Broken beyond repair

You shattered my soul

With only your words

I tried to pick up the pieces

And leave you behind

But trying never brought me any results

Now I lie beside you every night

Praying for darkness

For the moment when I’m finally free

I hope you enjoyed this poem “Shattered.” I don’t know if enjoyed is the right word lol. It’s a pretty dark poem. Somewhat inspired by the things I have been reading or watching. A lot of people are unable to leave abusive relationships. One of the reasons for this is because by the time you realise you need to leave it’s too late. Abusers may make sure you rely on them and can’t leave because of that. Often, victims have no other option but to stay in a toxic relationship. “Shattered” is my attempt to show how victims are often broken down by abusers so they are too afraid to leave. And they are too reliant to leave.

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62 thoughts on “Shattered

  1. Someone broke you to the point you wish for death. The advice you would get most often would be leave them behind and live your best life for you. Easier said than done though and most likely from someone who has never gone through it. Great poem

  2. Not just an extremely talented writer, an amazing blogger but you are also a lovely poet Pooja!!
    Time and time again, you show your capacity to work in different genres/niche and types.
    These always keep the readers motivated and excited to read more.

  3. Albeit this may be about past feelings resolved, but if it’s not. Freedom is a state of mind that makes friends with your heart after which they can both find safety comfort in your soul. Leave the lost pieces behind with the past, you got this far without them and the sooner you let go the sooner your new found happiness will compensate for what was lost. Chose to be free, live freely until you’ve forgotten all about the darkness.

    1. I agree, leaving the past behind is the best way to move on. If we cling on to old feelings we’ll never be free and we’ll never find happiness.

  4. I got goosebumps when I read your poem.

    It reminded me of someone special to me who was always been there for me secretly and probably still is; I didn’t know that this someone would go to great lengths for me.

    And now I know, it makes me sad and feel really depressed because it feels like me knowing about that special someone’s existence severed our relationship like you said “Shattered that someone’s soul”.

    It’s hard to explain this kind of stuff.

    But your short poem nonetheless is what I need to remember that someone special to me.

    So thank you 🙏

  5. This is very raw and emotional. I love it. All I can say as a response is that I hope you recover and refine your boundaries and find who you are again. Thank you for sharing.

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