should have listened to my gut

When it told me to run

But I stayed

Much longer than I would like to admit

Now it’s too late

Running is no longer an option

I’ve been watching a lot of psycho-thrillers and horror movies lately because I love those kind of movies and that’s where this poem stemmed from. I am one of those people that watch things according to their mood. Sometimes I love cheesy romances, sometimes I want to watch something funny. And sometimes, I just want to watch some terrifying.

I think the weather is also making me want to watch horror movies. It’s been very cloudy and rainy which is the perfect weather to get cosy and watching something that will make you scream… and guarantee you don’t get a good nights sleep because there’s a weird shadow in your room that I’m pretty sure is moving…

One that I watched recently (I may have mentioned this already) was Fresh. I would really recommend it to horror and psycho-thriller fans out there. It was very different from any other horror movies I’ve seen. And the acting was great. Sebastian Stan is such a versatile actor. I was really impressed. It is pretty disturbing so I would recommend avoiding the movie if you get easily disturbed by horror movies.

I also thought I would share some songs that may fit the psycho-thriller theme:

Do you guys enjoy horror movies? Do you enjoy psycho-thrillers? If so, what are some of your favourite ones? Any recommendations for what I should watch next? Let me know in the comments below, I’ma always looking for some new movies to watch!

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101 thoughts on “Run

  1. I LOVE horror and psychological thrillers! Some of my favorites that come to mind are 13 Ghosts and Identity. I’ve seen so many, I can’t believe Those are the only 2 I can think of!

  2. You and I are opposites, Pooja, I strongly dislike horror movies because of the violence. One of my aunts, God rest her soul, loved those movies. The bottom video was not available due to a copyright issue. The Talking Heads were pretty cool in their day!

  3. I used to watch horror -thriller a lot when I was a child. Back then, getting scared made the movie fun.
    With time, I stopped watching that genre. I would definitely watch your recommendation.
    I would recommend you “See no evil”, however, I’m sure you have watched it already 😛

    1. I don’t watch horror movies as much as I used to but I still love watching them occasionally especially in rainy weather.

      Yup I saw “See No Evil” but when I was super young (I don’t know why my parents let me watch it) and I was so terrified I had nightmares for weeks 😳

      1. The guy who played that bad person is a wrestler. He’s 7 ft tall. A perfect fit for such role.
        Your parents were telling you to see no evil and you did that literally. 😛
        Have you seen babadook? 🙂

        1. Yeah he’s insanely tall so definitely perfect for the role. His acting is also really good.

          No I haven’t seen that one yet but I saw the trailer and it’s way too scary for me cos of the paranormal stuff. That really freaks me out 😂

          1. I think you are ready for it. 😛
            Next time when you feel a need to watch horror -thriller, consider that movie.
            I would like to know your recommendation of any new movie that’s out this year.

            1. Haha thanks and I think I’ll watch the movie “X” next so I’ll let you know if that’s good. I’ve mostly watched older ones so this will be my first newer horror movie.

  4. “RUN”

    I grew up in a hundred-year-old Victorian Era Addams’ Family house (Texas)
    I’d drop a link, but I have recently been chastised for doing that.

    If you are interested, just please visit my blog and look for “Not The Waltons”

  5. Not really a fan of horror movies; my sister practically forced me to watch three of them with her and my eyes were closed for half of the entire movie! Horror movies mess with my head and make me think there’s something in my room related to what I watched. But, right now I am interested in psychological thrillers (is it the same as horror?), do you have any recommendations?

    1. Horror is definitely not for everyone, lol! Yeah I mostly stick with psycho-thrillers too because I hate ghosts/paranormal stuff and most horror movies have that.
      I would recommend the classic psycho-thrillers like The Silence Of The Lambs, Friday the Thirteenth, Prom Night, Psycho, American Psycho. Also some newer ones like Gone Girl and Girl on the Train.

        1. I liked the Sixth Sense even though I hate ghost stuff. It was just so good! Other than a couple of classics like that I just stick with psycho-thrillers lol.

          1. I actually liked that one too! My husband talked me into watching a saw movie when it first came out… He fell asleep and I HATED it. I find that the scariest movies to me are the ones that are the most plausible.

  6. I kind of like horror movies but only around this time of year. I have trouble sleeping if a storyline feels too realistic. I’ve experienced ghosts so anything involving haunting or poltergeists is a big no. I do enjoy cult classics, cheesy horror that’s too over-the-top to be believable, and anything Rob Zombie has a hand in 🖤
    Honestly tho- my favorite Halloween movies are Hocus Pocus and The Addams Family 😆

    1. Mine is the opposite. If it’s realistic (as in with psychos or something) it doesn’t scare me. It’s paranormal stuff like ghosts that freak me out lol. I’ve had a lot of ghost experiences too but that’s a story for another day.

      I love Hocus Pocus too and The Addams Family is one of my absolute favourites!

      1. Ahhh! See, when I said realistic, I was talking about ghosts and paranormal stuff, haha!
        Living in Maine—one of the most haunted parts of the US, and less than 50 miles from Stephen King’s home— I feel like paranormal is just normal.

        1. Lol it’s normal here too and everywhere else I’ve lived. Maybe I’m the problem…
          I would be too scared to live near Stephen King. Some of his books have given me serious nightmares.

              1. I think he and Tabitha (his wife) live in Florida now, at least for the winters. But I totally have a pic of me standing in front of his house. It’s exactly what you would expect it to look like 👻

  7. Growing up I loved horror movies. Then when I was pregnant with my first child, I had horrible nightmares. Horrible. But now my cousin and sister are trying to talk me into have a halloween horror movie night.

  8. I enjoy thrillers, but horror movies are a big no. Especially because most of the time I’m by myself or alone at home and imagine someone watching me from outside. Just creepy. Lovely poem ❤️

    1. Yeah I would not watch horror if I was alone at home. Even with other people around I get scared at night when I’m alone in my room sometimes lol. 😂

  9. nice job creating a creepy poem!

    we just started watching The Patient, a psychological thriller starring Steve Carrell. We are three episodes in and find it quite good…

  10. 1. Do you enjoy horror movies?

    No! I do not enjoy them (reason below).

    I’ve watched some “horror comedy” videos, and enjoyed a lot.😂

    2. Do you enjoy psycho-thrillers?

    The human minds (script writer, director, cameraman) behind the movie EXAGGERATE the story on the plot.

    Showing some of the inhuman activities can be avoided. They do not exist in the reality.


    Why I do not watch horror movies?

    “… and guarantee you don’t get a good nights sleep because there’s a weird shadow in your room that I’m pretty sure is moving…” 🤯😬😱

    1. Haha yeah horror-comedy is an interesting sub-genre. I love movies like that too, like “Scream.”

      Yeah they definitely do exaggerate a lot of things but I always prefer more realistic psycho-thrillers or those based on real life events.

  11. I see the theme of your poem and it’s a good tease. But I think you would find it interesting to add a few details based on your discussion. I think you poem could be as elaborate as your analysis and discussion. “What the poem is about” explanation could be in it. For example, the theme “I should have run” Here’s a quick outline first draft:

    So they say
    in every cell an opportunity for
    interstitial spirits to haunt spaces
    beyond rational mind and ego
    mostly benign intuitions
    that guard against intrusions

    like an unease
    a quivering stomach and beyond

    a gut knows when
    foreign intrusions threaten, but
    the ego doubts the irrational

    In this house they said
    dark mocking samurai spirits

    No need I had thought to leave,
    no need because
    this house of dishonor,
    is mere brick and stone

    but when I picked up the sword
    my consciousness waned
    like falling into a dream

    I knew what a samurai felt

    My gut told me to run
    but I felt intense shame

    Seppuku, hara-kiri
    I kept hearing like a song

    My gut told me to run
    but the shame of what I had done
    flooded my cells with disgrace

    my gut had told me to run
    but it was too late.

    It was invaded and I
    needed to embrace
    pain, to plunge the sword
    into my gut and twist.

  12. I’m not a big horror movie kind of guy. I’ve seen all of the classic horror movies. I watch the newer ones with my daughter on occasion. She loves scary movies, even if they keep her up all night. At least she doesn’t bug me when she can’t sleep. She’s a teenager so I don’t have much control over that. I think most people watch movies according to their mood. I’m the same way. But I like action/adventure movies, comedies, some sci-fi movies.

    1. I’m like your daughter, they keep me up at night but I still love them. Yeah, it definitely depends on your mood. Somedays I love comedies and action/adventure too. Sci-Fi I rarely watch unless I watch them with my dad because he loves them.

          1. I was able to get the comments back so I am very happy about that. The guest posts are definitely giving me more time. I’m loving it.

            Good luck with your new job and I really hope it helps you spend more time with them and doesn’t end up tiring you as much as the other job.

  13. I watch things based on my mood too. Psychological thrillers are one of my favorites and I like older horror movies compared to newer ones (too much CGI sometimes then it stops being scary haha).

  14. I read several books from Stephen King and watched the Scream movie series. That’s about it. Also a couple of stories from Edgar Allan Poe. I have to say a good scare is actually very relaxing. I don’t know why this is the case. I mean global warming and inflation are scare enough, but still it is a different scare than the movie or book scare…

    1. I think movie/book scares make us forget about the actually scary things in our life which is why it can be relaxing. I like Edgar Allan Poe a lot and some of his work is so hauntingly beautiful. It just stick with you.

  15. I’ve always enjoyed horror movies, books, etc., but I am starting to feel like the segment of people in the U.S. who enjoy horror *too much* is starting to grow disconcertingly large and it freaks me out. IMO… Halloween does not need to start ramping up in late August.

  16. I like a good horror movie but at some point, in the 80’s it became more about gore than scaring you. Case in point Friday the 13th don’t get me wrong the first six are good however I think they should have stopped there. The Exorcist and Salem’s Lot are two good horror movies both from the 70’s.

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