The New “Fashion Trend” That Is Terrifying To Me

I rarely talk about fashion trends and celebrities because the truth is I don’t care. And I don’t “stan” any celebs although I like some. I try to keep stuff like that off my blog because that’s not what Lifesfinewhine is about. However, there is a new “fashion trend” going around that is terrifying me. If you haven’t heard, apparently being skinny to a point where your bones are showing is becoming a trend again. This was a thing in the 2000’s things changed when BBL’s took over the 2010’s. However, celebs are now going for natural BBL’s and extremely skinny bodies.

TW: In the rest of the post I am going to mention eating disorders and self-harm. If that is something that triggers you please don’t read ahead.


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What Does This Fashion Trend Have To Do With ME?

I’m 25 which means I grew up in the 2000’s and the 2010’s. Two decades when two opposite extreme body types were embraced. I grew up looking up to women like Brittany Spears, Christina Aguilera and the Olsen twins. Wanting to look that skinny. I was always a chubby child. And people were not shy about pointing it out to my face. When I saw women like that look so skinny I wanted to look like that too. Already, even as a child I hated my body.

As I got older, this obsession with hating my body grew. I started to see food as the enemy. Food = calories = weight gain. That’s how I thought of food. I remember one specific moment when I saw this picture of a celeb after having a baby. The magazine was praising her for losing the baby weight so fast and it just seriously triggered me. I must have cried for days after that because I felt like someone could lose so much weight after giving birth and I was still there fat and ugly.

Once, I got a little older, BBW’s became a thing. Now, I the “fat” parts I hated suddenly became something to be praised for. They became my “curves” and were no longer my “fat”. The only problem was that this again took an extreme turn and suddenly I felt like these “curves” weren’t big enough. And the cycle of hating myself started once more.

Luckily, as I became an adult my relationship with my body became better. And as you can tell by my many posts about food my relationship with food became more positive too. There are still days I wish my waist was smaller or my arms weren’t so fat. But most days I like how I look. And that’s a lot.

What Now?

The reason I shared these experiences of mine for the first time publicly is because of this new extremely skinny fashion trend going on. No one protected me from it in the 2000’s. No one ever taught me to love myself and my body. And no one checked up on me when I was crying alone in my room. No one asked me why there were cuts on my arms and legs. (this doesn’t include my friends they were always there for me). I don’t blame anyone though because it is what it is. My hate for my body just kept growing and I know how lucky I am that it didn’t turn into an eating disorder. But not every young woman and young girl is that lucky.

I wanted to write this post to let any young girls or young women reading this know that they are beautiful. Your weight does not define your beauty. Whether you are skinny, plus-sized or somewhere in the middle. As long as you are eating healthy, taking care of your physical and mental health, exercising and feeling good you are beautiful. Don’t let the stupid stuff you see on social media and the internet screw you up like I did. Protect yourself. Love yourself. Embrace your body as it is. You will never look “perfect” because what is thought of as “perfect” changes every decade. Stop chasing perfection or some “fashion trend” and start chasing happiness instead.

Disclaimer: This was a difficult and personal topic for me to write about so please be polite in the comments.

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154 thoughts on “The New “Fashion Trend” That Is Terrifying To Me

  1. you are gorgeous, I’m never gonna be skinny; I have ass and thighs for days and no matter what I will keep on lovin those parts of mine!!! Fuck the haters chic!!!!!!

  2. Try to remember the amazing things that your body accomplishes everyday instead of what size someone who doesn’t even know you thinks is the best.

  3. Damn I had to check this post out Pooja because of the fashion you mentioned here. As for me, I hate fashion trends, yes I am into men’s fashion and style but this trend I read here that showing off your bones and being to skinny is on trend in 2022 well that’s just bull in my view, that’s exposing the skin, its ridiculous.

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