Shamba Cafe Experience

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How We Ended Up At Shamba Cafe

It all started when DentMistry, my sister and I made plans to hang out. We had decided to go to a burger place for lunch and somewhere else for drinks. We were super excited but on the way my sister was like “what if it’s closed?” It was a public holiday in Kenya, so we checked on Google. It was, in fact, closed. We were annoyed but we started looking for other places we could go but everything seemed to be closed. Finally, DentMistry was like, “let’s go to Shamba.” We had loved it the last time we went but had just gone for drinks. We were excited to finally try their food!

So we used Google Maps to get us there which took us on the longest route possible lol. We finally got there and looked through the menu. I was SO happy to see SO MANY yummy vegan options there. The best thing about hanging with DentMistry is that she always makes sure there are vegan options for me πŸ˜₯

Drinks At Shamba Cafe

We decided to order some drinks while we waited for the food. Big mistake because I was tipsy in like 10 seconds because I hadn’t eaten since lunch the day before. So I hadn’t eaten for like 24 hours lol. Anyway, while we waited for the drinks we decided to take some pictures because as an “influencer” I absolutely have to be insufferable and take pictures all the time πŸ˜‚

Shamba Cafe Nairobi Kenya Review

Shamba Cafe Nairobi Kenya

I had ordered a Cosmopolitan, DentMistry had a margarita and my sister had a beer. As you guys know, I don’t drink a lot or often but I can tell you these were the best cocktails we have ever had. They were so incredible and they were strong which I appreciated lol. In fact, I got DentMistry’s reaction to trying “the best margarita [she] had every had.”

Shamba Cafe Nairobi Kenya Drinks Review

Shamba Cafe Nairobi Kenya Drinks Review

Seriously, they were so good. I would go back just for the drinks.

Shamba Cafe Nairobi Kenya Drinks Review

Shamba Cafe Nairobi Kenya Drinks Review

The food eventually arrived but we were still busy taking pictures lol.

Shamba Cafe Nairobi Kenya

Shamba Cafe Nairobi Kenya

Shamba Cafe Nairobi Kenya

Shamba Cafe Nairobi Kenya

I know I’m not in this picture, but DentMistry looked so flawless I had to share it.

Shamba Cafe Nairobi Kenya

The Food AtΒ Shamba Cafe

For lunch we started off ordering only three things to share because we weren’t sure whether we would like the food or not. We ordered the vegan pizza because I hadn’t had that from outside in forever. Most places in Kenya don’t offer vegan pizza so I was like we have to get that. We also ordered the Sopa Azteca (Tortilla soup) (ask for vegan if you get this). And lastly we got some regular fries because fries are life lol.

Like I said, I needed to get some food in me so I was so excited when the food came and looked so good. We tried the pizza first and it was amazing! Like one of the best pizzas I have ever had. They allow you to choose your toppings for no extra charge. The soup was amazing too. Definitely one of my favourite things to have eaten in Kenya. And the fries were awesome too but it’s pretty tough to screw up fries.

Shamba Cafe Nairobi Kenya Vegan Food Review

Shamba Cafe Nairobi Kenya Vegan Food Review

We ate and talked for a while and realised we were still peckish. Probably because one of us hadn’t eaten in hours lol. Although I may have eaten a banana before DentMistry picked me up but I’m not so sure. Anyway, we finished the food after like two hours lol and realised we were still hungry. We decided to get some burgers. My sister and I got the vegan sweet potato burger to share and DentMistry got the chicken burger. The sweet potato burger was amazing although slightly dry. I wish they had added some more vegan sauces or something to it. According to DentMistry, the chicken burger was amazing. I think it really was because she seemed very happy while eating it lol. But that just might have been thanks to my wonderful company…

Shamba Cafe Nairobi Kenya Food Review

We slowly got through the burgers because honestly we were pretty full but the food was so good we had to keep eating. The sun kept hitting my sister because we were sitting outside so we decided to move inside.

Shamba Cafe Nairobi Kenya

We also ordered some teas to help sober us up since DentMistry needed to drive us home. The teas were delicious! She had the passion tea and I had whatever it says on the label. I’m busy just read the label, okay?

Shamba Cafe Nairobi Kenya Vegan Drinks Review

We also ordered some dessert because as we all know there is a different stomach for desserts. They had a vegan brownie sundae which I was SO excited to try. Kenyan places don’t usually have vegan desserts so I was so happy they had some here.

Shamba Cafe Nairobi Kenya Vegan Dessert Review

This was hands down one of the best vegan desserts I have ever had. Seriously, I would go back just for this dessert. It was so moist and dense and delicious. The chocolate ice cream on top was perfect. I swear you should try this even if you aren’t vegan!

More Pictures, Duh!

Once we were done eating, we decided to walk around to burn off some of the thousands of calories we had just eaten. Luckily most of it was vegan and therefore cholesterol free! Yes, I am at that age where I talk about cholesterol and back pain now…

Obviously, we took some more pictures:

Shamba Cafe Nairobi Kenya

I specifically wanted to take these pictures for IG so I could caption it “Just some goats with THE G.O.A.T…” You’ll see these on my IG at some point lol!

Shamba Cafe Nairobi Kenya

Shamba Cafe Nairobi Kenya

And we played with a dog someone had left there while going to the restaurant. I should explain, they have a huge ground for pets. If you have a dog or goat or something, do come here with them. They will love it. We also saw a baby bird that had fallen from its nest and was trying to learn to fly. We tried to help but couldn’t do much.

The Fit

Remember how I told you guys I wanted to share more fashion posts because I had been thrifting. Well this lovely shirt is thrifted! I got it from this Instagram seller.Β I’ve been buying stuff from them multiple times and their clothes are great quality and so affordable especially on sale. I love this shirt and it was super comfy. The pants are from Fashion Nova and the shoes are Nike.

Overall, this was an amazing experience. I would so recommend going to Shamba Cafe if you’re ever in Nairobi. Seriously, don’t miss out on this wonderful place. It has something for everyone, whether you’re vegan or not. This was hands down one of the best days of my life. And one of the best experiences of my life. Thank you, DentMistry, for an amazing day!

If you would like to look at Shamba Cafe’s menu, or see what they offer etc please click here.

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81 thoughts on “Shamba Cafe Experience

  1. A great post, Pooja! The food looks so delicious, and you both look beautiful. Have a great weekend! ❀️🍻

    1. Awww this was one of the best day of my life ever too! So memorable throughout lol πŸ˜† clearly I’m enjoying that Margarita way too much haha

  2. I love this idea of having a restaurant which not only cater to human but also have a “huge ground” for pets. Kind of like a restaurant next to a dog park where dog can play. Those pictures look amazing. Having a sister is a wonderful thing. I really envy you since I don’t have one. lol.

  3. What a great post. Never been or eaten in Kenya, that is a vibrant looking cocktail πŸ™‚ Sounds like you had a great time, as indicated by your enthusiastic use of β€œlol” lol.

  4. Nice outfit Pooja!! the picture with the goat is my fav hahaha. Spontaneous decision and changes of plans might lead to awesome experiences. Bad idea to drink at an empty stomach! but to be honest, when I am tipsy anything tastes amazing.

  5. Thanks for sharing your day of with your sister. Both of you looked stunning as with all that wonderful food (making me hungry) lol. Nice to see the animals roaming around freely looked like a really nice experience

  6. This looks so fun. And yes, WordPress reader definitely messed up your pretty pictures. Looks like you had a feast. The food looks so good πŸ‘Œβ€οΈ

  7. Loveddd this blog post! You two are gorgeous, the food looked great, and the GOATS!!! Thank you for sharing! Also, I’m interested in thrifting also! That is such a cute fit girl 🀩

    1. Aw thank you! There used to be so many goats there idk what happened to them this time. Thrifting is soooo fun I always get such cool stuff and insanely low prices. That top was literally less than $2!

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