INTI Review And Experience

INTI Review

INTI Review

As some of my followers may remember, I celebrated my birthday a little while ago. We decided to go to INTI and I decided to do a little review of it. The main reason I wanted to review it is because it’s thought to be one of the most luxurious and expensive restaurants in Kenya. Even though we didn’t eat there (because it’s crazy expensive) we did have some drinks which I want to review. So here are is my honest INTI review.

The Atmosphere

It’s a really beautiful place, there’s no denying that. I made a little YouTube short where you can see the sunset we saw from the restaurant. It’s clean, has a lovely view, well decorated and just beautiful all around. I think going during sunset made everything even more beautiful. Also, the lighting was on point and I literally looked airbrushed even though I wasn’t.

INTI Restaurant Nairobi Kenya

INTI Restaurant Nairobi Kenya Review

INTI Restaurant Nairobi Kenya Review

INTI Review Restaurant Nairobi Kenya

INTI Review Restaurant Nairobi Kenya

INTI Restaurant Nairobi Kenya INTI Review Restaurant Nairobi Kenya INTI Restaurant Nairobi Kenya INTI Restaurant Nairobi Kenya

INTI Restaurant Nairobi Kenya INTI Restaurant Nairobi Kenya INTI Restaurant Nairobi Kenya INTI Restaurant Nairobi Kenya INTI Review Restaurant Nairobi Kenya

The Drinks

The drinks were amazing. Like some of the best drinks I’ve ever had. I had the Strawberry Sake-tini and later the Matcha After Eight. They were both so good, I would highly recommend them.

INTI Review Restaurant Nairobi Kenya

INTI Review Restaurant Nairobi Kenya

INTI Restaurant Review Nairobi Kenya

INTI Restaurant Review Nairobi Kenya

The Service

So here is where I had the problem. I felt like their service was not great. Which I actually expected because I went to another restaurant with the same owners and it was one of the worst experiences I’ve had. Anyway, as I mentioned we had just gone for drinks. I had reserved the table online and we were led to a table when we arrived.

After we ordered our drinks, our waitress asked us if we wanted to order food and we said we weren’t sure because we really weren’t sure. She came back after a while to ask again and we said we’re okay with just the drinks. She seemed irritated and was like “this section is only for people that are ordering food.” And I was thinking, I was I supposed to know that? Like this is my first time here and when you make the reservation there is no option for picking a specific table. If this was the case why not ask us at the door and give us the table accordingly? My sister mentioned we didn’t know this since this was our first time here and waitress just kind of stared at us as though it’s our fault…

We eventually told her we don’t mind moving to the drinks only section and moved. But the experience kind of sucked. Like that was super rude and if this is the rule you should tell customers from the start. So yeah, I won’t be going back there. Their service sucks for the overpriced food and okay priced drinks. Not worth it for me, I would rather go somewhere that I can sit properly at and enjoy myself. Like Boho Eatery or Shamba Cafe.


Overall the experience was fine but it was really tainted by the way it ended with us having to move mid-drink. I was disappointed that such an expensive place would have such crap service. But again, that seems to be the case with all their restaurants so I wasn’t surprised. As I mentioned, I would definitely not go back. Maybe just for pictures… Kidding, I’ll be going somewhere new next even. Hopefully, now owned by the same people.

You can watch the video version of this review on my YouTube channel:

Hope you enjoyed this INTI review and experience. If you did let me know in the comments below. And if you enjoy these sort of lifestyle posts let me know so I can make more. And get an excuse to leave the house more often lol.

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112 responses to “INTI Review And Experience”

  1. Those pictures called me broke.

    1. Their menu called me broke 😅

      1. 😂😂😂

  2. Sorry you didn’t have a great experience. That was awful of the waitress! How appalling! Definitely go somewhere that your business is appreciated!

    1. Thanks and yeah from now on I’ll just try other places where the service is good!

  3. Interesting decorations off the ceiling. It does look like a very expensive restaurant. And your story really reminds me something I heard, and I am going to write it in my post. Thank you for inspiring me.

    1. Yes, it’s extremely expensive which is why we didn’t get any food lol. I look forward to reading the post.

  4. Loved your video & images!
    I had a similar experience in a very well known Paris restaurant. It was extremely expensive; the food was poor, and the service left a lot to be desired. Plus, I left hungry!
    I’m so sorry that this was your experience. However, you looked lovely. ❤️😎💋

    1. That’s really disappointing. I don’t know why such expensive places feel like they can be rude to their customers. We left hungry too lol.
      Thanks! 😊

  5. I don’t blame you. You are doing the right thing by not going back to that place. Sorry you had such a terrible experience.

    1. Thanks and yeah I just don’t think it’s worth paying so much for horrible service.

  6. The place is really beautiful
    But if the service is not good don’t go there next time.

    1. Yeah, definitely not worth going back to.

  7. I love this post, Pooja, the view is fabulous and the drinks sound delicious. How sad that the staff is so snobby! I suggest that you write an email outlining your dislikes and send it to a main office. A business with such poor service just can’t survive. You look incredibly beautiful, Pooja! ❤️😊

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah, the staff weren’t great but I was kind of expecting it. Their businesses always shut down. I think this is their fifth restaurant lol. Thanks! ❤️

  8. Lovely pics👌

    1. Thank you 😊

  9. That whole thing of being an exclusive business for exclusive clientele is severely flawed. COVID buried them in Melbourne when they could have grown by ringing local council, saying that they had a kitchen and who could they help. I started my career as a chef and there is zero love or service in it. People here blame the government, but really they need to look up hospitality in the dictionary and focus on serving others and the community. They might be a lot happier bringing great, healthy food to all, including those who haven’t had much of it

    1. Yeah, I think being elitist is really a dumb way to run your business. In general, there are very few restaurants like this in Nairobi. Nut I have noticed that every restaurant owned by the people that own this restaurant is like this. And to no ones surprise, many of them have already shut down.

  10. That whole thing with the table sounds really annoying.

    1. Yeah it was. I don’t mind sitting in a different area for drink but they should have just asked in advance.

  11. Looks super sleek

    1. Yeah, it was a beautifully decorated place.

      1. I think I got the worst restaurant service in France while decor was superb. Food was okay

        1. I feel like places that are really beautifully decorated are a red flag sometimes lol.

          1. I feel the sane way

  12. Nice pics in the idyllic surroundings. I wish the service was equally good. Anyway, life keeps teaching us new experiences. So, no need to regret.

    1. True, it’s a lovely place so I wish their service was as lovely. But there are many more amazing places in Nairobi where I can go to instead.

  13. Very nice pictures.

    1. Thank you so much.

  14. The place looks and sounded great to start, so it’s too bad it turned out that way. I hope wherever you are was a better experience.

    1. Yeah, it started out great but ended on a slightly sour note.

    1. Thanks so much.

  15. It’s an honest review. Can’t believe they wanted you to move to have drinks elsewhere. It’s not like the place was packed with customers or anything. Perhaps the waitress was just disappointed that her top was not going to be great. Lovely pics btw.

    1. Yeah, I don’t know why they didn’t just make us move to begin with especially when the dinner rush hadn’t even started. People only started coming in when we were leaving. It was odd but I guess I learnt to go somewhere else next time. Thanks so much.

  16. That service part was definitely annoying!
    Great review.

    1. Thanks and yeah it was annoying! Will definitely not be going back.

  17. your blog introduced me to u via the pics

    1. That’s awesome, thanks.

  18. We love reading your blog! Your unique perspective and authentic voice are game-changers in the world. Keep writing, because your ideas matter. Thank you for being yourself!

    Thanks – TheDogGod

  19. pity the service was below standards as the place looks quite charming … though not as stunning as the birthday girl😋🤗

    lovely pics, Pooja 🤍🎉

    1. Yeah, it was so lovely and the drinks were great so the service was a bit of a let down. Aw thank you 😊

      1. always a pleasure 🤍

  20. Service often makes the restaurant. It’s so big you wonder how people in the leisure industry undermine it. The view looks spectacular and you looked amazing, the dress/skirt was gorgeous too.

    1. Thanks and I agree, service can make or break a business so it’s sad this was a let down. Thanks so much 😊

  21. Doesn’t sound too friendly!!

    1. It certainly wasn’t!

  22. Customer service is one of the big reasons to drive us to go back to the same place again. Good food and ambience lose importance if customer service is not good.

    1. So true, customer service is vital but this place was so lacking in that area.

  23. You look Stunning! 🤩😍

    1. Thank you! 😊

  24. You’re beautiful! 💕 Lovely looking restaurant, and it’s a shame you all had to move. They should definitely have said something in advance or had it posted somewhere.

    1. Thanks so much! Yeah, it was so beautiful and the drinks were so good. We were really disappointed the service was really lacking. Yeah, I mean at least have an option when someone reserves a table. We’re not psychic, how would we know.

      1. 😆 You’re welcome!

  25. This was one of the most enjoyable posts that I have read in a long time, I am sorry you were disappointed in the service. The place was very impressing, and you did look sweet all dressed up for your birthday

    Happy Birthday Again

    1. Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed the post. Yes, the service wasn’t great but overall it was still fun.

      1. Cool you still had fun despite the situtation, I must admit it was worth going there just for the beauty of the place

        1. Yeah, I felt that way too. The drinks and beauty were worth it.

          1. Happy you had a good time

  26. No matter how expensive a restaurant, if the staff is rude and disrespectful, it’s not a good one.

    1. I agree, even if the place is exclusive it’s never okay for staff to be rude.

  27. money s worth

    1. Yeah, the drinks were worth it.

  28. Wow pretty Pooja, you look gorgeous ❤️❤️! Now truthfully, if you go to a restaurant with the plan to only drink, you should sit in the bar or mention that upfront. Remember, they rely on tips. Still, a server should always be polite at all times, sorry she gave you attitude.

    1. Aw thanks so much 😊

      I totally understand that it’s the norm in some places to sit at the bar or mention upfront but this isn’t the case in Kenya. I’ve been to some very exclusive places for just drinks and it’s never been an issue. So, it’s not a norm here and I wish the waitress had been nicer about it. She was being kind of rude. And what kind of annoyed me more is that there were other people in sitting in the food section having just drinks who left around the same time as us having not ordered any food.

  29. Pooja is always sharing good content

    1. Thank you so much.

  30. Amazing post
    Great blog post! I really enjoyed reading your honest review of INTI. The atmosphere and drinks sound amazing, but it’s a shame about the poor service you experienced. Have you had any similar experiences at other expensive restaurants in Kenya or was this an isolated incident?

    1. Thanks so much! I’ve had one similar incident in a restaurant owned by the same people but never anywhere else.

  31. Sorry, I meant to say: I hope where you *ate* was a better experience than the first.

    1. Got it, I just ate at home so yeah it was better lol.

  32. It looks lovely, and love your dress, too. 👌

    1. Thank you so much, I’m actually wearing a top and a skirt 😊

      1. Funny you say that, I was thinking of writing outfit, but then thought it would sound weird if it really was a dress. Just goes to show — follow your mind. Haha. Nice outfit, then! 😁👌

        1. Haha yes, always go with your gut. Thanks!

  33. Too bad the experience wasn’t that great but you took some stunning photos! Hope your next dining experience is a better one.

    1. Thank you so much! I dined at home but it was really nice.

  34. Seems like a great location but the service could’ve certainly been improved 🙂

    1. Yes, that’s exactly how I felt about it.

  35. I’ve GOT to learn that sultry eye game you have going on! 😎

    1. Aw thanks, it’s actually super easy to do!

  36. Well on the flip side, you look amazing!

    1. Aw thank you!!

      1. You’re welcome!

  37. Oh I Love the pics of you looking so gorgeous!!! Looks like a fun time!!!💕❤️‍🩹💕❤️‍🩹

    1. Aw thank you so much! 😊

      1. You’re sooo very welcome.. I love we can see each other at our best and p,j.s lol 💗

        1. Hehe we’re blogging besties now 🤗

          1. absolutely!!! 🤗🤗

  38. The restaurant looked amazing but it’s unfortunate you had a bad experience which is often the case in the more expensive place and had you of decided to have eaten there the customer service would have put you off instantly and you may not have enjoyed the food. You looked fantastic in the photos!!

    1. Yeah, everything other than the service was amazing so that was sad. I’m definitely not surprised since I think so too about very fancy restaurants. That’s why I generally avoid them lol.

      1. I feel you Pooja I’m pretty much the same it’s One Strike and your out lol 😆

  39. Haha, they won’t be happy with the review when they see your milestone🤣

    1. Lol, they need to know where to improve 🤷🏻‍♀️

      1. Agreed! 🙂

  40. That place looks beautiful from the photos you’ve shared.

    It is disappointing that service providers don’t give all the sufficient information customers need. And on top of that become rude when you point that out. Sorry about that experience.

    1. Yeah, it was lovely and the drinks were amazing so the service was a bit disappointing. But overall, it was still fun.

      1. I hope the work on their service so that their customers though.

  41. Great blog post Pooja. Despite the bad service you encountered at the restaurants, you sure look like you had a great day🔥💯

    As for me, I like the view of that restaurant there but I am also stunned or shocked about how awful and expensive that restaurant is, I too would not buy anything there on the menu. Otherwise, not bad as you said in this post.

    Also, your vlog is incredible and nice black dress you wore(You are very beautiful🔥

    1. Thank you so much 😊 Minus the service it was great. Yeah, the prices are ridiculous and I would not buy food there.

  42. Very nice pictures Pooj. But yeah that’s ridiculous when the server comes right out and says that where you were sitting is meant for food buyers only. I hope that you didn’t tip her after that.

    1. Thank you so much. She did get a tip but would have gotten a more generous one had she been better. I found it so weird to point that out to us later on. Why not just ask us upfront whether we were having drinks or a meal too. And we went at like 5pm so of course we weren’t going to eat dinner.

  43. Belated Happy Birthday.Waiters in expensive places are rude because they can’t digest a young person is enjoying 😀

    1. Thanks so much. Lol perhaps 😅

  44. Sorry to hear about the bad service. It’s hard to see the truth behind the reputation sometimes

    1. Yeah, it was disappointing but still fun to go to once.

  45. Looks yummy. The food and drinks look yummy too. Just now starting to look at WP changes, it’s weird.

  46. Life that comprise vintage wines *&* culinary best in foods
    combined isat the pennalcrest of the food chain!

      1. Alright now!

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