New African Music Industry & Its Connection With The Diaspora

The New African Music Industry & Its Connection With The Diaspora

It’s no fluke seeing the progress of African music dominating countries all over the world. Over the past few years, Africa, a home to different music beats had little acknowledgement across our continent which made us recognisable but still not a force to stand with. But all these has changed since the last five (5) years.

Record labels have been focusing on music distribution and promotion across Africa. Our improved copyright laws, abilities to combine various beats, investments in top-notch music equipment alongside advanced training on how to create new sounds, has launched us into the new dispensation of African Music.

African artistes have accepted that we are ONE regardless of our culture and when languages has been a hindrance in the past, it is now a key influence on how we top the music charts. Artistes are open to learn new cultures, combine beats which has led to their audience regardless of their type of music dance to beats such as “Amapiano” “Afrobeat” “Fuji” “Highlife” and so much more. The drive to discover a new sound launched us into a new era of being nominated for international awards for our remarkable efforts together with most of the awards coming back home with us.

The listeners are not exempted from the growth of the new African music industry. Listeners have proven to be the real Gen-Z who take good advantage of the blessings of the internet. We have become appreciative of our own artistes hence has led to the millions of streams and downloads.

This advancement in our industry has given our brothers and sisters in diaspora the self assurance that we are united despite not being home. Through music we have connected with our own and this has been a major force in the world’s choice of music. Africans are now unapologetically topping world charts and seen as a great impact when it comes to international collaborations.

Business Day NG view of Afrobeats

*Africans in the diaspora played a big role

Afrobeats music can be heard in gas stations, shopping malls, on the streets, the radio and in the locker rooms of sport clubs around the world.

This penetration didn’t happen overnight. The growing number of immigrants in the US and UK made for the inclusion of the sound to vast numbers of places people would dare play these songs. Now it’s been reported that in some clubs in Atlanta the party doesn’t start until an Afrobeat song hits the speakers.”


Overall, the future of the African music industry is bright and open to improvement. We believe this recognition is here to stay and it can only get better because the essential characteristics (record labels, promoters, artists, listeners), that promote our continent are working like a Trojan to accommodate one another and focus on the betterment of music industry.

This is the last guest post for this month and it’s a wonderful one from Chukwudumebi Uchidiuno. Being Kenyan, I have grown up hearing African music all around me. That’s why I really wanted to share this post with you guys. I know a lot of my subscribers aren’t from African countries and this may be new information to them. I hope you enjoyed this post and do take a minute to view Chukwudumebi’s blog for more information on African music by clicking here.

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46 responses to “New African Music Industry & Its Connection With The Diaspora”

  1. Thank you so much Pooja! I’m grateful for giving Djembe this amazing opportunity. African Music is going global and we are excited that people get to recognize our talents. Thank you Pooja! I will be delighted to answer any question related to this post.

    1. My pleasure and thanks for writing this wonderful post!

  2. This is actually very interesting!!
    A beautiful blog Chukwudumebi Uchidiuno
    I would love to listen to African music.
    I will share my experience in this blog. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. To be honest, the entertainment industry and miniseries in Africa are the growing sectors in the continent. Especially here in Nigeria, Ministries are spreading their wings across the globe likewise the music and film industry. Kudos to our artists who make us happy despite the state of our bad governance 🙂

  4. Thankyou for sharing this Amazing post. It fills me with great joy to see African music finally getting the respect that it deserves!!!

    1. I was happy to share it and I feel the exact same way! African music is fantastic and needs more recognition.

  5. I love it. Afrobeat thrives everywhere in the world. Being Nigerian, I can barely go a day without hearing African music. Thumbs up to artists all artists representing Africa and it’s music to the world ❤️

  6. […] The New African Music Industry And Its Connection With The Diaspora […]

  7. Thank you for a well researched article 🙏

  8. Wow, a great post. Well done Chukwudumebi. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi,

    I was amazed to see African people singing Bollywood songs. Even, our prime minister appreciated their singing.

    Music is connecting the people.

    Congratulations to the listeners and lovers of African music 🎉🎉

    There’s always a space for catchy, quality and joyful music.

    1. Yeah I’ve seen a couple of those videos. I don’t know about other countries but in Kenya some of the best Indian food is made by local Kenyan people.

  10. Love love love this!
    I just spotified Asake to start ✨✨
    Thank you!

  11. Thank you for sharing this post. I am going to check this music out. I love music. I cannot wait to hear it.

    1. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

  12. Awesome post from Djembe 🙏🏾 Really am so proud of how global aftobeats is becoming. As well as the new sounds we make when we collaborate with other music scenes, truly amazing

  13. As much as I dislike tik-tok, I think it’s amazing how social media has given different music industries a new lease on life. From K-pop blowing up to African music industry to our own Indian music industry – reels & Tik-tok have given a space for lesser known musicians to thrive.
    I honestly haven’t heard a lot of African musicians, I’m going to check them out.

  14. Found the article made me curious to check the music out.

  15. Being Nigerian, I completely agree and can testify to this. African music is going places

    1. Absolutely, and I’ve been hearing so many Nigerian artists are becoming more mainstream now.

  16. I love cultural posts ! Afrobeat is becoming more and more popular. I went to a couple of Afro nights in Lebanon. African music has influenced several cultures. As I dance salsa, I know that the latin american beats got influenced by the African one.

    1. Wow, that’s so cool. Yeah they do have roots in African music.

  17. Thank you for the guest post. I don’t really like that kind of music, but it’s good to hear that a continent that has so many hurdles is taking a step forward, especially in music. Music is universal and moves across borders. It can also shed light on the problems faced in many African countries and bring much needed attention to the continent.

    1. Absolutely agree, it’s been wonderful for African and African artists. Glad you enjoyed the post.

      1. I enjoyed reading it. Hope you have had a good week.

        1. Thanks and you too.

  18. Beautiful article Chukwudumebi 🌟. African music is thriving and the collaboration with other continents has really pushed the music industry too

    1. Absolutely, collaborations are helping to make African artists popular internationally.

  19. Fantastic post! Loved learning more about it and I’m now very curious to discover new sounds! Thanks for sharing!

    1. So glad to hear that!

  20. I am not musical unfortunately, but recently I have started to read song lyrics in Spanish, just my way of learning the language through different methods. I just love those lyrics. And searching YouTube with the keyword from your post “African Fuji music”, I came across such interesting and wonderful beats. And love your picture too. It is so vibrant.

    1. Very interesting. I do that for German too and actually found some great songs. Glad you enjoyed the post and enjoyed African music. It’s fantastic.

  21. I’ve experienced a tiny fraction of all that Africa’s music scene has to offer. I love when I get learn more. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You should absolutely look into more of it, African music has so much to offer!

  22. wow very cool Pooja❣️

    1. Thank you! 😊

  23. Proud of African entertainment industry especially my country Nigeria . thanks for this post dear

    1. My pleasure and yes it’s taking great strides.

  24. It’s great to see African music re-revolutionizing music. There’s so much great music that comes from the motherland. You look at artists today that are taking over the charts from Africa and it adds variety. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I absolutely agree and so many genres are inspired by African music.

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