Six Word Story #184

Older blog posts often embarrassingly mawkish.

Edit: Today’s post didn’t go up on time (thanks WordPress!) even though I had scheduled it. Luckily I checked after about two hours of when it should have been posted only to realise WP had messed up as usual. I went in and manually published it. But I can already see a drop in traffic, likes and comments so if you see this post please interact. I’m feeling really disappointed by this mess up but life goes on as it always does. Hope you guys are having a better day than I am. I know that this sort of thing does happen with scheduled posts since a number of you have mentioned that it has also happened to you. It’s happened to me before too so I’m not really surprised. Just irritated that even after upgrading to the Business Plan and paying a ridiculous amount of money for it things like this still happen. WordPress has really gone downhill and if it wasn’t for the lifesfinewhiners I would definitely not be here anymore.

Today’s Word:


1: Mawkish means “exaggeratedly or childishly emotional,” and is often used to describe works of art, music, or literature that a critic finds cloying.

More about the word.

I have been blogging for a long time. I started in 2015 when I was just a silly teenager and consequently quite mawkish. When I read some of those older posts I cringe because as an adult I just find them so immature. But at the same time I am glad that thanks to blogging so many memories are not preserved. If you want to read about my blogging journey, how I started and more please click here. And to read posts from 2015 (the years I created lifesfinewhine) please click here.

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68 thoughts on “Six Word Story #184

  1. Even my older blogs are mawkish!! 😂
    This word is new to me and I will try to use it more often. This word is also new to my keyboard as it’s showing red line below it 😛
    Silly blogger? You? No way!! You always wrote with the heart and you still do. I would definitely love to read older blogs of yours to see the difference. I’m sure, you have changed many things here and there with time. It could be humongous learning opportunity for me. Honestly, I’ve changed a lot of things by learning from your work. I’m not saying, I copied but yeah I got inspired and tried to make my blogs more reader friendly.
    One of things that I’ve learnt from your blogs is ” feeling of togetherness”. Your blogs speaks to the readers directly and from the first line itself, I can feel a connection.

    1. Haha trust me, my older posts are such a different vibe. Very silly now that I look back. Thanks, I’m glad you were able to pick up stuff from my posts. That’s how you learn and improve and that’s what I do too.

      1. I need to read your blogs that are very old. Need to find out myself 😂.
        Have anyone ever influence your work in a positive manner? Like someone who’s work you admire and learnt from them?

        1. Yup a number of bloggers have inspired me although many of them don’t blog anymore or we drifted apart over time. That’s what happens with the internet.

            1. I can’t stop because I this is my job now 😂

              No, my scheduled post just didn’t go up on time because WP loves to glitch and malfunction for no reason. 😤

      1. Haha. My mom often tells me, “You have the patience of Job.” Lol. It comes with the territory, I think. I’ve been doing this for so long, you know? Lol.

        1. Lol I very much agree with her. I could never do what you do (mostly because I have failed almost every science class I’ve taken but also because I have absolutely no patience). I guess practice makes perfect over time.

    1. I think I recall that many Native American tribes had a lot of metaphors about the strategies of Hawks and Eagles in finding prey. Hawks see movement or patterns in the grass and they dive at the pattern to catch a mouse. Eagles have very good eyesight so they just see the mouse and dive right at it. I suppose that patterns are like art work that a hawk would cry about if it couldn’t get anything to eat. I think an Eagle would cry if it dived at a painting of a mouse. [the WP reply boxes have been doing weird things in asking for identification sign in. And the pop-up note partially or fully sometimes covers the wordpress logo so you can’t click on the user identification login (but I’m already logged in and it used to just know me when I clicked in the box.]

      1. Wow, that’s really interesting about the hawks and eagles. I knew eagles have good eyesight but I didn’t know about hawks seeing movement or patterns.

        Sorry about that, apparently WordPress has introduced something new where you have to sign in to sites that are on their paid plan. I will talk to them about it but it doesn’t seem likely I’ll be able to fix the issue.

  2. I understand how you feel! I just started blogging in 2020 and even I cringe at the posts I wrote just two years ago😂

  3. Maudlin Pollyanna drew mawkish praise later.

    Not exactly sure about the difference between maudlin and mawkish.

    Eleanor H. Porter’s 1913 novel “Pollyanna” was praised for its unrelenting optimism no matter what. But then so soon after in 1914 came World War 1, then the Great Depression, and then WW2 etc. With so much tragedy “Pollyanna” became a pejorative word, and no one can do “the glad game” anymore. Even the title character Pollyanna Whittier, an eleven-year-old orphan, is sad for a while when she gets hit by a car and can’t walk.

    1. I think maudlin is more like emotional while mawkish is more immature than sentimental.

      How interesting. I didn’t know about that. It’s interesting how our perception changes as the world around us changes.

  4. Mawkish – I love the new word! I can see myself explaining it continuously to others though. lol. I certainly get mawkish at times watching my kdrama netflix series and even in the series including Navillera which touched my heart several times while bingeing yesterday.

    1. Haha absolutely, people are going to keep confusing the meaning because it sounds so different from what it means.
      I’ve been meaning to watch that one since it’s so different than the usual kdramas I watch. It’s not about romance or anything like that, right?

  5. I feel too so, but you learn with time and experience. It happens with every skill.

    True that the WordPress schedule feature doesn’t work properly. It happens to me also. It’s better to post your posts manually.

    1. Yeah I may have to start doing that too because WordPress has been messing up my posts when I schedule them. It happened again with yesterdays post.

  6. Oohh… Mawkish is interesting. Never heard of that word.

    I also noticed something weird with scheduling posts too where it just wouldn’t happen so I also kept doing it manually. It’s amazing how much money they want for the business plan for these things to happen.

    Hope your day is better! 🙂

  7. You are sooooo right. If I read what I wrote before, I can really scream because I kind of feel mawkish, as if I am listening to my voice, which sounds sooooo bad.

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