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I hope you enjoyed this weeks quote of the day. You know I did because appreciating the small things in life is something I am consciously trying to do right now.

I really hope you guys enjoyed all the guest posts I shared last week. I really liked reading all the comments you left on them. Even though I wasn’t too active on the guest post I tried to stay otherwise active and I tried to visit other blogs too. As much fun as that was, I am now back to posting my own content now.

I mentioned some glitches last week but it seems they have been fixed now. The Happiness Engineers were mostly helpful. However, I have noticed that some of them really lack the knowledge needed for that job. I find that to be very disappointing but it is what it is. It’s been an anxiety inducing experience.

I’ve had a long day today so I don’t have too much to say. Although it’s been tiring it was also very productive. I noticed the only place selling Beyond Burgers had a buy one get one free offer. Obviously, I had to order two. Unfortunately, they gave me three free instead of one. I was supposed to come home with three burgers (one for my sister) and ended up coming home with five but was too exhausted to notice before otherwise I would have said something. But it’s okay, I’m going to pass by the mall again soon and I will pay them for the extra burgers. I don’t like keeping things I haven’t paid for. It’s just not how I was raised.

How was your day? What are your plans for this week? Anything new happening with you? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear from you!

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56 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day #67

  1. Great to catch up with you. The small things are so important! As for blogging, I’ve also had problems with mine and had to ask the Happiness Engineers. I’d say they are definitely cheerful, but they didn’t really solve my problem, only made general suggestions and I had to figure out the rest for myself. I’ve been behind on reading other blogs, but I’m trying to catch up now. There simply isn’t enough time to do everything! Hope you have a great week 🙂

    1. Thanks and yes absolutely!
      Sorry to hear you’ve had that experience too. I feel the same way. They are so friendly but rarely fix the issue. I know what you mean, so many blogs so little time. But I’m happy to see your comment here and have a great week too!

  2. Little things/happiness makes a huge difference in life.
    TBH, I’m happy to see you again with Content written by you. I think September was the month for guest blogs. I enjoyed reading them, thanks for sharing them. Interestingly, I still have to share 2 guest blogs. That’s affecting my writing and sharing. But, well it is what it is. You are a great human being Pooja. I’m sure you will teach this beautiful thing to future generation as well. I’m glad to know to this.
    About me, I’m losing weight and getting more energy in the process. Feeling good. I will write a blog or something in this regard.

    1. Thanks so much. As much as I love posting guest posts I am happy to be back. I missed talking to everyone. I look forward to reading the other guest posts you will share.
      That’s great. Glad you’re getting fit and feeling better.

  3. My day was fine; all things considered. I wrote my blog post (my 1,020th) for WordPress; I had pizza for dinner (not my idea, but I had to go with the flow here), and I watched Star Trek V: The Final Frontier with one of the two audio commentary tracks on, Otherwise, not much to report.

      1. I was actually a Star Wars fan before I truly started watching Star Trek, although it wasn’t till Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan that it dawned on me that Kirk, Spock, and McCoy were cool, too. I like them both, but like you, my favorite franchise is set “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.”

        1. Oh very interesting. I haven’t seen too much of Star Trek but I did enjoy the stuff I have seen. Maybe I just need to get more into it. Haha yes, glad you still enjoy Star Wars. For me, nothing beats the originals. They’re so good.

  4. I love that you want to go back and pay for the extra burgers 💕
    You’re such a beautiful soul, Pooja!
    Have you ever used Beyond “beef” for other recipes? My husband sometimes uses it to make me a meat-free version of whatever he’s having. I especially love it as chili and Beyond Wellington!

    1. Aww thanks! I just don’t like taking things I didn’t pay for. It’s not right 😊
      Yeah I love using beyond meat in my pasta and use it for lasagna sometimes too. It tastes great and I lowkey like it better than the burgers 😅

  5. I might I have to query those engineers if they keep stressing you. You’re so sweet to pay for the burgers. You’re such an inspiration 👏❤️

    1. My life is turning into one big glitch 🙃😅

      Aww thanks but I’m sure most people would have done the same. It’s the right thing to do 😊

  6. Love this quote! I am also focusing on the little things and living more presently! Coming up, I am going to one of my favorite singer’s concert: Karol G and I am so excited!!!

  7. Welcome back! I’ve been on pause also, in my case with some national mourning. Hope to see more of your posts soon. And by the way, you can never have too many burgers…

  8. I have to say the small things in life are really important since I’ve seen, just this past week, how a person could get so angry with something so insignificant.

      1. So true. Some people will claim that they don’t care about small things, but they do. I once watched a person exploded when he lost one chopstick out of a pair.

  9. That’s a powerful quote to share. Appreciation about the small things out you in preparation for the bigger things you want in life. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to more.

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