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I hope you enjoy this weeks quote even though I have shared it before as some older Lifesfinewhiners may remember. I just really needed it today and thought one of you might too. This is one of my favourite quotes to be honest.

What has been going on with me this week? Well, I have had a long week full of ups and downs. I have been a little more active on social media than before but I don’t want to get into it too much because I always end up overwhelmed.

I went for a massage today which was lovely. It was a back massage and I think it was much needed because I have had a bit of a stressful week. I went to a different place this time and loved it so much. And the price was so affordable. It cost equivalent to about $4.

I had a big achievement today, I made vegan biryani for the first time in my life. For those of you who don’t know what biryani is, click here. Biryani is extremely difficult to make and to make it vegan is a whole different thing. Actually it’s not I just used vegan versions and the same method lol. I just like whining… I’m aware that some people think it’s not biryani if it doesn’t have meat in it. Those people can suck my eggplant emoji. More on this later when I publish a WIEIAD post.

I have also realised that a lot of my allergies seem to have gone away after going vegan which is so weird. Has that happened to anyone else? Let me know in the comments if it has. And also let me know what you’ve been up to. What plans do you have for next week? Have an awesome week ahead!

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81 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day #68

  1. I’m not vegan in fact my diet leaves something to be desired for someone who eats meat but, I did discover a pretty easy way to lose weight. I started smoking again you see tobacco speeds up the metabolism by 7 to 15 percent and curbs the appetite.

  2. A massage sounds great, Pooja! And, that’s a darn good price too. I have considered trying Vegan but have never made the commitment. Be well!

    1. Yeah, I was surprised at the price! Veganism is great but it’s also quite an adjustment. Maybe try eating vegan meals a few times a week? Thanks and you too!

  3. This is a great quote. It popped up in a YouTube video I was watching earlier today, and now it showed up on your blog post. It’s as if the universe is trying to tell me something.

    Vegan food is delicious. Right now, I’m mostly vegetarian (minus jello from last week) since getting the jaw surgery. I consume dairy because I have such a limited range of foods I can eat. I don’t feel my best when I eat animal products including dairy d/t lactose intolerance and would like to go back to eating clean again. I felt so much better being off the animal products! This is now week 4 of jaw surgery recovery.

    1. Wow what an interesting coincidence. I guess the Universe is sending you a message.

      Vegan food is so delicious as long as it’s cooked properly. I definitely understand having to consume dairy because of the surgery but hopefully you can go back to a plan based diet when you recover. Cutting out animal products does feel great. I know when I first went vegan so many of my digestive issues went away and I could concentrate better and had more energy.

  4. Back massage sounds heavenly! It’s great you’re taking care of yourself.
    I ask my kiddos for a back massage and it lasts maybe 20 seconds. Then, they moan and groan about their cramped hands; I end up giving them a massage. lol what the heck?!

    1. I love massages! They feel so good and the person I did it with was great. Haha your kids are so smart they’re getting a massage from you too.

  5. Hi Pooja, I’m happy to update you that sitemap is approved by search console. The posts can be explored by googling their titles.

    It was important as I’m looking forward to stick to a few topics around one single niche. I’m increasing post size from 300 words to 600 words.

    Last evening, our CUET PG 2022 (all india exam for pg admissions in India) results were declared. There are good chances I get admission in my preferred institution.

    A really good outcome of blogging for these 29 days is that I’m expressing, observing and being able to review my desires.
    I consume less time on YouTube now.

    Well, I thank you everyone here who’s involving in blogging. Genuinely saying, I’m grateful to you for your posts.🙂

  6.     Congratulations on your cooking success. I think some chefs cook this listening to the “Moonlight Sonata” (Beethoven) and some prefer “Here Comes the Sun” (Beatles). It’s hard to say — some claim they fall asleep to the “Moonlight” but that since Beethoven contains the word “oven” that it’s better for cooking.
        I see from your reference that “Navratan biryani” can include cashews. I like cashews a lot (well, I get the kind that’s roasted and salted and comes in a can. I’ve never seen a raw one.) There’s a convenient way to mention meat. A slang acronym helps. If you do it well, you can say that it’s GOAT (Greatest of All Time). And they mention a side dish of sour eggplant. I like eggplant Parmesan and now I’m getting hungry.
    I once did a parody of Shakespeare that deals with comparisons. Comparisons don’t usually work that well because everyone is different and sometimes there are hidden agendas:
    [ take off on “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” ]

    Indeed I’d liken thee to a hot intemperate day.
    Thy art work hangs on the wall by the bed:
    in the heat and torrents of Summer’s bray
    the painting warps ‘n tilts though glee outspreads

    Though furies of heaven are too hot tempered to tame
    And oft’ the sea would rush in with scorn,
    a perfect day fickled with clouds it disclaims
    a wispy willow tickled and teased forlornly

    Though a Sonnet in thy bonnet hotter than the Sun
    thy eternal fire of soul consumes thee not;
    Thy burning bush fertility rite not done
    Nor will death retrieve heat God wot:
    One summer’s day none can tame
    As there’d be forever my Dame.
    — Parody by Douglas Gilbert
    [Thy reference: Sonnet 18, “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” — Shakespeare]

    1. I love listening to The Beatles while cooking and “Here Comes The Sun” is one of my favourites. Never really listened to classic music while cooking but to each their own.

      Indian food often has cashews especially rice dishes and curries. I love raw cashews but prefer roasted ones.

    1. Thanks and yeah absolutely. I love this quote because I think as humans we have an awful habit of comparing ourselves to others. But we’re all on our own journey and need to look ahead not sideways.

  7. Beautiful quote indeed! All our problems arise out of comparison with others. If we can learn not to compare ourselves with others, we can be at peace with ourselves and the people around us.

  8. I’ve been vegetarian my entire life. Going vegan when I was vegan didn’t really change anything for me like I had hoped it would. I went back to being a vegetarian. I’ve never been a meat eater. 😊

  9. Love that quote! It’s true there’s ‘room’ for all of us to shine. Not vegan but will try any vegetable.

    1. Haha yeah I finally took a little break! Biryani is super difficult to make so I would recommend only making it when you have like two hours 😂

  10. There’s time for everything. And you just inspired me to write something about the evil of comparison and emulation, which can drive people half mad. Well… Sadly, this problem is more prominent in people who grew up in narcissistic families. Since their inner life and family life were depleted of emotion and happiness, they often end up chasing an outside phantom …

    1. Yes, I think people who grew up around narcissist find it more relatable since narcissists always compare their kids to others. They are never as good as other kids.

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