The One Where I’m An Idiot…

“The One Where I’m An Idiot” is sponsored by my idiotic behaviour! Get a dose of it by having any conversation with me. For an extra strong dose talk to me right after I wake up or when I’m hungry!

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Okay, enough sarcasm. I know you die hard Lifesfinewhiners love it but I’m saving it for my book. You know, the book that I’ve been writing. The book I’ve been working on that I am totally going to write and finish writing…

So why I am the idiot this time? Well, other than all the incredibly idiotic things I do on a daily basis. I did something more idiotic than usual. I usually publish my blog post at a specific time because that’s when I published it in Canada and I don’t want to change my posting time. The only problem is that it’s 3am in Nairobi when I post. I usually check if it’s posted and go back to sleep because I schedule the post and scheduling has some issues on WordPress. Now the dumb part comes in, for the last few days I noticed that my posts weren’t publishing at 3am and I kept wondering why. I was even thinking of contacting a Happiness Engineer (Oh, the horror!)

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Luckily I realised the reason for my scheduling mishap before I had to do any of that. It’s because of daylight savings time. My posts will no longer be published at 3am but rather at 4am. So if you’re on daylight savings time my posts will be published at the same time they always are. If you’re not,my posts will be published one hour later than usual. I’m looking at you Arizona and rest of the world.

Never Have I Ever Trent Arizona

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88 thoughts on “The One Where I’m An Idiot…

  1. I was looking through my notifications today and noticed that a few of your posts didn’t show your photo as they always show your photo. I almost skipped it until I read it. I don’t know if you knew that or not, but I was just making you aware. I don’t know if it may have been a glitch , I just saw it today. Thanks for sharing. This made me smile, because I can be that way when I first wake up, so, enjoy your week and keep smiling.

    1. Yeah my posts don’t have my photo on social media too when WP shared the post. I think it’s a glitch and if it keeps happening I’ll have to talk to someone about it. Thanks and glad it made you smile 🙂

          1. Oh, oaky. I didn’t want to ask where you live. I’m from Michigan and grew up snowmobiling, no starnger to cold weather and I have never liked the time change. It was meant for a time long gone. Arizone, nect door to Nevada does not change the clock. Smart.

            1. I’m originally from Southern Ontario so same time zone as Michigan. Then I moved to Saskatchewan where there was no Daylight saving time and didn’t like it. Now in Alberta there is Daylight saving time. 😅

    1. Luckily we don’t have DST but my WP is still on Canada time so it changes. I SO agree, daylight saving time is so annoying and it really irritated me when I was in university. And I genuinely didn’t think it was useful at all.

  2. I hate these time changes! I still feel thrown off and it’s been practically a week now. It has to stop. The bulk of people are not farmers anymore. It’s super silly..
    And you gotta give yourself some credit, WP does really strange things at times. It would not have been the first thing I thought of!! ✨

    1. Yeah your body keeps having to adjust and it’s so annoying. I hated that when I was living in Canada. Lol that’s why I thought it was a WP glitch because it does mess up my scheduling sometimes!

  3. Don’t worry Pooja. Your case isn’t as bad as mine. These days…I’ve been finding myself wanting to publish something but ends up doing it a week later. And no – I’m not an idiot. And you’re not as well. It’s just the voice in our head that lives in that grey area that tells us to swap places with them.😳😳😳

  4. Daylight Saving Time is really messing up a lot of things this year. Lol. The scheduling feature was off at Medium, too! Lol. It’s a conspiracy! Lol.

    1. Well it only effects some countries because they have winter but it’s super useless because it’s supposed to help farmers I think but most people don’t wake up super early to farm anymore so it’s just plain annoying now. When I was in Canada I had to keep getting used to the time change and it really effects you which is so irritating 😠

    1. Yes it does. That’s why I refrain from scheduling. Sometimes I feel, I need a blogs at 5 am ist, but what do I see? It hasn’t been posted yet. It’s waiting for me to manually do it 😆
      This is why I generally publish between 4-7 pm

  5. Ok so I need to google on what is DST and then I realised I know this term. I first come to know it when I had a friend in france. We used to talk at 9 pm in summers and in winters we used to talk at 10 pm. I never understood the reason behind it. It was surely very stupid.
    This post was funny. We need more blogs like this, where you whine 😛

    1. Ps- While working on a blog I realized how beautifully you write. I mean, Your tone of writing and language gives a sense of togetherness (In Hindi “Apnapan”, are you familiar with this word?). I adore this, and I am trying to adopt this in my blogs. So, thanks to you.

      1. Thanks so much, really appreciate the compliment. Not too familiar with the word because my Hindi is a little shabby lol but I kind of get what it means.

  6.     I thought I had a grasp on this time thing but every year I get confused in a different way. I used to think that the UK was the absolute standard for time, that is, Greenwich is at 0 degrees longitude and the sun is overhead at noon time. But as it says on the google time check, “London uses Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) during standard time and British Summer Time (BST) during Daylight Saving Time (DST), or summer time.” So the thing that was confusing was that during the Summer, London didn’t use their own standard: they were at GMT + 1. After many years of guessing, I had finally decided I should know where I am exactly. So, in the Summer, I had triumphed: I’m at (GMT-4) for the Summer. So, how many hours ahead is London. For the Summer it was |Hours Ahead| = [ (GMT + 1) – (GMT-4)] = [(GMT-GMT) + 1 – (-4)] = 5 . But now it’s fall back so I’m at (GMT – 5) and they are at GMT. Next year I will have forgotten again.
        Oh geez, I’ve become Brian the dog, and Stewie the baby is saying, “So, have you finished your constructed language or your novel or your short story or your poem or are you barking up the wrong tree?”
        “Um, well no, I was too busy thinking about a posting schedule for 8 of the 10 blogs I couldn’t figure how to best configure.”
        “I don’t suppose you’ve written something?”

    xytgeist    8am, 12 noon, 6pm
    zardonicx 3am, 7am, 1pm
    mojoepoe 2am, 6am, 12 noon …

        “Stop! I mean, the actual cartoony je ne sais quoi — a richly textured script, the essence for the ecstatic new world of nascent genius. You’ve done this?”
        “Um well, I have 5 more entries on paper.”
        “Bow wow? Well, no… that’s a martina: gin and vermouth. “Ginning up the mouth” you might say.”

    1. Timings are honestly so confusing I can never keep up with what time it is where. I just guess and cross my fingers. Haha we’re all Stewie and Brian in one way or another.

  7. Ha! That’s pretty funny….at least I’m not the only one. I messed up my blog post cuz I slept right through the day I’m supposed to publish it. I got up the next morning and was like “uh-oh”. I was just hoping nobody would really notice lol. Hopefully you got a kick out of mine too.

  8. Daylight savings time or not, I’ll always catch up with your posts❤️. I couldn’t see your photo on the WordPress reader, also the GIFs, it’s not working. Why is WordPress glitchy?🤦🏾‍♀️

  9. I used to schedule for 5pm but my posts would always get delayed by an hour. I now schedule for 4pm, but they have started going live at the right time. I think clocks changing and geography are 2 key factors here, and I agree it is annoying lol

  10. Haha, yes, day light saving times do mess things up. I don’t like the winter time at all since it gets dark so early now. I still haven’t got used to the one hour change and now every day I go to bed at 11PM, one hour earlier than usual. I have to say WP often refuse to publish my post on the designated time. I don’t know why. Probably there’s a ghost in my account. Anyway, I have to go to manually get it published…

    1. I know, I hated that when I was in Canada. Like it would be dark at 4pm. Both our accounts must be haunted because my schedule feature malfunctions too. I wish the ghost would leave me alone lol.

      1. Me too. I hate the early darkness. Haha, the WP ghosts haunted me yesterday. When I was typing on a post, the ghost somehow stop the cursor from moving. I had to wait for 10 seconds for it to wake up and to spell out what I had typed.

  11. Yes, the time change is throwing my thinking off as well this time. I never noticed myself struggling with the time changes so much until last year. I found myself complaining the other day that the day felt so long when it’s actually shorter, lol. I just felt so tired and couldn’t wait to go to bed.

  12. I’m so unorganized. I just try and have something written by Wednesday and then I post. It’s different every week. But my stories are timely, happening in the present, and it’s difficult to schedule an interesting life. Hugs, C

  13. I tried scheduling posts a few times, but sometimes it works, and sometimes doesn’t. I had to publish posts manually. WordPress app can’t be trusted for scheduling posts.

  14. It just shows how elastic time is – they rearrange it via daylight savings or depending on what country time zone we are currently residing in. It’s not nearly as important as we give it credit for…until it is.

  15. They’ve done experiments on Human’s circadian rhythms in the Polar regions and apparently without the constraints of time, 12-hour darkness or light, humans’ circadian rhythms can switch to 48-hour wake and sleep cycles rather than 12-hour cycles. So, we really don’t need all these time constraints, do we?

  16. I thought it was me doing something wrong with the schedule times seems I’m not the only one it’s just another WP glitch once again. Thanks for the post Pooja

  17. Lol. That Stewie/Brian clip has been cracking me up / haunting me for a while now and I just realized it has literally been almost exactly THREE YEARS since I outlined three novels and then kind of stopped working on it to let the story grow in my head / blog.

      1. Yeah, it’s the accuracy! Lol. I do take a lot of comfort in the fact that I read about a lot of successful authors who spend years and years working on individual books.

  18. I just had a brainfart over this moving to California and the time change happening right after that! And that’s coming from someone who has a time zone map etched on her brain!

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