How To Overcome Anxiety Right Now

It’s only human to be anxious, but you don’t have to go through this alone.

We got you with an article on seven ways you can reduce or cope with anxiety below and we also have a blog post for you on eleven ways you can brighten your day, here.

1. Shout it out.

As a kid you were probably taught not to scream and shout and to rather use your inside voice, but we are here to tell you otherwise.

Screaming at the top of your lungs is a means to cope with anxiety.

Well you can do this as a healthy release of energy in a controlled, hopefully far from everyone. The last thing you want to do is to strike fear in someone. Sometimes fighting anxiety and your rage is not the way and you should totally embrace it.

2. Live in the moment.

Are you stressed right now? Cause we all are, maybe you’re stressed about the water bill or maybe next week’s test or a work assignment.

What ever it is it’s a sign you’re not living in the present. It can also be easy to live in the past saying “I could have”, “I should have” or “I would have”, but none of them help.

You can’t control the future and you can’t borrow a time machine and go change the past so maybe consider living your only life, your precious life one day at a time. It’s a pretty common problem to fall into as someone with an anxiety disorder.

3. Have a bedtime.

Workaholics often brag about only needing three or four hours of sleep per night if that’s you need to know that despite it all you’re not a robot even though you may be more determined than everyone else.

We all need enough sleep each night for our bodies to function the way they should.

Whether you actually deal with insomnia or you’re a self professed night owl low hours of sleep lead you likely to anxiety. You can start by only designating your bed only for sleeping so no more texting in bed or even worse sitting on or eating dinner in bed.

4. Feel okay saying no.

Sometimes you can take on more than you can handle and this can overwhelm.

You have to look with in and at yourself maybe you’ll discover that you allow yourself to be a rug for everyone else’s problems. There’s more happiness in giving than receiving, but if you always give there will be nothing left to give or take.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help others ,but you should have boundaries and know your limits.

Maybe you don’t need to respond to every text message you get immediately.

5. Go to CBT.

CBT short for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a means for people to learn different ways of treating and dealing with anxiety.

Therapists can be great as they’re a listening ear to all your life’s traumas and we mean all and every. After doing some listening they’ll teach you different coping mechanisms and they honestly just helping you build resilience.

6. Listen to ASMR.

Give ASMR a listen.

This goodness is guaranteed to have you feeling good in no time. The sensation is linked to neuroticism and is known to ward off anxiety and depression in those with the disorder.

Though the feel good was only named in 2010 it has since become popular as it’s also used to sleep easier.

Those with anxiety have been shown to get more from it than those without. ASMR is honestly a sensation and we put it next to K-pop, up there with BTS and Blackpink.

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68 thoughts on “How To Overcome Anxiety Right Now

  1. “You can’t control the future and you can’t borrow a time machine and go change the past so maybe consider living your only life, your precious life one day at a time”
    – I feel like for me, present moment can cause anxiety, if that makes sense. Sometimes I feel super aware of the moment and the surrounding that it’s sort of overstimulating. The past is definitely not a place to revisit, but I’m only human, and the future is either scary and catching up on me sooner than I want it to, or I create a completely delusional and almost impossible version of it in my head that it serves as an escape. So, balancing between those three points in time can be really confusing. Especially when neither feel real or stable enough. I guess that’s one of my biggest struggles with anxiety and overcoming it.

      1. I read somewhere that present doesn’t even exist, that that brief moment is just our future pouring into the past, every moment is already passed, so in that sense, if you look at it like that, it’s reasonable that we feel like we’re running out of time and that can cause anxiety, as well.

  2. Live in the moment resonates with me, I try to do this when I feel that undercurrent of unease. The world can seem insecure at the moment with so much negativity in the news. It sort of helps to remember there has always been volatility and probably always will be, news is skewed to reporting it that way too. So another way to cope with anxiety may be to turn away from the triggers like news and social media as well. Great timely post Pooja.

    1. That’s very true, things like social media and news can be quite triggering. I personally try to avoid the news too. I like to know what’s going on but don’t get too caught up in it.

  3. Fantastic post – let’s get the word out! The toughest part of anxiety is when it hits without a reason and suddenly which can frequently turn into a panic attack. Have a safety plan – crises line, good friend, or if possible a safe location.

    1. I get anxiety without a reason a lot and it’s sort of exhausting. But I am learning certain triggers like lack of sleep makes me more anxious. Safety plans definitely help.

      1. It’s exhausting, overwhelming, and at its worst – misunderstood by friends and loved ones. Having what we are feeling validated goes a long way – being told “it’s just a phase” etc., can be crippling. Thanks for sharing.

        1. So true, being told that makes you feel much worse. It’s better to find people who are supportive and let you know you can trust them/talk to them.

  4. Wow fantastic post Pooja! Number 2 living in the moment is what I really need to remember and apply into my life. I tell myself this all the time but I need to start focusing harder on this. Thanks for sharing such great information.

  5. Great post! As someone who suffers from anxiety, these tips are really helpful.
    I didn’t know listening ASMR helps. To be honest, it makes me feel more icky – like something feels unnatural about listening to them. But I’ll definitely try listening to some ASMR sounds again.

    1. Glad these were helpful. I think for ASMR it also depends on what you listen to. Like some people prefer the sound of chewing, sound of talking etc.

  6. I love this post! I really have got to start living in the present and stop dwelling on things I can not control or change atm!

  7. I don’t have severe anxiety all the time, but sometimes I do get really anxious. So yes, maybe screaming it out (into my pillow, that is) would help a lot. Thank you!

  8. Great tips!! Living in the moment really helps.
    For the days i feel anxious,I just cry it out..It doesn’t reflects that you’re weak instead shows that you’re all set to make a strong comeback.

  9. I truly want to shout when I feel anxious but couldn’t do it coz when my kids watch me shouting they gradually begin screaming double as me, especially the older one

  10. You crack me up. Yes, screaming is good. I like the first one. I remember long ago I read something about Japanese companies, which have a screaming room or something like that where employees can go in to scream, to hit a hanging sand bag, to kick a rubber object, or do whatever that will make them release their pressure.

    1. Lol I think screaming always helps. Japanese people always think ahead and have some very interesting ideas. I need a scream room too lol.

  11. 👍🏾
    Another way to to have a context of Self that is larger than what you feel. An understand that one’s idea of one’s anxious self is incorrect, and seek the truth of oneself against its reality.

  12. I don’t usually get truly anxious anymore. Over the years of being disabled, I had to learn not to feel anxious about anything. For years I would get anxious about anything that was wrong with me and if it was caused by my disability. So I had to learn to get passed that. Now it is just the way I deal with anything. It’s funny how it transformed from one aspect of my life to every aspect.

    1. Wow, that’s really great. I think it’s a good place to be where you’re not anxious about things but rather thinking about them rationally.

    2. I too used to struggle deeply with anxiety and depression. I did a lot of inner work on teaching myself to like myself so I wasn’t constantly beating myself up and speaking hatefully to myself. This had the result of slowly removing most of the anxiety, and now I’d say I have normal levels, which are manageable with the personal feedback techniques I use to move through what is bothering me. When it feels unmanageable we struggle to see how we can possible handle it, and the negative self talk becomes overwhelming. I know it sounds simple and trite, but it worked wonders for me.

  13. These are great tips! Living in the moment is such a big one for me now because you’re right we can’t go back and we sure can’t go forward. I will say this a million times… I need to get better at sleep but my schedule is so messed up.

    1. My schedule has been all over the place lately. Some days I’m good and some days I sleep super late and wake up super late. Something we both need to work on but I’m sure we will!

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