food only? 🙂

            1. And yes, I agree. Women go through a lot of crap. No matter where. But condition of women are same or worse. Although, Women are getting better opportunities but need more support and understanding from men side.

            2. Yes I have tried all those dishes with tofu and loved all of them but matar tofu is my favourite so far. Palaak tofu is also wonderful. Maybe your tofu was bad because tofu spoils extremely easily. Try smelling it before using it and if it smells off don’t use it.
              I do occasionally visit Indian restaurants but I don’t eat out more than once or twice a month so I only go to an Indian restaurant like a couple of times a year.

              1. OK noted!!
                That’s a piece of great advice. Will do the next time. Me going to the restaurants is futile as If I cannot dress like that, what’s the point of going. Sorry, My mind is still stuck to that dress.
                Hey, This blog was great and it’s amazing to know a bit about you. Please keep sharing such interesting blogs. The best thing is, this blog covered-fashion, food, place review in one blog 🙂

                1. Thank you! These types of posts are actually my favourite to make but unfortunately I don’t go out as often as I would like to. But, I’ll let you in on a little secret- I have a lot of these types of posts coming soon.

  6. Those views are stunning and I love the dress too! I’m a little black dress lover myself, I had six at one time and would not part with any of them lol. I still have the one I wore the night I got engaged – it’s knee-length, halterneck eith black geometric beading at the waist. I’m also a fan of the smokey brown/red lips look, though personally I usually wear more of a brick red or a mauve because I’m a Brit and red washes us out lol.

    Also thankyou for making me think of cruelty-free cosmetics and skincare products. I’m not vegan (though I do believe that much more could be done for kinder, greener agriculture) but I am vehemently against animal testing. I dashed off to check all of my skincare products (even my toothpaste!) and only one wasn’t cruelty-free, which will now be being replaced by a brand that is. I realised a lot of my make-ups are tested on animals too, so as much as I love my Rimmel Sky High black waterprood mascara, it’s time for it to go!

    1. LBD’s are the best. Yours sounds beautiful and
      I think red always looks cute with a black dress no matter what shade it is.

      Yes, a lot of companies still test on animals which is awful and glad you’re taking the step to go cruelty free. Every small bit counts. Personally, I’m vegan for the animals more than the environment but I totally understand veganism isn’t for everyone.

      1. Absolutely. I used to go for a silver/grey smokey eyeshadow and nude lips in my teens but as I’ve aged so too has my look lol.

        I fully understand that, and that’s why I really dislike eating pork, because pigs remind me so much of dogs. I’m trying for as much as I can to adopt a pesce-pollotarian diet, both for sustainability and cruelty reasons. It is a lot easier (and greener) to raise and farm poultry and fish ethically than it is pigs or cows.

        1. Omg that’s such a classic British look haha 😂 But yeah that looks cute as a teen but not so much as an adult.

          Yeah that definitely makes sense and we all do the best we can.

          1. Difference is I don’t get legless 😉 exactly, I tried it a while ago and I was like “girl, who are you trying to fool?!” Haha. I still need my glitter eyeshadows though, a girl needs her sparkle! Lol

            Absolutely. The majority of us aren’t high enough to make a big difference, but our collective small differences can make bigger changes happen.

            1. Haha agreed, we all need a little sparkle in our eyeshadow 😜

              Well put. As individuals we can’t do much but together we can make bigger changes.

              1. Sparkling eyes means a sparkling personality, remember that 😜

                Absolutely, that’s why I love being part of Olio, it’s like a community of people who are all trying to do better for our planet.

  7. You look so pretty! Love the black dress and your makeup. Thank you for including the links too, I need to check out that Sephora lip stain. Great read, Pooja and beautiful views, I’d love to eat at Level 24. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I wanted to add the links to everything since every product I used just worked amazingly. I was so impressed. The lip stains are fantastic I have multiple colours and love them all. And they’re SO pigmented and hydrating. Lol can you tell it’s one of my favourite lipsticks 😂

  8. It sounds like you had a really good time and you needed the break. You wrote an excellent description of your dress, the restaurant, the food, and yourself. It was a pleasure to read.

  9. Wow, loved reading about this place. It’s fascinating to learn about and see new places like this, thanks for sharing 🙂

    Sarah x

  10. I loved this post! The view was spectacular (but you’re even more spectacular 👑). And the food looks like it was delicious! Makes me hungry just looking at it! 😂

  11. I don’t know.. The baddie face would having me wanting to take you home for the night after diner… 😉🥱
    I decided I’d at least read the one I started reading a week or so ago. Good timing, I’ve been on a mostly vegetarian/vegan diet (other then fish) for a year or more, got covid and it messed my taste up for a while where I changed diets. Taste and texture made me not want to eat, but now I need to go back to it because my current diet is kinda trashy.

    1. Lolll 😂😉

      Sorry to hear that, I have heard of people losing their taste partially or completely because of Covid. That sucks. Yeah I think it’s important to eat healthy with occasional treats of course. But it’s hard to do that when you’re not well.

      1. Things just tasted bad, but it’s also concerning that some food tasted the same. “What the f____ are they putting in this as flavor?” I have a wild fetish for tofu noodles in cashew sauce, going to go back to that.
        You can 😉 all you want. Even better? 😡. You can make me your target of anger as much as you’d like. lol
        I watched the South Park gluten episode this morning, I’ve been eating breads again which isn’t that great. I actually like cauliflower better for some reason.

        1. It’s weird some stuff tasted the same. What were some of the things that tasted the same? Maybe they had a very strong flavour.

          I have been avoiding gluten for so long but this week I’ve had it almost every day and I just feel sort of lazy now.

          1. Microwaved foods, especially things like small hamburgers that are likely just preservatives and salt. lol. A few things, typically them. Taste is normal so I can go back to my usual. I’m bad about liking something and making it too routine so it’ll make my older diet taste better. Covid made everything taste bitter, I didn’t lose taste completely, but people I know did.

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