My Favourite Songs (At The Moment!)

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Okay, I’ll admit it. I was too busy to write a long post today even though I had hoped to write one about mental health. So, instead I thought I would share some of my favourite songs that I am loving right now. I know some of you really enjoy my music posts so this one’s for all the music loving lifesfinewhiners out there.

I have pretty diverse random taste in music if I’m being honest. That’s why I decided to share songs by genre. That way, you can skip to the genre you enjoy most. I know some of you like specific genres so that will make it easier for you.

I’ll also put a little warning before songs that contain explicit language in case anyone wants to avoid those.

Hip Hop

Disclaimer: May contain offensive/explicit language or content.

I love old school hip hop so that’s mostly what I’ve been listening to. There are so many more songs I want to add below but I don’t want the post to be too long so I’ll just add some of my favourites.

60’s/70’s Music

This is another favourite of mine when it comes to music. I think I listen to 60’s and 70’s music almost daily. Ever since I learnt about it in one my university classes it’s just been something I have really been into. I even did a post about some of my favourite tunes from that time. You can check that out by clicking here if you’re interested. Here are some songs I’ve been listening to very often these days.

Country Music

I absolutely love country music. It’s probably my favourite genre other than hiphop. I only listen to old school country though or Any new mainstream country (sometimes referred to as “Bro Country”) I absolutely avoid because I can’t bare the pandering. Back in the day, country songs had real meaning. They didn’t make them just to please an audience. They made them to tell a story. I actually also did a post about my favourite country songs that you can read here. And one about female country musicians I love which you can read here.


Disclaimer: May contain offensive/explicit language or content.

I listen to a lot of dancehall because it gets me hyped while I work so I don’t get bored or fall asleep lol!


Disclaimer: May contain offensive/explicit language or content.

I rarely listen to pop but occasionally I’ll listen to a song or two. This is what I’ve been listening to recently.


I really hope you enjoyed this post. It’s been a long time since I published a post about music and I’m glad I was busy today because it gave me the chance to complete and publish this one. I had the idea for it a while back so I saved the title but after that it’s just been stuck in drafts.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite songs and I just hope the videos work because sometimes YouTube and WordPress aren’t very compatible. In case they don’t work in the reader please view them on my site. You can do that by clicking here.

What is your favourite genre? What are some of your favourite songs? Do you know or like any of the songs or musicians I have mentioned on this post? Would you like to see more music related posts on Lifesfinewhine? Let me know in the comments below, don’t be shy I no longer bite!

For more music posts click here.

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74 thoughts on “My Favourite Songs (At The Moment!)

  1. Your music tastes are very different from mine, Pooja! White Rabbit is such a great classic, The Kinks are cool too. My musical palate is of the 60s through the 90s which kind of shows my age group!

  2. Yes, I always love your music posts. You must be an old soul. I love On The Road Again by Willie Nelson and so many of these older songs.

    1. Thank you so much. I absolutely love Willie Nelson and I think On The Road Again is one of my favourite songs by him. Older songs just had so much meaning, I love them.

    1. Lol, that’s exactly how I listen to any country music made after the 90’s 😂
      The Kinks are so brilliant and of course Cher too. I love older music.

  3. I enjoyed learning about your musical tastes. Musical tastes can be very personal. I grew up on old rock and roll, heavy metal, ska, punk rock. My taste hasn’t changed much, but I’ve discovered new bands in the same genres that I love. For some reason, my music relaxes me, no matter how fast the music is. It puts me in a good mood. One thing I’ve learned is that every genre sings about the same general life events and happenings.

    1. Thanks so much. I loved all types of rock, heavy metal etc when I was a teenager. It’s pretty much all I listened to except hiphop. However, I think my taste has changed after going to university. I still love rock but I listen to a lot more now. I actually love listening to rock when I’m sick because it makes me feel better even though it’s usually very loud/fast.

      1. Rock music makes me feel better too. But I can listen to it no matter what mood I’m in. Me and my friends usually go to a lot of concerts. We like the smaller venues where we can be close to the stage.

  4. Fun. I need to check your links. I have had an off day, so though I blogged, kind of sort of, my brain has not been in gear. I need music. Going to go play music.

  5. I loved your playlist, Pooja.

    Although, i listen to hindi songs more (of every genre).

    And of course, i would love to have these kind of posts in future too.

  6. NOOOOOOOOO… Not a music Post!!! hahahahah,.. LOVE everything about this Post and the songs. soooo good Pooja. Just giving you a bad time as I know there are those out there you like to avoid on these posts.. praying you don’t have to deal with any of those!

  7. Thank you for sharing all of this great music with us. I cannot see a day go by without listening to my old and new favorites, and discovering new favorites too. I enjoy listening to all kinds of music. Even if we don’t live in the same places in the world, we will always have music to bring us together. Have a wonderful blessed weekend.

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, music has a way of making everything better for us. Music is definitely something I need daily too. And yes, music does bring us all together. Have a wonderful and blessed weekend too.

  8. I love most of the old school hip hop and 60s/70s songs here. That Cher song makes me think of my mom. She was crazy about that album when it came out.

    My favorite genre of music is in my screen name. Lol.

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, that album by Cher was brilliant but then again I think everything she does is brilliant. Your mum had good taste in music.

      I love grunge too but loved it a bit more as a teen!

  9. Yeah, those none serious, music posts are always refreshing plus they show your personality as music preference is personal. My music taste is so related to my mood so I don’t have one favourite genre. I listen to Latin, and reggaeton music a lot. Many of the songs you mentioned, I also like such as Believe, and Go Down Deh

  10. An interesting blog. I like how it’s different from your other blogs. This blogs tells nothing about you, haha. I mean taste in music tells a lot. But, you have shared so many diverese(random) music, so it’s hard to tell. haha
    A terrific share.
    I mostly like EDM.

              1. Thank god!
                When I checked yesterday, it was showing only 1 comment. I refreshed multiple times. Open your site, still 1 comment. I thought to inform you then. I am glad things are back to as they were.

  11. I am not musical but recently I started to read some of hip hop lyrics and they are soooooo beautiful and raw and rolling off my tongue. The problem with hip hop lyrics is that sometimes they use too much historical reference or street smart or metaphor or puns that as a non-native speaker, I can’t really follow. However the places that I can follow, they are thrilling. It is a new kind of poetry that is so enticing…

    1. Hip hop really is like poetry if you take the time to listen to the lyrics. And I have learnt so many new words, phrases etc from the lyrics. I genuinely think it’s been so helpful to me as a writer and has expanded my vocabulary lol.

  12. I think you’re onto a winner, I love varying my music taste and the best way I found out about new songs is shuffle mode on Spotify I always find myself interested in a new genre very quickly

      1. Thanks! Yes, I was able to get my comments back for the most part. The plugins are okay thankfully.

        Glad it’s cooling down now and hopefully you can finally go out some more!

        1. That’s good news! My Admin area tells me when a plugin needs updating But I should check them anyway. It’s still in the 90s and mid 80s so I should get back to biking soon. ❤️

  13. Your musical taste is as diverse as mine. I too like rock, pop, country and rap. My favorites are 80’s jams. I also like Jefferson Airplane another good is their version of somebody to love.

    1. Thanks so much and I will definitely check out Jefferson Airplane’s version. I also love 80’s music especially the rock during that decade but I think I’m always more drawn towards the sixties.

  14. Your musical taste is as diverse as mine. I like rock, pop, country, and rap. My favorites are 80’s but I like some 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 90’s and even some new stuff. Another good Jefferson airplane song is somebody to love.

    1. That’s awesome to hear. I do enjoy the 80’s too especially the rap and rock from that decade. I’ll definitely check out Jefferson Airplane’s Somebody To Love. Thanks for the recommendation.

  15. I have developed particular fondness for ambient music. Some songs when slowed down many times can make one get unusual types of emotions. Perhaps the main issue though, is during the editing process. Because while there might be some dramatic sounding, emotionally surprising sound hidden in a song, it might often only be a tiny percentage of the slowed version, making it difficult to find, as one might need to sift through many minutes of the sound of the entire song, trying to find at least one “gem in the rough”. I tried doing so, then uploading to Soundcloud. One song that worked well was Lean On by Dj Snake & Mo.

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