Six Word Story #180

Suffocating, drowning, darkness, yearning for death.

No new word today because this SWS randomly popped into my head this afternoon. Still, do leave your SWS replies in the comments below!

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73 thoughts on “Six Word Story #180

  1. Six loves down, black widow joins.
    I’m wondering where this 6 word thing comes from. I’ve heard of the supposed “shortest short story”* as they used to call it by Ernest Hemingway. But it does seem senselessly arbitrary. I guess if someone famous had claimed a 7 word story as the most elegant short story ever then that would have been the tradition. I have a 9 1/2 word story found on a shred of paper found in the debris of a tornado in Kansas blah blah… Now I just need a publicity agent to promote it and get it covered on the news… Seems like traditions are too fickle.
    * “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” is a six-word story, generally attributed to Ernest Hemingway

  2. illuminating my love makes dark light.

    [mixed etymologies of Latin versus anglo-saxon or germanic makes for interesting synonyms of illuminate and light up etc. but light & heavy are more ambiguity. Then there’s “my love” as a particular person versus a thing which I give. So both I suppose is a convenience.]

    Inspected his double entendre package well.

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