I am haunted by your face

It’s the only thing I see anymore

Whenever I close my eyes

Your smile

Your sparkling eyes

The curve of your lips

Why do I torture myself every night

Thinking of what could be

When I know it never will be

I generally don’t post poetry more than once a week but my fingers on my right (my dominant hand) are swollen and I can’t type much at the moment. So, enjoy!

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75 thoughts on “Haunted

      1. Ouch! Take care of you! That one was thirty some years ago, where is she now? My folks did NOT like her, she was a wild child which was fantastic. 🔥🔥

        1. Lol most people’s parents feel that way about me too 😂 I was a wild teenager and there are some crazy stories about me out there 😜 But that’s what makes life fun- the craziness!

        1. Yeah that could definitely be one of the reasons. I’ve also found that humans tend to fixate on the negatives so that may also be one of the reasons.

  1. Gorgeous poem, Pooja. ! I felt the emotion in this one. I hope your hand heals for you. I have a very random question. Does your name have a particular meaning ? I love learning meaning of names lately. I love the sound of your name 🙂 . It reminds me of the ocean waves.

  2. Kindly take care of your fingers please.
    Are you working too much.
    Please take good care.
    This actually gave me an idea. I never tried a blog through app(phone). On phone, I get an option that it type automatically as I speak.
    Btw, the poem is a treat. I really enjoy your work. You always give so much variety. You have published a poem today and you are saying you might have shared something else. But, I think this is an effective way to break the pattern and keep readers surprised. ☀️

    1. Thanks and no not cos of work. I have an infection that’s causing it. Let me know if you try writing it on your phone and how it works out.

      Thanks so much!

      1. Writing on phone for me would be very difficult. As My blogs are of 1k words. I am not comfortable with the app. It’s not smooth.
        I type on computer, much easier for me.
        I think phone typing/audio can work for shorter blogs/poems of yours.
        Please take good care, best wishes.

  3. I still sometimes think about him even though I know he’s gone forever. Also even if we meet again, he would have been a different person. So… he has been a phantom in my mind for years.

    1.     You could draw on your passions and puns. Sometimes it helps to have a simple idea and then search for words in a thesaurus. It’s best to check the flavors of meaning for each synonym in a dictionary. A rhyming dictionary can also sometimes be helpful as a starting point. Or simply just break up ideas into lines and see where the story takes you. I looked at your website, and thought about it awhile. I thought of some fictional ideas. Start anywhere and edit later.
      I remember seeing you draw water from a well;
      you had your notebook for drawing
      but when you glanced at me
      spilling your bucket,
      you seemed thirsty for friendship

      edit (2)
      Seeing you draw water from a well,
      I noticed you glanced at me, and
      you spilled your bucket as if
      you were thirsty for friendship

      (3) rhymes for “well” as possible new words to add somewhere:
      bell, belle,cell, dell, dwell, fell,quell, sell, shell, smell,swell, tell yell, befell, compel,dispel,excel,foretell…

      (4) what comes to the imagination while contemplating these words that might fit whatever theme or story idea you want to develop?

      Seeing you draw water from a well,
      I noticed you glanced at me, and
      I saw a drawing dwelling
      in your happy notebook, yes

      it made you spill your bucket as if
      you were thirsty for friendship

    2. Thank you so much! I see that Doug has given you some fantastic advice that I simply can’t even attempt to compete with but I’ll tell you what works for me. Write about something that is close to your heart and my poems tend to be more like streams of consciousness which can sometimes be easier to write.

  4.     I’m sorry your fingers are swollen. I hope it’s not serious.
        I like the i-sound of the eyes-smile-eyes rhyme scheme, and the sad “never will be” conclusion.
        In the reading of a book we can be comforted by a fictional character. A fantasy about a real person who is unattainable might as well be a fantasy of a fictional character. Or there can be the haunt of the “Roman à clef” of a dream. Fantasy undoing of events is an interesting defense mechanism of the unconscious, and it does seem like nightmares are an unnecessary torture; nevertheless it still happens. I suppose that movies and cartoons are too intoxicating like the song mantra “Some day my Prince will come…”

    1. It’s not serious and should heal in a few weeks, thank you.

      You are so right and I have a very bad habit of doing that with characters or unattainable people in real life. That’s actually what inspired this poem you so you really nailed it on the head with that analysis.

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